Beloved and often used – The Jalapeno. Grow it yourself and enjoy them fresh. A MUST for the fans of the hot kitchen. Also Pharell Wiliams says: „Jalapeno, oh lord, why'd you burn me“.

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Buy your Jalapeno plant now and harvest it over the summer!

A bit of "México" for the home.

Jalapeno pods (in Spanish - Jalapeño) are high in the diet of many people in Mexico and the southern United States. Even in Germany, the typical green pods with their thick pulp are becoming increasingly popular. Especially filled with cheese, on a delicious pizza or wrapped in bacon - Jalapenos are a huge treat for every spicy eatter!

By the way, one pronounces the name of this incredibly popular chili "Halapenio". The H is pronounced as for example in "harmony". Another tip for the next vacation in Mexico: if you ask if a dish in the restaurant is spicy, you'll get a "no" or a "maybe a bit" answer, even though the food (at least for our taste buds) is super hot. This is part of the culture of Mexicans, who are very proud of their hot pods.

Your own Jalapeno plant in your garden: always enjoy them fresh!

Since the Jalapenos are so popular, you can buy and enjoy them in endless variations! If you have your own plant, you can pick one or more pods whenever you need them. And above all, you can always eat your Jalapenos harvest fresh, without them having to have already traveled half the world to get to you, from production to the supermarket.

Smoked Jalapenos: also named Chipotles - they are delicious!

If you walk through a city in the south of the US, it's quite possible that a fragrant smoky fragrance may be in the air. This delicious fragrance comes from smoking the ripe jalapenos. The Americans love to eat the Chipotles, so the smoked jalapenos. These chipotles are available to buy almost everywhere in America. Whether freshly smoked or pickled - Chipotles are easy! Of course, you can also make the incredibly tasty chipotles yourself. You can find here (German) a guide.

There are an infinite number of Jalapeno varieties!

The typical jalapeno pod is green and quite hot. It is wonderful to put on burger & pizza, fried or chopped into the cheese dip mix. But there are many more Jalapeno options. For example, the NuMex Primavera does not show any heat, the NuMex Tequila Sunrise looks like the cocktail when tapped and the NuMex Lemon Spice is bright yellow and has a lemony aroma. Most varieties are bred, for example, by crossing. That's how new, great varieties of Jalapeno are created. Of course we also offer many different Jalapeno plants. Just look at our extensive range and order the plants you find most interesting!


If you're looking for some recipe ideas, you can find them on!

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Have fun while obtaining a rich harvest - we, the Pepperworld team wish yo you! We are looking forward to sharing your results, with us and our friends on our Facebook page.