Chilies of this capsicum variety are not as well-known in our area as some other chilies are! The germination period is very long and you need some experience in order to grow them in our region, but it is worth it. Come and get a new experience.

Capsicum baccatum—now that’s something of a size!

This article talks about the Chilies of the species Capsicum baccatum! Find out what variety these seeds can produce, what is important when growing your own and why the existence of this species, outside their natural habitat, is truly something special.

What varieties belong to this species?

The variety that comes from these seeds is really very impressive. In all, more than 10 variants of this type are known. The individual varieties can be divided into two categories. The first is the wild form of these Chilies, which is called the "Capsicum baccatum var. Baccatum", and the successfully cultivated plants that are referred to by the term "Capsicum baccatum var. Pedulum". The most representative fruits of the Capsicum baccatum are, for example, the varieties of: the Hot Lemon, the Lemon Drop, the Brazilian Starfish and the Mini Bonnet. The members of this species often bear the nickname Aji. However, they cannot be equally made with all Capsicum baccatum varieties, as they do simply just mean Chilli. A popular variety of Capsicum baccatum with this surname is, for example, the Aji Amarillo or the Aji Habanero. The most important varieties have been put together again in a clear list for you:

  • Hot Lemon
  • Lemon Drop
  • Brazilian Starfish
  • Mini Bonnet
  • Aji Amarillo
  • Aji Habanero

How do the Capsicum baccatum plants look like?

A truly striking feature of this kind is the incredible size that the plants can reach. Even in the first year of breeding, heights of up to two meters are not at all uncommon. These Chilli plants grow rather straight upwards before they start to develop the typical branches. Such a large plant is, of course, also provided with correspondingly proportioned leaves. Depending on the variety, these leaves grow to a size of up to 30 centimeters each. Due to the enormous size of Capsicum baccatum, these plants naturally also carry a lot of fruits, so the species is a very productive one. The special feature of Capsicum baccatum is undoubtedly the special coloring of the individual flowers. These have spots at the lower edge. The hue of these spots is either brown, yellow or green. The fruits of the Capsicum baccatum grow firstly perpendicular to sunlight, but as soon as they exceed a certain weight, they hang on the plant. The unique recognition features of Capsicum baccatum can be summarized in the following list:

  • The plants become very large, up to 2 m, right from the first year.
  • The leaves of this species are correspondingly large.
  • The plant forms many Chilies.
  • They grow typically wonderfully looking flowers.

Another distinctive feature of this type of Chilli is the strong smell that the flowers spread as soon as they are touched. 

Why are these Chilies so special outside their natural environment?

Outside of South America, the varieties of Capsicum baccatum are not really known. This is probably due to the fact that this specie is quite difficult to cultivate, due the specific climatic conditions that this plant needs. However, the varieties are quite convincing by their fruity flavor, which makes them a real insider tip among Chilliheads, all over the world.

What do you need to consider when breeding Capsicum baccatum?

Particularly important for growing these wonderful plants is the correct temperature - this should constantly kept between 22 ° and 28 ° Celsius. The best place to let the seeds germinate is therefore near a heat source, for example a radiator. As the plants are very sensitive to frost, make sure that they are not at all exposed to the wind. All these points need to be considered in the late flowering phase, as well as in the late fruit formation. If you want to achieve optimal results, you should definitely make sure you plant the Capsicum Baccatum seeds in time and that the pot is large enough. Due to the later height, Capsicum baccatum needs at least 20 liters of soil so that the roots can also solidify optimally.

Can you store the Capsicum baccatum seeds?

Yes, this actually works. However, some conditions must be met during storage, so that the seeds will be able to retain their germination capabilities. For example, the seeds must be kept in a dark place. Also the temperature is an important factor for storage; it should be neither too high nor too low. With good conditions, you can even store the Chilli seeds for several years, without losing any noticeable germination capabilities. The best way to store seeds is in a small, dark bag or in a small can. In any case, you must close the container or the box very well so that as little air as possible reaches the seed. The optimal storage conditions for the seeds are thus:

  • Cool and dark (in a small, dark bag or can)
  • Airtight

Where can you get Capsicum baccatum seeds?

There is nothing in our time that does not exist! If you are looking for Capsicum baccatum seeds, you will find these, among others, in special farmer’s seeds markets. Garden shops also occasionally have the seeds of the hot Chilli in their offerings. We would also like to offer you an exclusive selection of different seeds of this kind in our Pepperworld Hot Shop. Here you will find not only the seeds themselves, but also other accessories such as soil, fertilizer and lamps. This is how our offer differentiates significantly from most seed producers and garden shops that offer such seeds for sale.


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