No matter if you prefer clay pots or plastic pots, here you will find pots for every taste. Get whatever your gardener heart desires!

Buy plant pots and pails - so that your plants have a good home!

Every plant needs enough space to grow well. The roots should not be constricted because that affects the growth. If you sow your chilli plant yourself, you will need very little space at first. A Jiffy spring pot is enough to accommodate 3 chili seeds. However, if the seeds have germinated, it is time to pique the small plantlets and put each plant in their own plant pot. A pot of 9 cm diameter should be sufficient for this. This can turn your pot into a beautiful chilli plant. Clever is to choose black plant pots because the black surface can heat up with the help of the sun and thus warm the earth in which your chilli plant grows. Of course, if you have a heating mat or a warm base for your chilli plant pots, the color is not that important anymore. The bigger your chilli plants are, the bigger the plant pots should be in which they grow. This also applies to tomato, pepper and herbs. If your chilli plant has become particularly large, it is advisable to replant it again. In addition to the traditional plant pots you can also use a planting bag. The advantage: If you do not plan to overwinter your chilli plants, you can simply empty the bag, fold them back and save space until the next chilli season begins.

Plant pots made of clay or plastic?

This decision is entirely up to you! If you put your chilli plants in plastic plant pots, you can move them much easier. In addition, no irrigation water can evaporate through the plant pot. On the other hand, clay plant pots could look better and fall around less easily. While no irrigation water can evaporate through the plastic plant pots, some swear by the air and water permeability of the clay plant pots. Ultimately, therefore, everything is a matter of faith and personal taste. Of course, there is also a third possibility: if you have a garden at your disposal, you can also plant your chilli plants in a sunny bed. The advantage here is that there is an infinite amount of space for the roots of the plants and most chilli plants in the bed tend to grow a bit larger than in a plant pot. However, this only applies if the bed is in a windless and very sunny place.

6 tips for the right plant pot or planter:

  • The plant pot or bag should be large enough for the plant and its roots, because without space they cannot grow enough.
  • If it has been used before, the plant pot must be washed out so that all bacteria and troublemakers are removed like for example the vermin.
  • If your planters, including chilli, cannot be moved after repotting, prepare and build a mobile pedestal! Simply screw four furniture casters under a suitable wooden panel - done.
  • If you choose a black plant pot for your chilli plant, the sun can additionally warm the earth in which they are growing. That's the way your plant likes it!
  • If you have a balcony, the elongated planters are perfect for three chilli plants! These can then be attached to the railing. So, it is also guaranteed that the fiery plants get enough sun that could otherwise be kept off by the railing.
  • Place your chilli plant pots best on the south side. Only then will your chilli plants get enough sun to thrive from.

If you would like to learn more about chilli cultivation and care for your chilli plants, then look at the Crash Course for Chili Cultivation by PepperWorld!