It is not one of the hottest chilies, it is THE hottest chilli in the world! Try to tame it but pay attention when you harvest and prepare it – the heat of this chilli is no joke!

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Many Chilies are described as the “Hottest Chilli”, however, starting 2013 this title is clearly carried by the Carolina Reaper. The highest popularity is held by the hot sauces produced with this super-hot Chilli.

So, where does the Carolina Reaper come from?

Ed Currie from South Carolina is the one who bred the hottest Chilli in the world. At first, the Chilli plant was simply called HP22B, which stood for "Higher Power, Pot Number 22, Plant B". As soon as it was known that the plant produced extremely hot fruits, it was renamed. "Reaper", that comes from "Grim Reaper". Carolina, of course, comes from the place of origin of the Chilli - South Carolina. These plants can easily be called the heat-death in a Chilli form. The Carolina Reaper was originally not bred to break a world record, but to bring progresses in cancer research. However, when the Chilies started to be tested for their degree of heat, the press gradually discovered them and the Carolina Reapers quickly became famous and in the Chiliheads circles - everyone wanted them!

Most likely, the Carolina Reaper is coincidentally a crossbreed between a Naga Chilli from Pakistan and a Caribbean Habanero that was found somewhere on a volcano. The story about the origins of Carolina Reaper is as spectacular as the heat of the Chilli itself!

How does the plant look like?

The plant of this super-hot Chilli is about 120 cm tall. It has a thin stem and a crown that can be as wide as the plant is tall. We can even consider it the perfect shape and size for it to be held as a potted plant.

How do we recognize the Carolina Reaper’s fruits?

The fruits are about the size of the Habanero. The difference: They have a thorn, just like the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and they look quite wrinkled. In addition, the fruits come in a bright, pink color, which signals from a distance: Caution extremely hot! Apart from the heat, the Carolina Reaper also has a well-marked taste. The fruits also have some fruity notes, which may probably come from the Habanero.

How hot is the Carolina Reaper Chilli, really?

The level of heat recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records for the Carolina Reaper is 1,569,300 Scoville and later measurements have even produced a peak of 2.2 million Scoville. Just as a short comparison: a Jalapeno has around 2,500-5,000 Scoville, so the Carolina Reaper can be 1000 times hotter.

Growing and harvesting the hottest Chilli in the world

When deciding to grow the Carolina Reaper seeds it is important to remember that it can take a long time for the seedling to sprout. Do not give up on your Carolina Reaper seeds just after a few weeks, just wait, and give it some time! It is also very important that the seeds are placed in a humid (not wet) environment at least 25 ° C constant temperature.

Otherwise, the seed has a very hard time to germinate. If you grow your own Reaper plant, you should do this in a plant pot that is big enough for the plant to grow, but at the same time it should be easily transportable. This is needed as the fruits of the Reaper mature at a slow pace and the plant should be placed in a sunny spot. If the temperature hits below 12° C, then you should place the plant inside and ensure a warm environment, so as not to slow the aging process. At temperatures above 12 ° C, the plant can develop outdoors.

Carolina Reaper in the kitchen

The pods of the hottest Chilli in the world should not be consumed in its pure form. If you are brave enough to do so, it is recommended to have a person next to you that you can call for help, if needed. Of course, you can freeze or dry the Chilies to make them last. Since they are really, truly hot, most Chiliheads use the Carolina Reaper only to produce hot sauces with a peak of heat.

Another tip: try to combine the fruity Carolina Reaper Chilies with apricots. The combination gives an incredibly delicious hot sauce!

Important for Safety: Keep away from children! Due to their pink color, the small pods can look like colorful toys but the game can be fatal!