With the mini growing station you offer your chilies and sprouts the best possible conditions and protection so that they can grow.

Buy the appropriate mini growing station

If you want to grow your own chilli plants, you will profit from having your own mini growing station. First of all it offers a lot of protection for the plants in the germination Phase. Secondly you will have the ideal environmental conditions in your own house with such a room growing station.


Advantages when growing in a mini greenhouse

The advantages that you have when using a mini growing station are very clear. The seeds are very well protected with a lid or with a foil during the germination phase and this makes it possible to place the tray wherever you like to. It is important thought that the plants have enough light. In the mini greenhouse the small plants are protected against wind and the elements. If the air temperature is to low, with the help of a mini growing station it will automatically heat up from the sun. Also cell plant trays can help in growing a lot of plants on a small surface and ensure also that they are ordered in a nice way. Despite all of this you should consider one or more points when using a mini growing station in your own home:

  • Most of all in the first hours after you have watered the plants it is important that that the moisture in the air is not too big. This can be avoided by ventilating the mini greenhouse. A high moisture can lead to the build of mold.
  • The germ bud can overheat in a mini growing station. This is why it is important to always have a thermometer inside. This will help you assess the situation and correct correspondingly. These disadvantages can be eliminated when buying the growing station in the first hand.

A chilli plant needs very precise requirements in order to grow. This is due to the fact that the chilli plant comes from more hot paces of the world like Africa, South America or the Caribbean. In the most regions where the chilli plant grows it is hot and moist throughout the year – these are the ideal conditions for a chilli plant that wants to grow! In Germany and in the northern part of Europe the conditions are not ideal to grow chilli plants. This is why we have to help the seeds to germinate and afterwards the plants to grow.

What conditions must fulfilled?

A chilli plant likes it the most when it is moist and war. It is thus important to recreate exactly these conditions for a chilli plant. The simplest way is to have in the garden a greenhouse that gets warmed up during the summer with the help of the sun rays. The vast majority of us do not have this type of privilege and luxury. The alternative is a mini growing station! It has he ideal dimensions that aid the seed to germinate and it also fits on the window still. With the help of a heating mat that is placed underneath the mini growth station the temperature rises and trough the constant watering it also remains nice and moist. These are the ideal conditions so that your chilli seeds can germinate quickly and afterwards have a rapid growth.

What should be considered when using a mini growing station?

  • The greenhouse should be kept warm, but in the same time it is important not to overheat it because the plants would die. Ventilation flaps can help against overheating. These can assure that a pleasant climate is maintained in the greenhouse.
  • The earth in the mini greenhouse should be kept moist so that the germ buds can grow good. It is important that the earth is maintained moist and not wet. The plants don’t like it when it is wet and a lot of moisture can lead also to the buildup of mold, which should be avoided at all cost.
  • Your plants will need enough light in order to be able to grow. Put your mini greenhouse as close as possible to the window or in a place where there is enough light. It is best that the light does not shine only from one side, because this can lead to the plant growing sideways.
  • Before you plant your chilli seeds you must first fill your mini grow station with earth. You can fill up the entire growing station with earth or you can use peat pallets which you put in the growth house. If you use peat pallets the transplanting will be done much easier and you do not have the risk that your plants get damaged during this process.
  • Please take into consideration that your chilli plants only need fertilizer when they are planted into a bigger pot! Before this stage it could be dangerous for the small plants that have just germinated.

This is how you can have a successful germination with the mini greenhouse.

Because a mini growing station assures a relative constant temperature and humidity, the only variable is the way that you want to grow. A multi pot plate is definitely the more advisable solution in this case. It is ideal to use plates that are made from plant fibers that van be cut to dimensions. When transplanting the plant in a bigger pot you can use directly the plant fibers and leaved them connected to the rots. This way the roots are not damaged during this phase. Another advantage is that these take on the excess water. When using a plastic plate you must assure that all the pots have the same number of holes that let water flow out in order to ensure an equal watering. The recommended medium in which to plat would be either loose earth or peat pallets. Peat pallets could also replace the pot plate in total if this is desired. What is important is that the medium does not contain any fertilizer, or as little as possible. This is especially the case when you use growth earth. Also the best mini greenhouse cannot help if the plants are over fertilized in the germination phase and burn.

For the most chilli plants a general rule of thumb is that the period from germination to full ripening is of about two to three months. The best part of a month could be spent by the plant in the mini greenhouse. In the end they are strong enough to survive in the open and hopefully to have a great harvest.

For more useful information regarding cultivation please take a look at the crash course that we have available on Pepperworld (German language). There you can find step by step instructions regarding the topic chilli cultivation. From the germination to the growth and ending with the harvest and more interesting information regarding seed production so that you have all the information that you need in order to become a successful chilli gardener.

Have fun while growing your chilli peppers!


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