The longest Bratwurst in the world is 5888 m long! Our Bratwurst specialties are not that long, but therefor extremely delicious and handmade! The meat quality impresses 100%!

Bratwurst - more diverse than one might think!

Bratwurst is not just simple bratwurst! What differences do exist? What makes a bratwurst? Why is the bratwurst a classic? Can I make sausage in the oven? These and many other questions are answered below! And you can buy bratwurst too :-)

The name is misunderstood!

The first part of the word in the name, meaning "roast", does not indicate, as generally assumed, the method of preparation, the frying, but rather the content of the sausage, the roast. Nearly a thousand years ago, in the 11th century, the sausage was first mentioned in Germany, but still under the name "Pratwurst". Thanks to this long tradition, the bratwurst has long since become a cult. Since then, events have been held over and over again to produce the world's longest sausage. Currently, this record is just under 6 km (5888 m). The longest sausage comes from Landshut and was made in 1999 from a total of 1700 kg of meat.

What differences are there?

Of course, one of the biggest distinctions is the meat used, depending on the animal species, of course, other sausages are produced. However, there is another feature that distinguishes fried sausages, whether they are coarse or fine. By that is meant how finely the meat is ultimately cut when it is filled in the intestine. A third stage is the medium-sized sausage. The recipe, that is, with which spices the meat is prepared, is of course also an important factor when it comes to the sausage. Meanwhile, even vegetarian and vegan sausages are available, which hardly differ in taste and appearance from the conventional sausages. Another characteristic is of course the size of the sausage, as there are small and larger sausages available to buy. Originally, the bratwurst is mainly made as a raw sausage, because of the better durability, the delicious sausages are now also offered as so-called scalded sausage. In which criteria the sausages differ, we have summarized again in bullet points for you:

  • Meaty/less meaty
  • consistency of the sausage
  • Recipe
  • Size
  • Raw sausage / boiled sausage

Due to these many differences, a very diverse range of sausages has become established in Germany. There are now about 100 different varieties.

Some sausages are even protected!

In Germany, the consumption of bratwurst is a true tradition, accordingly many sausages are produced here in Germany. Some sausages are even legally registered, often in conjunction with the place and name where they were made. This regulation was introduced by the EU in the 1990s in order to strengthen regions with their traditional products. For you as a consumer that is also very convenient, because you can be sure that if you buy a certain bratwurst, then this is always the same. As well-known examples of these protected sausages serve of course the Nürnberger Rostbratwurst and the Thüringer Rostbratwurst.

The sausage is and remains a classic!

On a successful barbecue, a fresh grilled sausage must not be missing. In addition to other meat specialties, a tasty bratwurst is often a must. But why is that? The simple preparation, the quick result and the good taste are of course the main reasons for the great success of the sausages. It is not really crucial, how you enjoy the sausage, whether pure, with mustard or ketchup or in a roll. If you are a very courageous sausage eater, you can try the bratwurst next time with a fiery chilli sauce. If, for some inexplicable reason, you cannot use your own barbecue or enjoy sausages in the cold season, there are of course possibilities. For example, you can prepare the sausages very easily in the oven or pan. If you want to cook the sausages in an oven, you must pay attention to two essential points. On the one hand, it is important that the temperature in the oven is around 200 ° Celsius and that it is equipped with circulating air. Then the sausages cooked in the oven become very juicy and tasty.

What else is there to consider?

It is particularly important during the preparation to make sure that the sausage does not burn and does not burst. Often the sausages are cut for this reason on the surface. In the kitchen language this process is called chasing. In order to avoid the formation of harmful substances, you should also make sure that when the sausages are grilled, as little smoke as possible is present. When prepared in the pan, however, you should pay attention that you do not use too much fat for frying, as this, after a certain time causes smoldering. Bratwursts, however, still have a proverbial ace up their sleeve - they are fatty foods, but they are completely sugar-free. In the event that some of bratwurst is not prepared, due to lack of guests or other circumstances, you can of course also freeze the sausages, with little effort, and save them for a later date. To give you a detailed overview, we have listed the previous points again for you:

  • So that the sausages do not burst, they can be chiseled (cut).
  • When grilling, there should not be too much smoke.
  • Use little oil for frying in the pan!
  • Bratwursts are a sugar-free food
  • The sausages can also be frozen easily.

What's the sausage's conclusion about bratwurst?

Sausage eating is simply a part of culture in Germany. For this reason, there are also a number of sausages in the market. Basically, these can be differentiated according to animal species. However, the meat is not the only characteristic in which the individual sausages differ. Among other things, there are still differences in the fineness of the so-called sausage meat. Speaking of which, the sausage is the real namesake for the sausage, not the type of preparation. Some fried sausages are even legally protected as they have been produced in certain regions of Germany for a very long time and in a particular way. When grilling, you should always make sure that the sausages do not get too much smoke. When cooking in the pan, do not use too much fat, as it can negatively affect the quality and taste. Even in an oven, the sausages can be cooked, however, it is important that it is cooked with circulating air. The classic bratwurst tastes great in every case. The sausage is especially delicious with the addition of mustard or ketchup. Also served in bread a fresh sausage tastes excellent.