Discover a range of chilli mill in different size, form, brand and price according to your needs! Let's have a look to these chilli mills!

What makes a good chilli mill?

A high quality chilli mill consists of different components. There are differences, but also similarities. In addition, learn in this article all the advantages and disadvantages of a chilli mill.

How are the hot mills built?

A chilli mill is of course equipped with a powerful grinder. Underneath or above it is the spice container, in which you can place the chilli peppers. Make sure that the opening for the filling is big enough. The housings of the mills are often made of glass, acrylic or other plastics. Some mills are operated with a cutting unit instead of a grinder. But why is there this difference at all? The answer is not difficult and will probably not surprise you. To shred hard spices (for example, dried chilli peppers), you need a mill with a real grinder. But if you want to chop soft spices (for example fresh pods), you will need an instrument with a special cutting unit. However, there are also models that have both a cutting unit and a grinder and thus combine both.

Overview of the most important components of a chilli mill:

  • Grinder / Cutting unit
  • Spice containers
  • Housing made of glass, acrylic or other plastics

What role does the feel of a mill play?

Since the spice chilli can be used in many different dishes, a chilli mill is therefore often used in the kitchen. Therefore, the feel (i.e. the feeling of how the mill lies in the hand) plays a very important role. You should therefore pay attention to your choice of the right chilli mill. For example, if you have big hands, a bigger mill will fit better. Of course, if you have small hands, a smaller mill will suit you. Before purchasing, you should consider this point, so that you can enjoy your new chilli mill for a long time. In order to improve the handling of the mill, the handles are often ergonomically designed.

The look is also crucial!

You probably also know this from your own experience, if you like something "straight away", you really want to buy it immediately. A beautifully shaped chilli mill is no exception. For example, there are models that look more like a novelty on the outside, while others are more classic. Often, materials such as glass or stainless steel are used. This not only ensures a timeless design, but also a clear view of the hot spice inside the mill. This "view" makes every Chilli mill additionally truly noble looking. In our diverse range of chilli mills it is guaranteed that you will find the right mill for you.

Are there any special quality features of the mills?

Of course, there are A good mill is also equipped with a good grinder or, depending on usage, with a good cutting unit. This should, at best, be made of stainless steel or ceramic materials. So, you can be sure that the most important part of the mill will not rust and otherwise will suffer little wearing. Also make sure that the other materials are also high quality, because you will enjoy your new chilli mill for a very long time.

What advantages does a chilli mill offer you?

A chilli mill offers several advantages in the kitchen. Of course, such a much more intense taste experience can be achieved because the freshly ground chilies give off a lot of essential oils. Of course, you do not have to touch the pods directly with your hands anymore. Thus, you can prevent possible irritation of the skin or the often unconscious but quite dangerous contact with the mucous membranes or the eyes as far as possible. Another advantage is the short preparation time. As long as the mill is filled and ready to hand, the separate cutting of the chilies is eliminated. Of course, it is also about the feeling when preparing the food. With a grinder at hand, it will spice up completely different than without it.

The advantages are therefore:

  • better taste due to fresh essential oils
  • no direct contact of the hands with the chili necessary
  • constant availability of the chilli without much preparation
  • other direct feeling when seasoning the food

Does a chilli mill also have disadvantages?

Incorrect handling may well cause problems with a chilli mill. For example, you should never use such a mill directly over hot steam. It forms condensation, which settles in this case in the grinder and there it can provide corrosion. It can also happen that the grinder sticks together if it is not cleaned frequently enough. For this case, here is a tip: If this happens to you, it is best that you put the mill in dry rice. This absorbs the liquid, so you can use the leftovers after a while without trouble.

The mills are partly universal devices!

If your chilli mill is equipped with a good grinder, then you can use it to chop other spices as well. For example, you can use the mill to grind whole peppercorns and sea salt. As already mentioned, there are also mills that have a grinder and a cutting unit. These devices can really be used universally. The so-called multi-function spice mills really shred every spice. The practical thing is that these professional devices can crush several spices almost simultaneously.

The Cruncher: The small special model!

There are the useful chilli mills also in the small format. These kitchen utensils are really handy. Not only at the local barbecue, they make a really good piece, but also at every use. With these handy mills, you always have the right kick ready for your meal.


With a chilli mill you can bring a much more intense taste on the plate. For example, you can recognize good mills by the materials of the grinder. Stainless steel and ceramic are stainless and otherwise very robust. When making a purchase you should consider points such as feel and look, so you can enjoy every use of the mill. Some mills are particularly chic to look at, so some models strongly remind of a hot chilli pepper. If you work with a chilli mill instead of chopping the spice with a knife or mortar, you can avoid direct contact with the spicy food. In a mill with a grinder, you can not only crush the dried chilli peppers, you can also easily grind other hard spices, such as peppercorns or sea salt with them. Some mills are equipped with both a cutting unit and a grinder.

For on the way there are the practical crunchers. These are small handy mills.

Incorrect use may also cause difficulties. You should never use your chilli mill over hot steam. This could damage the grinder on the inside.


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