Aroy-D offers coconut milk and other Asian delicacy ingredients in an extremely good price-quality ratio! Convince yourself now!

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In one part of Asia the coconut is one of the main ingredients in many dishes. There is a large variety of coconut products. A really good producer for these foods is Aroy-D. Find out everything about this popular brand in the following article.

What exactly does Aroy-D offer?

At Aroy-D you have a wide range of tasty products made from the coconut. When you think of this fruit of the coconut palm, which is only falsely called a nut, the famous coconut milk immediately comes to mind. Aroy-D not only sells coconut milk, but also the coconut flesh (copra) from the young nut and a viscous coconut cream. The cream consists of seventy percent coconut meat (copra) extract and thirty percent water. In addition to the natural version, Aroy-D also offers a sweetened coconut cream. The following list is to show you once again the most important products of Aroy-D:

  • Coconut milk
  • Coconut meat(copra)
  • Coconut cream
  • sweet coconut cream

No matter which Aroy-D product you decide on, the name is always the program. How is that meant exactly? The term "Aroy", means "delicious" in Thai.

What can you use Aroy-D products for in the kitchen?

The possible applications are of course very diverse. Basically, you can use Aroy-D's food for Thai or Southeast Asian cuisine. In many of these dishes, the addition of coconut milk is necessary. Of course, as always, there are no limits to your creativity. The somewhat tough coconut cream, for example, is an excellent ingredient for unusual desserts and also for cocktails. A good example here is the Pina Colada, there it is a must. But that's not all, you can also use it wonderfully as a substitute for whipped cream in the kitchen and decorate your creations with the cream. If you ever run out of oil, just use some coconut cream.

Even suitable for allergy sufferers:

A balanced diet is particularly important, especially in the case of an allergy or food intolerance. Often affected persons are unsuccessfully looking for a substitute for their allergen. The coconut can be the solution in many ways, for example it is gluten-free. For this reason, coconut products are also suitable for all people who react with an intolerance to this sticky protein. But also for people who are allergic to cow's whey, coconut milk can be a real alternative. The same applies of course to people with a lactose intolerance. But not only allergy sufferers are increasingly looking for alternative nutritional options. The fact that all Aroy-D products are absolutely vegan makes them interesting for this kind of nutrition as well. But the best is yet to come, all Aroy-D products naturally taste super delicious after coconut, which is the very best side effect for allergy sufferers. In this list you can find out once again for which health restrictions the coconut products can be a substitute:

  • Gluten Allergy
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Whey allergie

Who is behind these coconuts products

The producer of Aroy-D, is the company "Thaiagri Food"(TAF), based in Samutprakarn, Thailand. This company has, besides Aroy-D, other well-known brands for Asian ingredients, such as Savoy, Little Chef and Uni Eagle. However, the company's flagship is still the Aroy-D brand. The company philosophy of Thaiagri Food is as simple as it is brilliant! According to the company, every meal should become a special meal.

Where can you get the great coconut products from Aroy-D?

In Thailand itself, Aroy-D food is one of the basic ingredients in the kitchen and is therefore easy to get. You can find the products in almost every supermarket. In all other parts of the world this is a little more difficult, although in our latitudes there are also supermarkets with a large selection of Asian products. There are Asian shops in almost every city, where you can usually find the tasty food from Aroy-D. If this should be too uncomfortable for you, there is still the possibility to order on the internet, for example in our Pepperworld Hot Shop.

Also at trade fairs at home:

The manufacturer of the Aroy-D brand. Thaiagri Food is of course also present at trade fairs and events around the globe. A good example of the trade fairs at which the Thai company presents itself is the "Foodex" in Japan. There, and at many other events focusing on the food industry, the company presents its delicious coconut products.

From vision to mission:

The Aroy-D brand from Thaiagri Food has a high vision. It wants nothing less than to deliver high quality and a very authentic taste. So you can literally taste the vision of the company on your tongue. With its brand, the company wants to make the delicious and healthy coconut products available all over the world. Only when this goal is achieved, the company's mission is fulfilled.

What else is important?

The manufacturing company is now very large, with numerous customers in over seventy countries on six continents. The products are offered either canned or packed in a practical Tetra Pak. The goods are thus perfectly suited for convenience use. Further advantages of these packages are the shelf life and the good conditions for safe transport.

The conclusion about Aroy-D

The Thai brand Aroy-D, offers you coconut milk, coconut meat and a coconut cream, in very practical packaging. These ingredients belong in many classic dishes from the Asian region. The name of the brand is cleverly chosen, as "Aroy" is the Thai word for "delicious". Due to the fact that the food of Aroy-D is all gluten-free, it is also very suitable for the nutrition of allergy sufferers. The manufacturer of the brand is called "Thaiagri Food" and is based directly in Thailand. In the meantime, however, the food is already sold in over seventy countries around the world. The company also presents itself very successfully at trade fairs around the world. Of course you can also find the delicious coconut products from Aroy-D on the World Wide Web, for example in our Pepperworld Hot Shop. This means that the brand has almost achieved its mission of making the good products available everywhere.