The Chili that is penis shaped! Easy to grow, short ripe time and perfect for the new planters. A real eye catcher!

Peter Pepper Chili: The eye catcher thanks to its original look

In the USA, its home country, because of its original look, the Peter pepper is also called the Penis Chili and is a true jaw dropper. The truly hot chilies are quite popular thanks to their two-facetted aspect.

Where does the Peter Pepper come from?

It originates the USA. Specializing in its cultivation are the territories of East-Texas, Louisiana and Mexico. Meanwhile, the seeds are also being imported in Asia, including South Korea. But also here in Germany is it quite popular thanks to its special shape, because the Penis Chili is also suitable as a gag birthday or Christmas gift and is an eye catcher in any garden.

The fruit of the Peter Pepper

The characteristic penis shape is not the only thing this plant has to offer. Because the chilies that mature from green to orange also offer an intensive paprika note to the taste and besides, a fiery heat of 25.000 – 80.000 SHU. The incomparable characteristic is sometimes more and sometimes less noticeable. Though the 50-80 cm high bush is hard to miss. The plant flowers from May to August, with beautiful, white flowers and the maturing period of the fruits takes somewhere between 60 and 65 days.

Peter Pepper – Medium-hot chilies with a quirky aspect

Peter Pepper Chilies are unmistakable – not only because of their ludicrous shape. They also pack some heat and are good for marinating, salsas and other dips.

The Peter Pepper plant – also known as the Penis Chili

The Peter Pepper plant is a typical Capsicum Annuum. This is also noticeable in its aspect. It is very bushy and reaches heights of approximately 70 to 90 centimeters. The crown is very protruding, and the young plants branch out quite early.

The seeds need 10 to 14 days to germinate. One must calculate with 60 to 65 days until harvest. The Peter Pepper bears much fruit, which ripe from green to orange up to the typical chili red. It is advantaged by a warm climate and a comparably shady place.

The exact origin is unclear, however most probably, like most similar breeds, it comes from Mexico or the nearby territories. Mexico is also one of the main cultivation areas, together with East-Texas and Louisiana in the USA. But it is also being exported to Asia, especially to South Korea.

Peter Pepper the Penis Chili

The Peter Pepper chilies are not particularly known due to their peculiar aroma or extraordinary heat. They are also quite underwhelming in size, which is mostly mediocre. Their popularity comes from their bizarre shape. The approximately 6 to 8 cm long peppers are most bizarrely shaped and often remind us, mostly because of their tip, of the male reproductive parts. The shape of the fruit varies, but the typical shape is just too funny. In the USA above all, private growers try to generate through attentive selection as good a result as possible so the chili can live up to its name.

Other names of the Peter Pepper are Penis Chili, Penis Pepper or for example Chili Willy Peppers. And its aspect has helped the pepper in its way to receive numerous awards in the USA. However, its taste is not negligible. It packs moderate to high heat and the aroma has intensive notes of paprika. For hobbyist gardeners are they also interesting, because of their short harvest time, as they can harvest twice a year.

Pete Pepper – Above all a present and perfect for home growing

The chilies of the Peter Pepper are perfect for consumption. They also make for very good hot or spicy dips. They can be also very well used as garnish. On the other hand, because of their peculiar shape, they are also good for pickling. Be it in oil or in whiskey, the pickle jars are true eye catchers. Thus they are not only a gag gift at Christmas or at birthdays. They are also a great addition to spice up the mood of stag parties.

The Peter Pepper is very suitable for cultivation in the garden or on the balcony, especially for inexperienced hobbyist gardeners, as the plant is by nature robust and can forgive small mistakes without sacrificing too much harvest. Above all, the time it takes to ripen is really short, so the first results are quick to come.

All in all, the Peter Pepper is not only funny but an overall interesting chili. The needed seeds can obviously be found in the Pepperworld Hot Shop, so that the Penis Chilies can be taken home with no problem.



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