Capsicum frutescens chili varieties don't only blossom beautifully, but they also have a double portion of Capsaicin - So start growing! One chilli - double the heat pleasure.

Capsicum frutescens—the very productive ones!

The following article talks about the seeds of the species: Capsicum frutescens. Find out, among other things, how they look and which varieties are assigned to it.


How do the seeds look like?

The seeds of this species are slightly yellowish. The size of the seeds corresponds to the other species and their surface is very smooth. So, in general, the seeds strongly resemble those of other members of the genus Capsicum.


Which variety can actually be cultivated?

The most famous variety of the kind is undoubtedly the Tabasco. Other varieties of this family are, for example, Hanoi Red from Vietnam and Malagueta from Brazil. However, very long Chilies are also cultivated in Europe, for example in Kosovo. A particular variety of Capsicum frutescens cultivated there is the yellow cherry. In addition to the varieties mentioned, there are also others, such as the Lanterna De Foc and the Capela.


How do you grow these plants?

When growing your own plants from this type of Chilli, you need to know that you will need some more time than in the case of other species. This is primarily due to our climate. The late blooming stage, due to the slow growth, is the real challenge in the cultivation of all varieties of the Capsicum frutescens species. The plants can be grown outdoors, for example in a flower bed, or between your own four walls, in a flower pot. But you have to make sure that the selected pot has the appropriate size. Of course, the Chilies also feel very well in a greenhouse. You must, however, note that Capsicum frutescens, as with all species of this genus, are so-called night shadow plants. For this reason, the Chilies prefer a semi-shady, however warm location. During the flowering phase, the plants, especially at night, exude a very intense scent.


These plants develop a special feature!

All the varieties of the species Capsicum frutescens are shrubby plants, as the Latin name indicates. The flowers, and therefore also the later fruits, always grow in a certain way, almost perpendicular to sunlight. There are several of the beautiful flowers on each shoot axis. It takes them longer than with other capsicum species for the fruits to reach their final maturity. The red Chilies dissolve easily and fall to the ground. This particular growth form is one of the reasons why the people are growing this species, even the Chilli cultivation in a flowering pot is, as already mentioned, easily possible with the plants of this variety. However, the breeding of the Chilies is not just for anybody, a certain basic knowledge should be applied in any case.


Even the heat of it is special!

As with all other Chilies, the capsaicin is responsible for the heat of the fruit. But with the plants belonging to the Capsicum frutescens specie, this alkaloid is present in double quantities. This fact makes these Chilies naturally extremely hot. This is also what is good, in our opinion. Most varieties of the Capsicum frutescens are on the top of our internal range of heat, but there are also some exceptions that are found somewhere in the middle.


How do we deal with winter when growing our own plants?

Of course, this is not possible outdoors, in any climate that doesn’t resemble the natural habitat of the Chilies - but there is a good chance to be successful if you keep the plants inside. However, the desired success depends on some work steps. At first, you need to thoroughly examine your plants. Pay particular attention to leaves which lose their green color and become wilted - they can be easily removed by hand. It is also necessary to check whether the plant has molds or pests that have settled on them. If so, these must, of course, also be eliminated. Not only the plant itself, can be infected with parasites, you also have to thoroughly check the flower soil. During the "winter sleep" of the Chilies you do not have to supply the plant so often with water. The same applies, of course, to fertilization. So that the chilli plants feel good again in the following spring, you should plant them in a somewhat voluminous pot and strengthen the individual branches strongly, so you are guaranteed again a very productive harvest of delicious hot Chilies. The necessary steps that you should be taking in order for your Capsicum frutescens plants to survive the cold winter, we have summarized in the following list for you:

  • Check the plant for wilting leaves and pests! (These can be found on the plant as well as in the soil!)
  • Place the capsicum frutescens inside!
  • Give the plant regularly water and fertilizer - but not too much!
  • In the spring, you can trim the plant and then repot it before you can place it again out in the open.


Where can you buy Capsicum frutescens seeds from?

If you are thinking about growing your own hot chilli, you will soon find out that it is not so easy to find the right seeds. On the World Wide Web, however, you will find some pages dedicated to the subject of Chilli. You can also find exclusive offerings of selected seeds in our Pepperworld Hot Shop. There we offer you not only the seeds themselves, but also everything else you need for a successful harvest. These include, among others, greenhouses in mini format, fertilizer and also technical books, so that you can read more into the subject.

The fiery conclusion:

In appearance the seeds of the Capsicum frutescens species scarcely differ from those of other chilies. The most common variety of Capsicum frutescens is Tabasco, but other varieties are also cultivated. For your own crop growing, however, you need a little more time than with other Capsicum species. With some preparations, these plants can also easily bloom and prosper in the coming year again, and develop hot Chilies again. The bushy growth form of the plants is characteristic for this species and it also makes it possible to grow these Chilies in a flower pot, under specific conditions. Another specialty of these varieties is the extreme heat that many of them develop. This is due to the fact that the substance capsaicin is often contained in much higher doses. The seeds of these chilies are of course available in our shop, in which you will also find other accessories for a successful harvest.


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