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    Brands / Camp Chef (10)

    Camp Chef

    If you like grilling in the wild, this is the perfect companion for you on your trips. The cooking gear is versatile so that you can use it in order to make soups, stews or even cook bread. After you buy it you would have wished you bought it long before.

    Camp Chef 25th Anniversary Cast Iron Set

    0 piece (€ 99,00 / piece)

    Unique 12'' Classic Dutch Oven and Skillet Set from Camp Chef on its 25th anniversary! Great gift!

    € 99,00 *

    Camp Chef Square Dutch Oven DO-13S

    0 piece (€ 89,90 / piece)

    The practical 13'' Dutch Oven with corners and edges for extremely easy use

    € 89,90 *

    Camp Chef Deluxe Dutch Oven DO-12

    0 piece (€ 84,95 / piece)

    Baking, roasting and cooking all is possible with the Dutch Oven. A true classic of the outdoor cooking! Massive cast iron execution!

    € 84,95 *

    Camp Chef Cast Iron Teapot

    The Camp Chef cast iron teapot is rustic and nostalgic. It can be used in the grill as well as on a open flame.

    € 54,90 *

    Camp Chef Cast Iron Pan 36 cm

    The Camp Chef cast iron pan 36 cm has a rim height of 5 cm.

    € 44,90 *

    Camp Chef Chimney starter XL

    0 piece (€ 29,90 / piece)

    A chimney starter makes the ignition of coals and briquettes easier so that nothing stays in the way of your grilling pleasure. Ideal in an XL size if you need even more coals

    RRP € 34,90 € 29,90 *

    Camp Chef Carrying bag for 12er Dutch Oven

    0 piece (€ 29,90 / piece)

    Carrying bag for the Dutch Oven, makes transport and storage easy

    € 29,90 *

    Camp Chef Lid Remover Pro

    The Camp Chef lid remover pro assures a safe use of the hot cast iron of the Dutch Oven. This is available in different dimensions.

    € 24,90 *

    Camp Chef Cast Iron pan 25 cm

    The Camp Chef cast iron pan 25cm is made from heat resistant cast iron. With this pan a wild feeling cones to life.

    € 24,90 *

    Camp Chef Pan Scraper set of 2

    The Camp Chef pan scraper sett of 2 is perfect for all the cast iron cooking accessories. Also rippled surfaces can be cleaned easy!

    € 3,90 *