For the ones that like the taste of the cayenne pepper - here are our cayenne seeds in excellent quality. After breeding, caring and harvesting, you can enjoy the delicious heat of cayenne chilies - fresh, dried or ground.

Buy Cayenne seeds now - just grow this Spanish pepper at home!

Everybody knows cayenne pepper, but what about the delicious chilli peppers from which it is extracted? The red, elongated pods are not only super cute, but also incredibly delicious! Their thin fruit wall makes them perfect for drying and roasting. But you can also cut the Cayenne pods and add them into a delicious Bolognese or chilli con carne. Also, Cayenne chilli rings on your favorite pizza are delicious!

Incidentally, the name Cayenne comes from the Tupi. The Tupi were indigenous people of Brazil who lived before the conquest of the Americas. They were one of the largest tribes in Brazil. Meanwhile, the Cayenne pod and cayenne pepper is used and loved all over the world.


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