Here we present great sausages and snack specialties. Hot sausages are available in a wide varieties, from light to Very hot - from salami to sucuk. Little by little, we will introduce you new products here!

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We are talking about the hot sausage!

If you're a true chilihead, then traditional sausage will probably leave you unimpressed. Because, fortunately, there are some delicious sausages and other meat products, which are refined with the fiery heat of chilies. Learn all about these delicious specialties and if you are not yet a friend of spicy food you might be after this article.

Which fiery sausage specialties are available?

The taste of meat, for real chilliheads, of course, only really delicious by the addition of chilli. For this reason, there is a very wide range. The assortment ranges from salami to beef jerky. In between, you will find almost everything that makes the heart of every meat eater beat faster. Whether it's finished smoked spare ribs or conventional sausages, it's actually something for every meat lover. Even specialties such as the Krakauer are of course available. But that's not all! You can also try smoked bacon and spicy hot-dog sausages as a fan of spicy food. But there are also unusual products from the market, such as a bacon jam. This creation of pork belly sounds strange to some at first, but tastes really excellent, perhaps because of the contained whiskey. In addition to the sweet and spicy jam, there is another spread, which is made from pork belly. Meant is the so-called bacon cream. Both spreads are particularly creative end products of the meat and taste great not only on bread, but of course also very delicious by themselves.

Which chilli varieties are used to make the hot sausages?

Among the most commonly used chilies, in conjunction with meat and sausage products, include the varieties Ancho Chilli, Peperoncino and Bhut Jolokia, the so-called Ghost Pepper. Which variant ultimately comes into the sausage, of course, also depends on where it is produced. For example, Italian products often contain pepperoni for the sake of certain heat. Other chilies that are often processed in this context are Habanero and the Chiltepins. Both varieties often serve as an agitator in a good sense for the fiery salami. Which chilli varieties are often used in hot meat products, we have summarized for you once again in a concise listing:

  • Ancho
  • Peperoncino
  • Bhut Jolokia
  • Habanero
  • Chiltepin

Where exactly are the hot sausages produced?

Often the fiery meat products with chilli come from rural farms. There are also often small factories. These farms have been family owned for several generations and produce their goods according to traditional recipes. These family farms can often be found in Germany or, as already mentioned, also in Italy, for example in South Tyrol.

How do the unique sausages & Co taste?

The sausage products, which are refined with this unique taste, usually have a pleasant heat. On our heat scale they can reach values in the lower range. A clear exception, however, is the Habanero salami, which levels off just over half, at 6. Of course, the heat should not be underestimated. If it gets too fiery for you, you can easily compensate the heat with bread or a roll. Depending on which delicacy you would like to try, you can either grill it, roast it or simply eat it, as it is possible, for example, with the salami, since it is a so-called raw sausage. This means that the meat, along with salt spices filled into a natural gut, and a natural ripening process begins. For example, with our Habanero salami, you can experience a real kick.

The finer, the hotter the result!

It sounds paradoxical, but is true, if the sausage is cut into very thin slices, the hot result is much more intense than if it were cut into thicker pieces. Why is that exactly? Quite simply, the finer way of cutting gives the single disc a larger surface. Thus, ultimately, many more aromas on the palate and with the sensors on tongue can be perceived. Two good examples to illustrate this principle are salt and sugar. Both dissolve much slower in water, the coarser it is.

Where can I buy these sausages?

As always for specialties, they are unfortunately not available everywhere. Otherwise, these products would not be anything special. In the conventional supermarket, they are therefore difficult to get. You can order such delicious meat products, but without great effort, on the Internet, for example here in Pepperworld Hot Shop. There we have a selected assortment for you, just have a look!

Spicy sausage specialties are also suitable as a gift!

Such an unusual sausage is also ideal as a small gift when you are invited to your loved ones. Often it is custom for the host or hostess to present a small gift as a thank you for the invitation. Of course, if this person is a lover of good and spicy food, fiery foods are always popular. Specialties delight every connoisseur equally, as they are not common. This also applies to the savory sausage products. Another advantage of such a present is that it can be immediately, basically on the spot, tasted by society, so that all those present truly feel the particularity of the gift and become a part of it. Thus, an unforgettable day is inevitable.

What is the hot conclusion?

Sausage is not the same every time. This is especially true for spicy sausages and other spicy meat products. There is really a huge selection of fiery meat products on the market today. The offer ranges from sausages, to really extraordinary creations, such as a sweet and spicy jam and a slightly spicy spread. These delicacies are often made in Germany and Italy. What type of chilli is used for the product also depends in part on what specialty is produced and where it happens. As for the fiery taste, there is a simple rule: the thinner the slices are cut, the more intense the flavor automatically becomes. Such a spicy meat product is always a great souvenir for the host or the hostess. There are the specialties to buy, of course, not everywhere, but exclusively in our Pepperworld Hot Shop .


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