Do you want to try something really really hot? Try a chilli schnapps, it will burn!

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Chilli schnapps - the real "firewater"!

This combination really has it all. The heat of selected chilies goes well with the alcohol. Learn more about chilli schnapps in the following article.

Which chilies and which alcohol is used for example for the production?

These and other questions will be answered in detail in the next paragraphs. Which types of chilli are suitable for the production? In order to achieve a really tasty result, it is important to use the right type of chilli for the chilli schnapps. But which is that? It is important that a particularly meaty variant is used, so that the alcohol can also absorb enough aroma of the fiery fruit. The varieties Habanero, Trinidad Scorpion and Bhut Jolokia are particularly suitable for the production of the spicy, alcoholic beverage. Thin-walled varieties, such as Cayenne, are less well suited to be incorporated into the alcohol due to the low proportion of pulp. It goes without saying that only really ripe pods can be used for the production of chilli schnapps. Chilies that are still immature would give their bitter substances to the alcohol and thus make it undrinkable.

Which alcohol suits Chilli?

That heat and sweetness match, it is no secret! The two flavors make for a veritable explosion of taste in the mouth. Of course, this does not only apply to food, but equally to drinks. A sweet liqueur harmonizes wonderfully with the taste of chilli. The heat does not whitewash everything and makes itself felt as a so-called "focus" on the palate. Some examples of liqueurs to which the pungency fits are, for example, chocolate, hazelnut liqueur and cinnamon liqueur. But a special highlight is undoubtedly woodruff liqueur, with a mild heat. However, other alcohol can be used for the production of soft drinks, so for example, vodka, grain pomace brandy (grappa), or tequila is often used for this specialty. With which alcoholic beverages are these chilli specialties produced, we have summarized once more in a list for you:

  • chocolate liqueur
  • hazelnut liqueur
  • cinnamon liqueur
  • woodruff liqueur
  • vodka
  • grain
  • grappa
  • tequila

How is the specialty produced?

Before the spicy chilies can be put in the respective alcoholic beverage, they must be prepared. So that the alcohol is sufficiently saturated with the aromas, the pods are cut in half lengthwise. Afterwards all kernels are removed from the inside of the chilies. If these are left in the pods, the result is firstly too hot and secondly not good looking since the white kernels would naturally later settle to the bottom of the bottle. Next, chilies must be washed in cold water. So that unnecessary water is consumed, the halved chilies can also be cleaned in a basin with cold water. This step is so important because that is when everything is thoroughly cleaned and all unwanted plant parts are removed. Now the two components can already be combined with each other. Already after a short time, in about a week, the alcohol is completely absorbed by the taste of chilli and the drink is ready for a first tasting. Depending on how hot the drink should be, of course, different amounts of chilli are processed. With which steps these fiery, alcoholic drinks are produced, we have summarized again in key points:

  • Cut pods in half
  • Remove pods from the kernels
  • Wash chilli with cold water
  • Pour pods into the liquor
  • Wait a few days
  • Enjoy the fiery chilli specialty

Where is the fiery enjoyment available?

These special spirits are unfortunately often not found in the usual supermarket. Even in specialized drinks shops, the spicy shots are not always included in the assortment. Of course, these drinks are available on the World Wide Web, for example, at well-known mail order companies. Of course, some, smaller shops rely on such an offer. In our Pepperworld Hot Shop, for example, you will find, besides all sorts of other, hot chilli products, of course, an exclusive selection of well-meaning chilli-schnapps, such as a very tasty grappa with pickled chilli.

On which occasions do the alcoholics fit?

The alcohol with the pungent aftertaste is wonderful to be consumed in every social gathering. But the schnapps are especially tasty with a good and extensive meal. They can be served both while feeding or as a digestif (the so-called digestive schnapps). The sweet liqueurs, on the other hand, can also be enjoyed wonderfully in the winter time, for example at Christmas, the feast of love. The taste of chocolate or cinnamon fits very well in this season. Of course, such a drink is always a wonderful and original gift to the host, no matter what the event. The recipient should, however, be a chilli fan, because the fiery alcohols reach average values on our hot scale.

Remember that it is and it remains alcohol!

No matter which event these drinks are consumed with, it is important to remember that this is alcohol. Of course, this is not a new insight, we would like to appeal only to a responsible approach here. This means, for example, that after the consumption of the fire water definitely no vehicle may be driven. Excessive consumption can also cause serious consequences. The alcoholic drinks should be drunk wisely, so the fun is always kept.

What's the fiery conclusion?

These drinks really deserve the name "Firewater". The heat of chilies is usually perceived only in the so-called departure. Of course, these spirits, like all other alcoholic beverages too, should not be consumed excessively. Not all varieties of chilli are suitable for the production of these specialties. It is important that the pod is a meaty variety, such as Habanero. You can choose either sweet liqueurs or high-proof drinks as alcohol. In order to be able to combine the two, the chilies must be previously cut to half the size and washed. The fiery spirits and liqueurs are often drunk on a variety of occasions. But they are particularly well suited as a drink during the meal. Also, as a souvenir these original specialties are very popular. However, you can buy alcohol with the special chilli note almost exclusively on the internet, for example in our Pepperworld Hot Shop.


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