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    Cobb Grill Premier Gas

    Item number: ZC002

    Ingenious grill concept! The wonder of space and economic Gas Grills. Ideal for camping, excursions, picnics, home grilling…

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    • Description

      Cobb Grill Premier - More than just a grill

      - the Cobb Grill on Gas-

      Benefits of the Cobb Premier:

      • It is ready to use in just a couple of minutes
      • Cold on the exterior - 300 degrees Celsius on the interior
      • Without fumes or spurts of flame
      • Grill, roast, bake, wok and smoke -with the Cobb you can do anything
      • Economic usage
      • Fine Top-Design and high quality
      • Easy to wash (fit for dishwashers)

      We've been liking its exterior aspect and technic for a long time now. You can find some recipes and testimonials on the Pepperworld website. One thing is sure, there are more to come :)

      The Cobb Grill is a unique South African invention. It was initially developed by an engineer. He was asked by the government to develop a risk free way to prepare food in the huts of the South African peoples. Thus the Cobb was born...

      Cobb Grill are built in such a fashion that a small isolated heat source stands in the middle of a well isolated shell. This means that during use, due to the fact that the outer shell becomes only lukewarm, the Grill can be placed and used almost anywhere. Ideal for children! Great value has been placed on detail and design.

      Due to the fact that the Cobb Grills don’t weigh much it is easy to carry them in their practical handbag (see below Cobb Accessories).

      The outer shell of the Cobb Grill is made out of stainless steel. Its small size (in diameter approximately as big as a Vinyl Disc) and light weight are ideal for picnics and on the spot grills. The Cobbs have a cool, clean design and a superior quality.

      With the Grill you can grill, roast, bake, wok, cook and smoke. The Cobb Premier Gas Grill is extremely economical. With only one gas cartridge you can grill up to 3 hours. When talking about the grilling surface it is the same as the classic Premier Grill thus the accessories for Cobb Premier can also be used on this Gas model.

      It is ideal for picnics and camping. Families take advantage of this, as well as professional grillers, party people, city people and people living in apartments with balconies. Grilling is possible immediately without any fumes or spurts of flame! Good for your health and the environment :)

      Tips & Tricks:

      • Very important to note is that between the interior and exterior shell 3 rubber spacers can be found. Leave these always in place as they are important for thermal isolation.
      • It is advisable that you leave the lid on as often as possible- thus the Grill acts like an oven and enables indirect grilling. Moreover, you reach higher temperatures within the Grill and thus the meat remains juicy.

      Ideal for 2-5 people.

      • Diameter: 30cm;
      • Length: 41 cm;
      • Height: 40cm:
      • Weight: 5 kg

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    Cobb Grill Premier Gas

    Item number: ZC002

    Cobb Grill Premier Gas

    RRP € 225,00

    € 197,50 incl. tax, plus shipping