Spice your dish! Spices refine all dishes and make it to an intensive taste experience. If these are fresh and also from the personal herb garden, then it makes even more pleasure and the result is even better.

Buy Herbal seeds – get the special taste directly from the garden

New in the Pepperworld Hot Shop!

Starting now we offer all the hot and delicacy lovers also some herbal seeds.

In the most cases Chilli spices and salt are enough for us Pepperworlders, to make our heart beat faster. This is not always the case and for this we want to offer the possibility to cultivate also a garden that offers different flavors. Herbal seeds will offer your BBQ summer a special kick and will satisfy your needs for fresh spices.

Buy Herbal seeds in premium quality

As always we put value on trustworthy sources and often we do not show the green logo that stands for the special ecological quality because our supplier or we do not have the dimensions of a company that are required for such a certificate.

Hints for harvesting your own cultivated herbs:

  • In which phase it is best to harvest your herbs is dependent on the variety that you want. It is easy to orientate depending in the flowering. The vast majority of herbs are harvested before the flowering phase because in this phase they lose most of the taste.
  • If the herbs should be conserved, it is best that these are harvested during noon so that the morning dew has dried off. If you want to use the herbs directly, you can harvest them at any time.
  • Always use a sharp knife or a sharp scissor so that you do not damage the plant.
  • A general rule of thumb is: when harvesting, leave a couple of stems, so that the plant can regenerate quickly.

Hints for processing your self-grown herbs:

  • It is important that the herbs are not smashed when cutting, because this leads to them losing most of the flavor.
  • If you use the herbs fresh then you can cut them in small pieces or you can add them directly into the food.
  • If you want to store your herbs, here you will receive 4 great ideas for their conservation:
  1. Freezing: cut the herbs small and freeze them in a bag or in a can. If you need afterwards herbs, then you can sprinkle the frozen herbs on your food!
  2. Another method is to make herbal ice cubes! The advantage: you always have portions that are equaly big and you can dose them very easily!
  3. If you put your herbs in oil, they will remain aromatic and you can use the oil as well which absorbs the taste of your favorite herbs.
  4. The majority of the herbs can be dried and stored for an extended period of time. Dried herbs also look very great.

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The Pepperworld team wishes you a great harvest. We are glad to hear of your results, that you can share with us and with our friends on our Facebook page.