With this Chilli seed variety, the name says it all. When translated, Bhut Jolokia means something like ghost chilli. Another name that is used is Bih Jolokia and means something like poisoned chilli. One of the hottest chilies in the world - up to 1.000

Bhut Jolokia Seeds—for extremely hot Chilies!

The following article talks about the seeds of one of the hottest chilies in the world. What has to be considered when you are growing crops for this Chilli and to which species does Bhut Jolokia belong at all? These and a lot more exciting questions will be answered in detail in this article.

The name is a warning!

The name of this chilli is really spot-on! If we translate it into English, it would be called “Ghost Pepper”. There is one more name for it, not as popular, which is “Poison chilli”. All these names are a very good reference for the extreme heat of this pod. Not without reason is the Bhut Jolokia Chilli one of the hottest in the world.

To which species does this variety of Peppers belong to?

The Bhut Jolokia Chilli belongs to Capsicum Chinese. Beside the Bhut Jolokia other, very hot chilies are represented in this family. Among them, there are some very well-known varieties, such as the Scotch Bonnet or the Habanero. Although the variety is very high, most Capsicum Chinese Chilies have a clear recognition feature, namely the clear furrows. They are also really productive for the relatively small size of these Chilli plants.

What is important when growing crops of Bhut Jolokia?

When deciding that you want to grow your own Bhut Jolokia Chilies, you need to keep in mind that it takes them very long to reach maturity. It can take up to 150 days until you can actually say that you have ripe Chilies. The germination period is also longer for this Chilli type. For these reasons, you need to bring these seeds to germination earlier in the year, already by mid-March. The temperature is also really important for good results - it should be between 26° and 32° Celsius. When growing your own plants, a warm place is suitable, for examples next to a heater. You should always make sure that the soil of your Chilies is neither too dry nor too moist. As fertilizer it is recommended that you use Guano powder. If the small seedlings are large enough, you should repot them individually. Since this variety needs a lot of heat, crop growing is best done in a greenhouse, where the right, tropical, climate conditions can be created.

We have summarized the most important points for crop growing your own Bhut Jolokia in the following list for you:

  • Long germination period
  • Long period until reaching maturity
  • Start early with the growing
  • Temperatures between 26° Celsius and 32° Celsius
  • Not too moist nor too dry
  • The seedlings in individual pots
  • Guano powder as fertilizer
  • Ideally to be grown in a greenhouse

How can you shorten the germination period?

We have already mentioned that the seeds of the Bhut Jolokia need a lot of time to germinate. There are, however, some methods, within budgetary means, that can shorten this period. For example, you can soak the seeds in tea – make sure only to use chamomile or black tea for this method. There’s one more point you need to pay attention to here, you will need to double use the tea bags. This means that after drinking your tea, you poor hot water again over the tea bag and let this second infusion drink to cool down. Upon completion you can put the Chilli seeds in the tea and leave them in there for 8 hours. Another method of shortening the germination period is by placing the seeds in a mixture of water and lemon juice. At first, the seeds will float to the surface, but as soon as they get well soaked, they will start sinking to the base of your container – that’s how you identify the right time to plant the seeds. In their free natural environment, Chilies are normally spread exclusively by birds, as the birds are immune to the hot Capsaicin. If you want to simulate, as good as it gets, the effects of the birds’ digestion, you can dissolve a little Guano powder in water and let the seeds soak in there.

To recap, the easiest methods to shorten the germination period are:

  • A bath in black tea (second infusion)
  • Deep soak in a mixture of lemon water
  • A bath in chamomile tea (second infusion)

Precaution points to keep in mind while harvesting:

Since the Bhut Jolokia is one of the hottest Chilies in the world, the necessary precaution steps need to be taken, when dealing with it. Precaution needs to start right at the point of harvesting. In order to avoid any possible injuries or burns, caused by the Capsaicin contained by the fruit, gloves should be worn at all times. This way you will also avoid the danger of unintentionally spreading any of the substance on your face. The same applies, of course, for the further processing of the Chilli. If you are planning to conserve your harvest by grinding your Bhut Jolokia fruits into powder, then you should also be wearing a dust mask.

You can also store the seeds!

If for any reason, it is not possible for you to plant the Bhut Jolokia seeds this year, under certain conditions, you can store them and sow them next year. We are happy to provide you with all the needed information regarding the points that need to be observed when storing the seeds.

Since the seeds are highly sensitive to heat and light, it is advisable to keep them away from either of the two. It is best to pack the seeds in a film capsule or in a small box. You can further store the box in a drawer or in a closet; the important thing is to make sure it’s dark!

Increase the chances of your seeds to flourish in the next Chilli-season by following our recommendations on how to decrease the germination period. 

So, what’s the fiery conclusion?

The Bhut Jolokia is a part of the Capsicum Chinese family. Like all other varieties of this species, the plants need a lot of time to germinate and to ultimately grow mature fruits. The Chilli plants of this species are highly productive. Special conditions must be created while growing the crops, for example the temperature cannot be too low. In order to significantly reduce the germination time, the seeds can be treated in advance, for example with tea. If you have not planted this season, you can also store the seeds of Bhut Jolokia Chilli. Among other things, it is very important, that seeds are kept in a dark place. Bhut Jolokia is one of the hottest Chilies ever, as the name already suggests. For this reason, you should be careful with this product. This starts with the harvest of the fruits – it is recommended that glove should be worn at all times while processing the Bhut Jolokia produce.

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