The design of AdHoc for the kitchen always makes a good impression.

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AdHoc pepper or salt mills

AdHoc pepper and / or salt mills convince with a modern look and a lots of functionality.

With their modern design, they are a stylish kitchen helpers and provide freshly ground spices to refine any dish.

Transparent acrylic ensures that you always have an overview of what and how much is in the mill. And the grinder made of stainless ceramic, offers a smooth adjustment of the grinding strength from fine to coarse.

With this AdHoc grinder refilling is easy and it is suitable for salt and pepper, as well as for many other dried spices.

The company AdHoc gives a 30 year warranty on the grinder


The history of spice mills

At the time of the industrial revolution, the handling of spices was also revolutionized - new techniques on the market, made sure that products could be produced with complicated grinders. In 1842 it was invented - the pepper mill. The idea came from some smart French who worked at Peugeot. And so they made sure that in future food could be seasoned better in all households.

If you before had to pulverize coarse spices with mortars, you could now use a pepper mill and choose whether you would like to have the spice processed into flakes or powder. Without a doubt, pepper flakes were superior in taste to the usual mortar-pepper powder. The targeted refinement of dishes with spices was now guaranteed.

No sooner had the problem of grinding spices been solved than to begin to wonder that peppermills should not only be a technical device, but also a decorative table accessory. And this quest for the combination of functionality and design continues today.

Over the years, the functionality of the grinder has been optimized, and today there are spice mills in all colors and shapes.

You now have a large selection of different models. There are stainless steel and ceramic grinders; less commonly ones made of plastic and spice mills made of wood, acrylic, glass, stainless steel and more.

And they are available with manual function, so you have to turn the grinder to grind the spices, or electric, in which a motor operates the grinder.


The company AdHoc

The company AdHoc is one of the leading manufacturers - among other things - of spice mills and the name AdHoc stands for quality and good design.

The company was founded in Mannheim in 1995 and has sales representatives in Germany, Austria, Spain and the United Kingdom. AdHoc products are distributed worldwide in 30 countries.

AdHoc relies on timelessly beautiful design and contemporary functionality and the desire to provide buyers with optimal function. Aesthetic appearance and easy handling, are part of the company's philosophy. What the company wants for their products is reflected in the company name; - AdHoc means "Made for the time". And so the company owner Frank Kaltenbach and his team are constantly working to develop their products in a timely, highly functional, well-thought-out, high-quality and straightforward, elegant way of keeping up with the times.

With this commitment and passion for the products, AdHoc introduced the first stainless steel (electric) mills with acrylic windows worldwide. The same applies to the ceramic knife.

The company AdHoc combines design and technology and relies on excellent quality.


The AdHoc pepper or salt mill - Classic L

Pepperword offers you the AdHoc pepper or salt mill - Classic L, directly here in our online shop.

The manual pepper and salt mill has a housing made of stainless steel (matt glossy) and impresses with excellent functionality in combination with classic elegant design.

Through the acrylic window you can see at any time, how much and what kind of spice is in the mill.

This model incorporates a rust- and wear-free Ceramik grinder that can be infinitely adjusted to grind spices from fine to coarse, according to need and taste.

The materials used are completely tasteless and odorless.

Product data:

Dimensions: height 22.5 cm

Color: silver (18/10 stainless steel)


The AdHoc pepper and salt mill in the classic design is also available in sizes S and M in our shop.