Discover our organic seed assortment of the highest quality. For healthy plants and the protection of our environment. High quality organic seeds with high crop safety and non-hybrid. Attention: assortment is constantly being extended!

Healthy taste is important, good nutrients also, protect our nature in your own garden and sustainably grow robust plants without genetic engineering sounds not only good - it's also worth it for you, me and everyone who will come after us.

Therefore, we are now gradually changing our seed range to organic quality.

Why buy organic seeds?

For fruits and vegetables, it is obvious, organic quality tastes better and is healthier. As many customers value a healthy diet, it is no coincidence that the organic departments in the purchasing markets are growing and more and more organic shops are opening their doors. And even the self-cultivation is increasing more and more, because you know exactly what the plants that are on the table at the end, have been fed everything and the work in the garden brings even more pure relaxation.

But what about the seeds that are used for your own harvest? What's in it for me to use the more expensive organic seed for sowing?

To be aware of organic quality seeds gives you more benefits and healthier plants than you might think. Producing organic seeds takes several years and is a slow process until the best seed-producing varieties for your vegetables can be obtained. But it's worth it for the following reasons:

  • The fruits of chili, tomatoes, beans and salads from organic seeds taste much better
  • The plants do not need artificial fertilizer
  • The use of organic products in the garden ensures the preservation of biodiversity
  • The seeds obtained from the fruits can be taken for their own sowing
  • The seeds are obtained from plants that have been grown naturally and are therefore able to cope with our weather and temperature conditions
  • After sowing, it is possible to dispense with toxins against pests, since the seedlings are more resistant due to the cultivation method

So many reasons to choose the best organic quality when choosing seeds for vegetables & Co. After all, sowing chilies, tomatoes or peas means spending time and effort. Since then should not be waived on good quality. Everyone knows how deliciously tasty the chilies from their own garden are, in contrast to the aquatic fruits from industrial cultivation. Enojy it!