For a classical Asian meal, you need a qualitative Basmati Rice. Here you will find one!

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Basmati rice — delicious, aromatic and healthy!

Despite what you might think, not all rice is the same. Some strains are sticky, some are smooth, and the taste can change depending on the variety. One of the best — and a particular favourite across the world — is most certainly basmati rice. So you can put yours to the best use possible, discover what’s so special about it, and read about what foods go best with basmati.

Why is basmati rice so popular?

The world’s most popular strain of rice is so loved for many reasons. But few are more important than its aroma: Releasing notes of nuts and fresh flowers into the air, basmati rice is a joy to cook. If done right, the kitchen becomes a much more pleasant place to be with some basmati on the boil. But don’t just take our word for it! The name ‘basmati’ alone is a convincing indicator of why this strain of rice is so popular, translating to ‘full of aroma’ in English.

Where does basmati rice come from?

Basmati rice is a strain of long-grain rice which originally comes from the foothills and the valleys of the Himalayas. The large mountain lakes and gushing rivers of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan give basmati rice all it needs to flourish here, resulting in its unmistakable taste and aroma. Today, India and Pakistan are the primary exporters of basmati rice, growing the beloved grains that are available in practically every supermarket worldwide. Just don’t be fooled into thinking that all types are the same: In many discounters and supermarkets which sell this stuff for next to nothing, you’re not getting a quality product. Often, this type of basmati is packed full of pesticides and preservatives; components which are not only better avoided for health reasons, but to get the best tasting basmati, too. That’s why, at Pepperworld, we only work with growers that match our philosophy on this stuff. For that reason, you can be guaranteed that our basmati rice is completely free from any unnatural, unhealthy additives.  

The benefits of basmati versus other long grain rices

One of the primary benefits of basmati versus other types of rice is the time it takes to cook. On average, perfect, fluffy basmati can be prepared in 10 minutes or less, whereas most other rices need almost twice as long. Due to this, basmati rice also requires substantially less water to cook. A good rule of thumb is to use a ratio of 1:1.5, with the former being the rice volume and the latter being the amount of water required. By most other rice types, the ratio is around 1:2. 

An additional benefit to basmati rice is that it can also help you detox. Due to it being rich in potassium, it aids in pushing toxins through the kidneys and out of the body.

Choose how much you want

Depending on how often and how much basmati you tend to cook, you can get the right amount for you at Pepperworld. We stock packs ranging from 500 grams to 2 kilograms and, being produced by the British brand Tilda, you can trust that you’re getting the highest quality basmati possible. Their quality checks start in the foothills of the Himalayas, right as the rice is planted. From seed to grain, Tilda ensures that stringent quality processes are followed and maintained. And so that this quality can remain long after you’ve purchased it, every packet is resealable to maintain optimum freshness for longer. In this way, Tilda’s basmati rice can be kept for ages, especially if it’s stored correctly in a dark and dry room. ;

Tilda represents top-class quality

Tilda has been big in the basmati business for more than 40 years. They began by offering best-in-class basmati to the communities of London that couldn’t find that perfect taste of home this far west. Over the years, Tilda has become one of the strongest names in the game, renowned for the quality of their basmati rice. This quality is due to the direct relationship they have with plantations all throughout the basmati growing regions of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. On import, they also use the latest testing technologies to guarantee quality.       

The best things to enjoy basmati rice with

Basmati rice can essentially be enjoyed alongside anything. Due to its heavy aroma, however, there are a handful of dishes to which it fits even better, such as poultry, fish and vegetables. Basmati rice is also perfect for making desserts including rice pudding. Due to its stickier make-up, basmati rice tends to lend itself especially well to Asian and Indian dishes. Stemming from that corner of the world, this should come as no real surprise! Here’s what basmati rice goes especially well with:

  • Poultry, fish and vegetables
  • rice pudding

Cooking perfect basmati rice

There are many different ways to cook perfect basmati rice. Traditionally, however, this is how it’s prepared in India:

    • First, wash the rice to remove all unwanted particles.
    • Let the rice sit for 30 minutes in fresh, clean water.
    • Rinse the rice.
    • If you want to add any herbs and spices to your rice, fry these lightly in butter (but don’t let it get so hot that any steam rises from the pan).
    • Add your rice to the pan. A rule of thumb for the rice to water ratio is 1:1.5, but check the packaging beforehand.
    • Bring the water to a boil. Once boiling, place a lid on the pot and reduce the heat to a simmer.
    • After ten minutes, your rice is ready.
    • Take the rice from the hob and let it cool. Serve!

    Pepperworld’s last word on basmati rice

    Basmati rice is a very special type of rice that comes from the foothills and valleys of the Himalayas. It’s loved worldwide for its ease of cooking and its aromatic scent. It goes especially well with poultry, vegetables and fish. Due to its sticky qualities, it also lends itself especially well to Asian and Indian dishes (which shouldn’t be that surprising considering its origin), and can also make a great side dish. Tilda’s basmati rice — the kind you’ll find in the Pepperworld shop — is world-renowned for being of the top quality and completely free from any pesticides and additives. Operating for over 40 years, it’s a name you can trust, and we’re proud to deliver it straight to your door.


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