One of the most essential for your grill: the grill tongs!

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Take the food in the tongs!

Of course, the right kitchen tool is also part of a successful barbecue. If you do not want to stab the food, when wanting to turn it, for example, the use of barbecue tongs at every barbecue is almost compulsory. However, there are different models of two different materials. Learn about grilling tongs in this report.

Characteristic features:

The so-called barbecue tongs are often made from only one component. This element is bent once in the middle. The gripping tool is often scoops-shaped at the open ends. This will give you a much better grip on your grilled food. Another special feature of the barbecue tongs is the long handle. This is to prevent possible burns that can happen during grilling, and thus protect you.

Why you should always use a pair of pliers while grilling:

Of course, hygiene is always vital when working with food. This is also one of the main reasons why you should always use special pliers while grilling. This way you avoid the contact of the food with your hands. Of course, the hands, in advance, should nevertheless have been thoroughly cleaned. The pliers are still mandatory, after all, the barbecue tongs reduce the risk of germ transmission, as your hands of course can never be completely germ-free. This is especially true when different foods (for example, meat and poultry) are to be grilled. Of course, the pliers themselves must also be cleaned before they come in contact with any new product. Using this instrument, has next to the obvious reason, hygiene, still another very important background, namely the taste of each different food. After all, your beef steak should not taste like poultry or vice versa, you guest should not experience that. But there are also other relevant aspects that require the use of barbecue tongs. For example, the structure of the food will not be damaged when it is turned on the grill, as is the case with other tools such as the meat fork. This is especially true if you have meat or poultry on the grill. By piercing it can happen that the food will leak out (it loses the meat juice). In the end this makes for a much less "juicy" taste. But fish is even more sensitive. If the clotted egg whites become damaged, it can very easily happen that the fish literally falls apart. The result is often a very unpleasant sight. "You eat with your eyes" is a saying with a true background. If the "tattered" fish lies unattractively on a plate, then our brain connects this with the possibility of the food not being good.

For this work steps you need the barbecue tongs:

  • Put the food on the grill
  • Turn the food Leave the food on the grill
  • Take it off the grill when ready with the help of the tongs

What sort of tongs are there?

Barbecue tongs can be made of wood:

We all know this version of barbecue tongs. The classic barbecue tongs made of wood. Mostly beech wood is used for the good old pliers. The wood belongs to the so-called hardwoods. The pliers, which are made of this wood, are particularly robust. Beech wood is considered to be food safe and therefore harmless. In order to impregnate the wood (ie to protect it from the influence of the heat and time), the wood is often treated with olive oil. However, a barbecue tongs made of wood also has certain disadvantages. Of course, the gripping tool is not really heat resistant. You should never use the pliers too close to the embers or even over a campfire. Barbecue tongs made of wood are usually made of only one component. In the middle this piece is bent. Due to the tension in the wood so-called spring force is formed. In the end, this force ensures that you can grasp and hold the food with the tongs without much effort. To increase the grip strength even further, the gripping ends are often wavy.

The cleaning of wooden barbecue tongs may only be done by hand. By the way, little carvers in the wood are no cause for concern. There are not many germs, as often mistakenly assumed. Since the wood always "works", the cracks close themselves after rinsing.

The barbecue tongs made of wood fit well in the hand. By light pressure, the food can be used well with them.

Stainless steel BBQ tongs:

Of course, such stainless-steel tongs are, in contrast to the models made of wood, significantly firmer. That means you can also use them for barbequing near the embers or over the open flame. Often, these barbecue tongs are made out of these two individual elements. These are then, similar to a scissors, on the handle side, connected to each other. However, as the material is a particularly good conductor of heat, the handles of the forceps are provided with plastic handles as insulation to avoid injury. Thanks to these handles, all barbecue tongs are really optimal in the hand and are equally well suited for right and left-handers. Basically, these tools are all very ergonomic. On some models, a lock can be adjusted, which means that you can "downsize" the pliers while it is not in use with a regular set screw. Also, the cleaning of such stainless-steel pliers is really very easy. As a rule, the barbecue tongs are all dishwasher safe.


Not only for reasons of hygiene are the barbecue tongs required. The taste and the appearance of the food also suffer as soon as you put a meat fork into it. Therefore, you should always be very careful when grilling, during the individual steps to use barbecue tongs. If you want to grill different foods, such as meat and poultry, you have to clean the barbecue tongs in the meantime, of course, thoroughly. For safety reasons, the pliers are equipped with a long handle. This reduces the risk of burns from hot ash or embers. The gripping tools are made either of beech wood or stainless steel. Often the pliers are made of only one component. Stainless steel pliers, however, can also consist of two components. These are connected together at one end and therefore such pliers are also similar to a pair of scissors. To prevent burns, the stainless-steel grill tongs have an insulated plastic handle. The length of the handle also ensures that you are protected from the heat of the grill. Both variants are ergonomic.


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