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Queen of Superfood: buy your goji berry plant now!

Goji berries are the new trend among all food bloggers. The small berries are among the so-called "superfoods". These are fruits and vegetables that contain a particularly high concentration of valuable nutrients.

The origin of Goji berries

The Goji berry is called in English "Chinese wolfberry". Under devil's thread, witch's thread or wolfberry one understands however European relatives of the Goji Berry, which often taste bitter to inedible. It is important to note that there are crosses between the Chinese wolfberry and its relatives, which are often sold as "goji berry". But these crosses bear mostly bitter fruits, which are therefore not edible. The name "Goji" was originally used mainly in English and is derived from the Chinese Níngxià gu Uqa from. The plant with the small, red super berries belongs to the genus Bocks thorns (Lycium) of the nightshade family (Solanaceae). Tomato and chilli plants also belong to the family Solanaceae.

The berries have a long tradition!

Goji berry has been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for the treatment of many different ailments for about 6000 years. This long experience reveals the beneficial effects of berries on the human organism. Meanwhile, the berry is no longer grown only in China, but worldwide.

The concentrated charge of nutrients and minerals

This assures that Goji berries contain a lot of important nutrients, such as the 8 essential amino acids plus 10 more amino acids, which are not included in most other fruits. There are also 21 trace minerals, including zinc, iron, copper, calcium, selenium and phosphorus. These trace minerals are especially important to our body. But that's not all. Furthermore, the goji berry contains relatively more beta-carotene than a carrot and also in terms of vitamin C, it puts other fruit in the shade. A goji berry contains 500 times more vitamin C than an orange. In addition, goji berries contain the vitamins B1, B2, B6 and vitamin E. The goji berry is just a real superfood!

Can the Goji berries harm you as well?

Unfortunately, there is a catch. If you need to take blood-thinning medicines, you should refrain from eating the goji berry. The berry has a similar effect and will amplify the effects of the drug. This can even lead to life-threatening complications. In rare cases, internal bleedings occur. Since the goji berry is strictly medicine, excessive consumption over a longer period of time can also hurt you. Chance or liver damage may occur, but you would really have to take large amounts of the berry for that to be a risk. Under normal conditions nothing can happen. Of course, to be on the safe side, you can also talk to a doctor about whether or not the goji berry can harm you.

Further information about the berry:

The Goji berry is, like all berries, not particularly large, only two centimeters at the most. The color of the berry is bright red or bright orange. Therefore, the likelihood of confusion with other, poisonous berries is also very high. The berry grows on the willow bush, this belongs, as for example the tomato too, to the nightshade plants. The taste of the berry is sweet, with a slightly sour aftertaste.

In which forms are the goji berries available?

You can buy the goji berry fresh or dried. The dried version is the most popular version in this country. You can either snack on the berries or put them in water for a short time, then they swell up and return to their original shape. The berry is also used in delicious teas. However, goji berries are also available in capsule form. However, you can also get the goji berry in the form of a powder.

The goji berry plant - pretty with potential for growth

The goji berry plant is beautiful, has lots of berries and can grow quite tall. By the way, the best thing about the Goji berry plant is that you can plant it in your garden! You can get more information here.

The Best Part: Eating Goji Berries

Goji berries can be processed and eaten in many ways. The sweet varieties (such as Turgidus ©) can simply be consumed raw. In addition, they make a great mix in salads or processed as chutneys, goji ice cream or goji cake. The imagination knows no bounds. In addition, you can freeze all goji berries. So, you always have a portion of vitamins and minerals in the winter. Another way to process your bright red super berries is to dry them. Dried goji berries have a similar taste and consistency to dried cranberries. Goji berries also taste delicious as a juice. Ever prepared a long drink with goji berry juice? Try it, it's worth it!

How to add the goji berry to your diet:

The use of these little berries is really versatile. You can mix the berries with your next cereal, for example. The consistency of dried Goji berries is very similar to that of dried grapes, so raisins. For this reason, they will not only fit into your breakfast cereal, but you can create your own trail mix with the berries. But that's not all! Even in a cake, the berries taste very delicious. Your creativity knows no limits. How about, for example, a home-made fruit porridge with the special kick from the goji berry? Also, as a decoration you can use the goji berry in many dishes, especially desserts. The Goji powder is of course even more universal, with it you can not only produce healthy drinks, but it will also be tasty.

5 Benefits of Eating Goji Berries:

  • Anti-Aging Effect: The free radicals contained in Goji berries stimulate some hormones in the body that help
  • Increase generation of energy and vitality in the cell: through the many valuable nutrients contained in the small red berries; increases your stress tolerance and stamina - you will feel healthy and fit.
  • Regulation of blood sugar: the polysaccharides contained in Goji berries regulate your blood sugar levels.
  • Support for liver function and the cardiovascular system by betaine.
  • Strengthening the immune system: Goji berries contain polysaccharides that support and balance the activity of your immune cells, such as T cells, NK cells, lysozyme and immunoglobins.

Our goji berries conclusion

Goji berries have a very long tradition in China. There, they have been used successfully in medicine for over 6000 thousand years. The berry is used to treat diseases such as asthma and even cancer. The healing properties of the Goji berry are of course due to the abundance of important ingredients. You can buy the Goji berry in several different forms. In addition to the fresh and the dried version, you can also get the berry in the form of teas, capsules or as a powder. You can integrate the sweet-sour berries diverse and uncomplicated in your diet, in your cereal is just an idea of many. However, taking Goji berries can also be dangerous under certain circumstances. Because the berries affect your organism, they also interact with other medications. This interaction can be a significant risk, especially for blood thinners. To be completely sure, if you are more likely to endanger your health than to take advantage from goji berries, you should discuss it in advance with your doctor.


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