Give away anticipation with a decorative advent calendar. Exclusive chili seeds or NEW tomato varieties. 24 unique seed sachets that make you want to enjoy the comming garden year. Incl. practical gift box and surprise for the 24.12!


An Advent Calendar for Adults - Absolutely!

We love the advent season and have come up with something very special to make the anticipation of the holidays as beautiful as possible for you. We have selected 24 exclusive, unique, fancy, little-discovered and of course also "must-have" varieties and hand-packed them for you. So you can look forward every day to a new seed sachet. Of course, we do not reveal which highlights await you! So you can open a door every day and every gray morning is brightened by a little surprise.

This advent calendar will not only accompany you through the pre-Christmas season. It is also packed with joy for the new garden year!

For you to enjoy yourself or to delight your loved ones with a special gift.

What's in the advent calendar?

  • 24 exclusive varieties
  • Accessories so that you can start immediately
  • Comes in a decorative gift box
  • String and brackets for the Christmas decoration
  • Extra present as a surprise for the 24.12

From 24.12 you can download here the description of the varieties as PDF!


A short history of the Advent calendar

Where does the custom of the Advent calendar come from? If this question has ever occupied you, here is an answer.

Christmas used to be a festival that was intensely celebrated in the church during Advent. With the new ideas of Martin Luther the Christmas season got a new, familial orientation with presents for the children. Therefore, it is not surprising that the first advent calendars were created in German-speaking countries. For instead of receiving the presents on St. Nicholas Day, the children in Protestant families had to wait the entire four weeks until Christmas Eve. To shorten this time to the long-awaited feast, many families became inventive.

From chalk marks on the door to whisking, over painted strips of paper to tear off and marked candles, the new custom continued to refine. Soon also the first calendars with sweets came into the houses. From then on, the advent calendar custom quickly spread to many families.

And even today, according to this old custom, advent calendars are hung up in the apartments. After all, there is nothing better than shortening the waiting time for your little and big loved ones and giving them anticipation at the same time.


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1,80 EUR (Seeds 1 - 4 pack)

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11,90 EUR (With plants and chilled goods)

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