Here you will find specially adapted fertilizer products for the chili and vegetable gardeners, which we have tested over the course of many years. Top quality as an ideal solution for organic and mineral fertilization.

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Together with our professional gardeners, who have been in the business for over 15 years, we have put together the perfect range of fertilizers. From mineral fertilizer to slow-release fertilizer to organic vinasse, everything is included. So, you can buy exactly what your plants like best and of course what you want the most to give. In addition, we have also developed fertilizer sets that represent a perfect combination of different fertilizer varieties. So, fertilization is made easy for you!

What types of fertilizer are there?

  • Mineral fertilizer is usually obtained in the form of salts. These are made by either mining or by chemical processes. Mineral fertilizers increase the productivity of a plant very much, but also reduce the soil life, so the microorganisms that occur naturally in the soil. If you want to get good results fast, this form of fertilizer is just right. Check out Garden Boost Mineral Power.
  • Organic fertilizer is usually made from animal or vegetable waste products, but can also be manufactured synthetically. The best example of organic fertilizer is the cow or pig manure spread by farmers on their fields. Of course, you can also use it successfully for the garden. However, it is easier to buy a ready-made fertilizer, as it is easier to dose, and it is odorless. Our organic fertilizer is called Garden Boost Organic!
  • The vinasse is also an organic fertilizer which is a waste product of yeast production. The vinasse provides your plants with important nutrients and ensures that the microorganisms in the soil are revived. So, you can grow your plants in a very fertile soil. Here you can find Vinasse in our assortment: Garden Boost Liquid Power
  • The slow-release fertilizer is certainly the easiest for providing your plants with important nutrients. The fertilizer consists of small beads of resin, which gradually release the stored nutrients. Depending on how warm and humid the soil is, the pearls release more or less nutrients. This ingenious system keeps your plant optimally supplied without you having to do much for it. Click here for the Garden Boost Universal and Garden Boost Universal 4 one
  • Not only is the soil more fertile thanks to microorganisms, but the tiny organisms can also increase the nutrient uptake of your plant. For example, mycorrhizal fungi, which attached to the roots of your plant, increase the absorption of nutrients. By attaching this to the roots of the plant, the roots are enlarged, and the larger the area that a root can reach, the more nutrients it can absorb. This is the appropriate fertilizer: Garden Boost Ground Power
  • Calcium Fertilizer is one of the few fertilizers available that can be added over the leaves of the plant. Simply spray your plant with it - ready! The calcium fertilizer ensures that the fruits of your plants develop healthy. Especially with chilli and tomato plants, calcium deficiency can lead to the end of the life of the blooming. This means that the flowers, after they are almost faded, become foul. This then causes the chilies and tomatoes on the plant to not develop well and become foul. Get healthy vegetables with our Garden Boost Calcium fertilizer!

You can find lots of great information on chilli cultivation and care in our online crash course in Chili breeding.


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