Here find you the classical popcorn but also with particular spicy like cinnamon as an example! Let's be surprised!

Popcorn is a true classic!

Today's form of popcorn is an invention from the USA. However, the process on the continent has been known for many thousands of years. The Indians of North and Central America use the puffed corn not only as a nutritious food, but also for spiritual purposes. Learn more about this snack classic in the following article, which is now conquering the whole world!

How is popcorn made from corn?

The corn has to be heated to make the corn kernel puff up. From a temperature of 200 ° C, the grain starts to burst and burst from the hard shell, while the strength comes out to the outside. That's how the popcorn sees the light of day. But why does the temperature have to be that high? Inside the hard shell is the relatively soft core. This consists of water and starch. Of course, even though the liquid of the core starts to boil and evaporate at 100 ° C, it needs more energy to finally break the solid shell. When making the popcorn, if it is done in a pot or a pan, always make sure that a lid on the cookware is used. Otherwise, the popcorn would spread uncontrollably throughout your kitchen. In the worst case, this can even cause nasty injuries (for example, burns). To avoid this risk, you can of course use a special popcorn machine, for the preparation, these are closed systems. Such devices are available in different sizes. Smaller machines are enough for home use, the larger ones are of course intended for use in the cinema. If this method is too costly for you, then there are even products that can be used to prepare popcorn in any standard microwave.

Corn can also pop on the grill!

Of course, as real barbecue friends, we are very interested in how the popular popcorn can be prepared on the grill. The production is not complicated and with the result you are guaranteed to impress the guests at your next barbecue party. It does not take much to make the puffed corn on the grill. The corn kernels are placed in a highly heat-resistant cookware, which may be, for example, a cast-iron pan. In this pan, pour some fat. For the special taste, you can cut butter into very thin slices and cover the bottom with it. Now is the time to put the corn kernels in the pan. Make sure that there are not too many grains in the pan. Now this only needs to be covered, it works best with aluminum foil. But it is important that the corn, upwards, has enough room to puff up. Now the pan with the corn kernels can already be placed on the grill. After about two minutes, at the latest, as soon as the popping noises stop, the popcorn is ready. To enjoy it all you have to do is remove the aluminum foil. But beware, this one is extremely hot!

Can every corn be popcorn?

No, unfortunately that will not work. From the corn from the field or from the supermarket popcorn cannot be produced. For the production of popcorn, only the so-called puffed corn is suitable, as it has sufficient liquid in the core. In addition, in this species, the husk of the corn kernel is hard but thin enough for popcorn production to work. Another feature of the Puffmaises are the slightly glassy looking kernels. In addition to the most commonly used variety "Golden Butter", there are still many others.

Some corn varieties are especially popular!

Which of these are exactly, you will find out now! The so-called autumn corn, for example, has a two-color bulb, which shimmers red and yellow, the autumnal appearance is of course the eponymous factor in this variety. The taste convinces with a natural sweetness. The bear paw corn (due to its growth form) reminds of the paw of a bear. The popcorn, which is made from this variety, tastes very good, it is really extra crispy. The variety green pearl corn pops up very well and becomes voluminous popcorn. The color of the corn kernels is green, with a name like that, how could it be otherwise? A species with a particularly beautiful sounding name is the so-called strawberry corn. The name is given thanks to their grains. These are similar in size to a strawberry, so they are relatively large. However, there are many other species and crosses that, due to their low productivity, are not cultivated that often and therefore are of course not very popular. Although it is hard to believe, the popcorn corn can even be cultivated in the home garden. You only have to consider some conditions, depending on the species, so that the plants can thrive well. The most popular types of corn to prepare popcorn are:

  • Golden Butter
  • Autumn
  • Corn Bear Paw
  • Green Pearl
  • Corn Strawberry

Corn Something for every taste!

Popcorn is available in different flavors, in addition to the classic, sweetened version you can buy the popular snack also salted or with caramel flavor from almost everywhere. Special variants are varieties with coconut or butter flavor. The puffed corn can be enjoyed either as a salted or as a sweet party snack. But not only on celebrations popcorn is always very popular, but the popped corn means for many simply a visit to the cinema. Also, for the movie night in your own home, a tasty popcorn is often the first choice when it comes to the decision for the right nibbling.

The poppy conclusion is this:

popcorn is a popular snack. Even the Native Americans feed on this food and use it for their rituals. Not every kind of corn can be processed into popcorn. Suitable is only so-called puffed corn, but there are also other different varieties. Corn from the supermarket shelf or from a field, however, is not suitable for popcorn production. The hard shell of the corn must be thin enough for the grain to eventually puff up. When making popcorn at home, the cookware must always be covered to avoid burns, less risk you will have with a special popcorn machine. Such devices are not only in the cinema, smaller models are also available for private use. Tasty popcorn can also be prepared in the garden on the local grill without much effort. In terms of taste, different variants are available, for example sweetened, salted and with butter flavor.


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