High quality ceramic grills from real cooking professionals! Thanks to a special ceramic developed by NASA, a whole new spectrum of flavours opens up when preparing food in the Big Green Egg! Super easy, super delicious and for everyone

The brand Big Green Egg combines the latest materials with ancient cooking methods!

The following article describes the brand Big Green Egg. Where does the company have its roots? What is the core business anyway? These and other interesting questions are answered in great detail in the following paragraphs.

Where does the company come from?

The Big Green Egg brand is an American company based in Atlanta, Georgia. However, there are now branches of the company worldwide, such as Big Green Egg Deutschland GmbH. The German branch of the brand is located in Stuttgart.

Where does the company get its inspiration from?

American soldiers brought a traditional clay pot from Japan to prepare food. This is the beginning of an idea, because these clay pots (Kamados) have a really big potential for the production of many different dishes. In the early days of Big Green Egg, the company relied exclusively on imports from Japan and other Asian countries. About twenty years later, NASA is developing special ceramics for their space missions. These must of course meet the high demands and are therefore really very weatherproof and also particularly heat-resistant. The owners of Big Green Egg immediately recognized the potential of this invention for their clay pots and began to develop and successfully market their own closed grills made of this new material.

The name is really very fittingly chosen, respect!

he ceramic grills from Big Green Egg do indeed resemble a large green egg. Big Green Egg thus not only ensures a very high recognition value, but also an especially high authenticity. The brand thus combines, in a simple and ingenious way, the appearance of the product with the company name.

What special grills are available from Big Green Egg?

The Green Big Egg range now includes seven different models, in different sizes. The dimensions of the grill grate range from 25 centimetres for the smallest Egg, the Big Egg Green Mini, to a grill grate with a diameter of 74 centimetres for the Big Egg Green XXLarge model. The Mini Egg is ideal for a camping or boat trip and can cater for up to four people. The different sizes are particularly evident from the weight. The Mini-Egg only weighs exactly 17 kilograms, whereas the XXLarge-Egg weighs a whopping 222 kilograms. The other grills in the Big Green Egg range cover the large area in between. The names of the other Big Green Egg models are: "MiniMax", "Small", "Medium", "Large" and "XLarge". We have once again summarized all ceramic barbecues from Big Green Egg in a clearly arranged list for you:

  • Big Green Egg Mini
  • Big Green Egg MiniMax
  • Big Green Egg Small
  • Big Green Egg Medium
  • Big Green Egg Large
  • Big Green Egg XLarge
  • Big Green Egg XXLarge.

Which cooking methods can be used with the Eggs?

Big Green Egg barbecues can be cooked with many of the most common cooking methods due to their lid design. These include, in addition to grilling, cooking (also indirectly), baking, braising, smoking and indirect grilling. However, the lid is not the only reason why Big Green Egg's grills are suitable for so many cooking methods. The air supply and therefore the temperature inside the grill can be easily regulated through two hatches (in the lid and in the base). The grills themselves are absolutely weatherproof and can be used in all seasons. Even if it is bitterly cold outside, this has no influence on the temperature inside the grill. This is due to the ceramic, which was specially developed for space travel. But the modern material has another decisive advantage, namely its high heat resistance. The following overview shows which cooking methods are possible with a grill made of ceramic from Big Green Egg:

  • Barbecue
  • indirect grilling
  • Cooking
  • indirect cooking
  • Baking
  • bBraising
  • Smoking
  • v .m.

What does Big Green Egg offer its customers in addition to the grills?

The brand's offer is not limited to ceramic egg-shaped barbecues, but also includes useful accessories. These include covers and special tools for cleaning the grills. Even a table made of real mahogany wood with an inlet for the Big Green Egg. Or how about the two folding side tables, which are also available as accessories for the Big Green Egg. But that is by no means all! The brand presents itself with a wonderful philosophy towards food. In a section called "Inspiration" on the website, the interested barbecue enthusiast will find more than 150 creative recipes and tips on how to use the ceramic barbecues. The recipe suggestions range from simple foods like bread to really delicious desserts, such as ice cream with smoked advocaat. Big Green Egg thus offers its customers a versatile BBQ range for a great outdoor experience. The company's presence on the World Wide Web is also very informative for other reasons, with quite a few contents being transported in the form of videos. Of course, there are also important instructions on how to set up and maintain the Big Green Eggs. There is also a really interesting newsletter for interested customers, which advertises with a "world of taste". The name of the newsletter is Open Flavour, which is also protected by trademark law. The company runs an elaborate online marketing, Open Flavour can also be found on YouTube. The brand also has a real event character. With its own open-air trade fair, the Big Green Flavour Fair, it attracts numerous visitors every year, from all over Europe. There is not just one event of this kind, but several in many countries across the continent, including the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. The brand also regularly presents its products at other trade fairs, such as "Ambiente" in Frankfurt am Main. This exhibition is one of the largest consumer goods fairs in the world. Naturally, Big Green Egg attaches great importance to a smooth production process. For this reason the Eggs are produced in Mexico. At first glance, this seems a little counterproductive, but it does make sense. The Central American country is known far beyond its borders for its expertise in the production of ceramics.

What else is worth knowing?

The Big Green Egg brand is the first supplier of ceramic barbecues in the world to offer its customers a lifetime guarantee, provided, of course, that they are properly cared for. What exactly does this special care look like? If the Big Green Eggs are not used for a longer period of time, it is recommended, for example, to leave both the lid and the lower ventilation hatch open. In this way the formation of mould is significantly reduced. It is also advisable to cover the Big Green Eggs with a suitable tarpaulin when they are not used for a longer period of time. The upper ventilation valve in the lid should occasionally be treated with some vegetable oil, but olive oil is not very suitable for this purpose due to its strong taste. The thin layer of felt between the two halves of the Big Green Eggs must also be checked at regular intervals and, if necessary, replaced. To heat the Big Green Egg, charcoal is best. Large pieces of charcoal are always better than small ones. The use of other fuel, such as briquettes or firewood, is really not advisable, because the hatches of the Big Green Egg could stick together very quickly. The consequence would be that the temperature inside the grill would not be so easy to regulate. Before the grill is put into operation, the fuel is filled into the charcoal container, which is located in the lower part of the Big Green Egg grill. When lighting the barbecue, the lid and the lower air flap must be open. In this way, a draught is created, which ensures that the valuable embers are formed more quickly. To extinguish the fire in the Big Green Eggs later on, all you have to do is close the two ventilation flaps of the grill completely, the fire will suffocate in this way, by itself and without much effort. The customer receives a certificate for each Big Green Egg model. The many guarantees offered by the manufacturer speak for a 1a customer service.

The conclusion about Big Green Egg is therefore as follows:

DThe grills of the brand Big Green Egg are all based on the ancient Japanese clay pots. These have been used for many centuries in Asia for the preparation of food. With the development of extremely heat-resistant ceramics for space travel, ceramic grills are also revolutionised. All seven models of the manufacturer are very much reminiscent of a large green egg, so the name is as simple as it is ingenious. The company offers its customers many great ideas and tips for everyday use of the so-called Eggs. But Big Green Egg barbecues are not only for barbecuing, but also for smoking, baking and braising. The Eggs are therefore real all-round geniuses for a successful barbecue. In addition to the core business, ceramic barbecues, the brand also supplies many useful accessories, including a complete table made of real mahogany wood. The company is also known for its good customer service and many guarantees (even limited lifetime).


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