Piment d`Espelette is a special spice that is nifty and versatile. The plant is cultivated in the southwestern pat of France and the cultivation has a tradition that is hundreds of years old. Piment d`Espelette gives every dish the special kick.

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Piment dꞌ Espelette-products - the diversity of a unique spice:

The piment dꞌ Espelette or Espelette pepper is a piquant variety of pepper that originated on the American continent. The spice has also been cultivated in the European Basque country since Columbus. Over time, the new climatic conditions have ensured that the original variety has developed into a unique spice that gives many products a special flair.

Piment dꞌ Espelette is a very special spice!

Originally, this type of chilli comes from America. However, since the 16th century it has been successfully cultivated in Europe, more precisely in the French part of the Basque Country. The town of Espelette, there, gives the name to the European variety. As the conditions on the two continents are naturally different, the characteristics and taste of the chillies also change slightly. Above all, the different acidity of the soil plays a decisive role here. The European result is a very tasty and aromatic variety, with a subtle pungency that is in no way inferior to the American original. As is the case with other regional foods, the name "Piment dꞌ Espelette" is a protected designation of origin.

A small selection of our Piment dꞌ Espelette-Products:

The fiery spice from France is available in different variations. For example, the Espelette pepper is available in the form of whole pods or ground. The spice also makes great products. We have put together a small selection of these piment dꞌ Espelette products from Pepperworld for you here.

The Purée de Piment dꞌ Espelette, for example, is very tasty. As the name suggests, this is a purée made from Basque chillies. The result is really excellent: a slightly spicy puree that is nicely thick and bright red. Only first-class ingredients are used for the Purée de Piment dꞌ Espelette. Besides the unique piment dꞌ Espelette pulp, only vinegar, water, spices and salt are used in the fiery puree. The delicious Purée de piment dꞌ Espelette is delivered in a small glass of 90 g. On our heat level, The Purée de Piment dꞌ Espelette, the purée is a 5.

A classic is of course the Espelette pepper in ground form. The piquant powder has a beautiful red colour and convinces with its intense aroma. This noble spice from the French Basque country fits perfectly into many sauces and is therefore perfect for seasoning. The unique spice powder is delivered in a small glass, which is filled with 45 g. The delicious spice comes directly from the producer in Espelette, France and therefore carries the corresponding seal of origin.

The Espelette chili mustard is definitely a successful combination. The fire of the piment dꞌ Espelette is combined with aromatic mustard seeds. The result is a very tasty, medium hot mustard. Other ingredients of this mustard include vinegar and salt. The aromatic pungency cannot be masked, which makes this mustard ideal not only for grilling. Other meat dishes, such as roulades or meat loaf, also taste fantastic with this delicacy mustard. A real insider tip is the combination of chilli mustard with piment d'Espelette and spicy cheese. The medium hot mustard from the French part of the Basque Country is delivered in a small glass filled with 180 g. On our spiciness scale the Espelette-Chili mustard reaches a 3. 

Also a good combination is the chilli salt with piment dꞌ Espelette. This salt perfectly reflects the cooking culture of the French Basque Country, as the salt used comes from the same region as Espelette. The finest Sel de Bayonne is used. This salt from natural salt deposits is known worldwide for its purity, natural whiteness and dryness and is therefore just as popular with many top chefs. In terms of taste, this salt goes perfectly with the slightly fiery Espelette pepper. The coarse and reddish shimmering salt is delivered in a glass filled with 100 g. You can use the authentic chilli salt as a table spice, for example - a real eye-catcher! 

The jelly de pimento dꞌ Espelette is a proof that the piquant chillies from the French Basque country also harmonise perfectly with sweetness. The fiery chillies make up the majority of the jelly, as much as 50 percent. Other ingredients are only sugar, pectin and citric acid. In terms of taste, the fiery-sweet jelly is suitable, for example, as a spread on bread or for making delicious sweet-and-sour dishes. The fruity jelly from the French Basque Country is delivered in a small glass filled with 100 grams. The jelly is quite fiery, but can be kept. On our heat level the jelly de piment dꞌ Espelette reaches a 3rd place. 

If you like pure freshness, you should secure yourself a piment dꞌ Espelette chilli plant. As soon as the chillies are ready for harvest, you will get the pure taste, straight from the bush! If you are experienced enough in gardening, you can also buy the seeds of the Piment dꞌ Espelette in our shop and grow your own plants.

How to use pimento dꞌ Espelette in the kitchen:

In general, the piquant spice, as well as the pods themselves, can be used in the kitchen just like other chilli spices. That means: you can use the piment dꞌ Espelette for example to make dry marinades (of course also conventional oil marinades) or you can use it as an aromatic and universal seasoning in soups, sauces, stews and the like. Other possibilities are, for example, the production of dips and spreads. In the following list we have summarized once again how the Espelette pepper can be used in the kitchen, for example:

  • for marinades
  • seasoning
  • for dips
  • for spreads

The fiery Pepperworld conclusion:

The piment dꞌ Espelette is a special type of chilli, not only because of its protected origin in the French Basque Country, but also because of its history. This chilli originates from the American continent, but has also been cultivated in Europe for centuries. The changed soil conditions naturally also change the chillies slightly, which is reflected in the taste, for example. Here you can buy not only the fiery powder and other allspice dꞌ Espelette products, but also the seeds or even the whole plant. The allspice dꞌ Espelette products from Pepperworld can be used similarly to other chilli spices, although the French chillies are comparatively mild.   




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