Through a very special ceramic you can get the very best flavors out of your food. This device is perfect for all those who love good food and who love to prepare the food on the grill. Even temperature and perfectly isolated.

What’s so special about ceramic barbecues?

All over the world, barbecuing with a ceramic grill set is becoming more and more popular. But why? What is so special about these specific types of barbecues? This is what you’ll learn here.

An important reason for their growth in popularity is the special material!

Ceramic is not only incredibly resilient to heat, but it’s also a great conductor of it, too. With a ceramic lid on any BBQ set, the heat gets reflected back into the oven, regulating the temperature and ensuring that no heat is lost during cooking. Some manufacturers, such as Big Green Egg, even use incredibly specific types of ceramic — the same exact material that was used on the space shuttle!

Does the inside of the BBQ also matter?

When you finally get your barbecue home, you’re going to be pretty excited to try it out. And luckily, it’s isn’t very difficult to put together. When it arrives, it’ll likely come in various components that you’ll need to assemble. To do this, all you really need is a screwdriver or Allen key and off you go! Just be sure to follow the instructions: If you don’t assemble the internal components correctly, the result could damage your new grill during its first use! To make it even easier, numerous manufacturers, such as Big Green Egg, have even created a series of tutorial videos, so you can get started even more easily. If you don’t assemble it where you intend to use it, moving it after you’re done might be a little difficult as many BBQs can be fairly big and incredibly heavy. Therefore, don’t attempt to do this alone, and in the best case, assemble as close to its final resting place as reasonably possible.

Ceramic BBQs allow you to cook so many different dishes!

Numerous products and dishes can be prepared using a ceramic barbecue. In fact, ceramic BBQs allow for practically any method of cooking. This means that you can use one to cook practically anything, be it bread, smoked fish or various types of meat.  

There are so many great manufacturers to choose from

As ceramic barbecues get more and more popular, so increases the number of companies manufacturing them. And — even though they are all different in their own way — the simplicity of a ceramic BBQ means that the technology doesn’t really change, wherever you get yours from. The most well-known brands behind ceramic barbecues are currently Big Green Egg, Monolith, Primo Oval and Big Landmann.

You can better regulate the temperature for constant cooking

Ceramic BBQs have the wonderful benefit of offering a constant temperature. With the ventilation valves built into the cooker, the temperature inside regulates itself. This comes into its own when you want to cook food to a precise temperature, and is simply not possible with many other types of barbecue. Additionally, on the outside of the BBQ, a thermometer shows the exact temperature inside, so you can better keep an eye on what your food’s going through. For this reason, many professional chefs swear by ceramic barbecues.

Additional useful info about ceramic barbecues

The thickness of ceramic barbecues’ casings is normally around 2 cm. This contains all of the heat inside, letting you quickly reach temperatures of around 100° Celsius. The max temperature of a normal ceramic BBQ is around 400° Celsius. At the bottom of the barbecue, you’ll also find a hole. This allows for the optimal circulation of air within the unit and can even be used for access when cleaning the bottom of the barbecue. When you purchase a ceramic barbecue, they usually come fully-equipped with mounts so you can optimally position it where you want. Additionally, many ceramic barbecues also come with wheels so you can move them after you’re done assembling. Also, because all parts of the barbecue need to be completely sealed so as to not allow any heat to escape, a felt covering is often provided. This covering should be checked regularly to ensure it continues to effectively insulate and may have to be renewed from time to time. This info in a nutshell:

  • The material is around 2 centimetres thick.
  • This reflects the heat back into the barbecue.
  • The barbecue can reach temperatures of up to 400° Celsius.
  • The heaviest BBQs come with wheels so they can be repositioned at ease.
  • The felt covering is fireproof.

How to clean your ceramic barbecue

Cleaning a ceramic barbecue is easy: A hole at the bottom of the unit lets you quickly and easily remove any built-up ash or coal. For this, a fire poker is particularly useful, although a hand brush also works well. If you want to make the process even easier, a specially designed vacuum cleaner might be for you. Once you’ve removed all of the excess material, you can then heat it up as much as possible to properly clean the inside. Before doing so, however, ensure you remove the grill plate. To clean this by hand, simply clean with a sponge and water. Just be sure to avoid using a scouring pad as the special enamel used on the plate could get damaged. Once done, wipe down the inside of your barbecue, make sure your grill plate is dry — and you’re done! Here are the steps one by one:

  • Remove any leftover ash and coal.
  • Remove the grill plate.
  • Heat up the grill to burn away any organic material inside.
  • Wipe down the grill plate.

Pepperworld’s last word on ceramic barbecues.

Ceramic barbecues are built to an incredibly high quality so that they contain as much heat as possible. Due to this, using one is a walk in the park: You can cook practically anything and using almost any method, be it bread, fish, meat or desserts. Additionally, ceramic barbecues can also be used as a smoker. Before you can put them to use, however, they first have to be assembled. This is normally a fairly quick process and only demands one or two tools. Just consider where you want it as they’re tough to move once assembled. One of the best things about ceramic barbecues is how easy they are to clean. Possible in just a few steps, it’s little more than clearing out the contents and reheating: The impressive temperatures reached inside the barbecue are enough to remove all organic material and dirt.


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