If you like it somewhat hotter, then the Habanero Products can be something for you. Small, colorful and beautiful. But they are not as innocent as they seem at first sight! High quality Habanero plants – cultivate your own hot taste explosion!

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About 50 times hotter than the Jalapeño, but also very popular is the Habanero chilli. Although Habanero pods are pretty colorful and small, they are really hot in terms of heat! The small Habaneros are so hot they can make it around 250,000 to 300,000 Scoville Units (SHU). Some special breeds are even hotter! To better assess the Scoville units for heat, have a look at our Burn O Meter.

The name "Habanero" comes from the Spanish and means "originating from Havana". According to research, the Habanero is actually from Mexico and indeed from Yucatán, a peninsula of Mexico. That's where the majority of Habaneros are still grown today.

Yellow and orange habaneros typically come from Mexico. Red habaneros are grown mainly in the Caribbean. In addition to these three color varieties, there are of course other varieties. For example, there is a Chocolate Habanero, which is chocolate brown. Then there are very mild Habaneros (for example the NuMex Suave) and relatives of the Habanero, the Scotch Bonnet from the Caribbean. Habanero pods have their very own, fruity taste, which you can identify very well precisely despite the exreme heat. If you just want to experience the taste without the heat, it is worth to have a NuMex Suave plant: no pungency, but full of flavor!


The Habanero cultivation

If you want to have your own Habanero plant, but you want to save time to save time on sowing and growing of your plants, you can get your favorite Habaneros as a young plant delivered directly to your home. Your turn only come then: Put your habanero plant in a sunny spot so that it will always keep it warm. That way you can ensure that the plants grow well, big and strong while also bearing many fruits! Unfortunately, the fruits will not be as big as they are in Mexico. This is simply because our cool climate is not natural for the chilli plants. Nevertheless, you can enjoy delicious, beautiful pods that are incredibly hot and delicious!

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