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    With these gifts you will find the right thing for everyone. Whether family or friends - we have delicious & special products put together for you, which are guaranteed to make people happy. And for all undecided there are our vouchers!

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    PEPPERWORLD Chilli Advent Calendar

    Edition 2018: 24-day round trip through the chilli world: EXCLUSIVE NEW EDITION in the shop and a real MUST for all Christmas and Chili fans! BUY NOW, extremely limited and only available for a few weeks!

    € 49,95 *

    Gift Set 'Jalapeno Love'

    Gift idea! One of the most appreciated chilies of all time, now in three damn tasty products!

    RRP € 21,85 € 16,95 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Chipotle Chill Out

    A smoky chili dream comes true. Four fantastic chipotle products in an economy pack.

    RRP € 21,30 € 15,95 *

    BBQ Must Have Package

    1 Set (€ 50,00 / 1 Set)

    With this comprehensive BBQ MUST HAVE package you are fully equipped for all BBQ & Grill projects and save a sunny 28% on the unit price!

    RRP € 70,20 € 50,00 *

    Gift Card 100 EUR

    The ideal gift for any occasion. This time in the 100 EUR variant. This way you give the gift of hot fun!

    € 100,00 *

    Premium Pepper Pack - World of Pepper

    0 g (€ 0,27 / g)

    The premium pack is a combination of the most noble pepper types that exist on earth. Not only the scarcity makes it so valuable, but also the taste.

    RRP € 33,85 € 28,75 *

    Schärfegrad 6

    West of Texas® Allstars

    1 Set (€ 39,50 / 1 Set)

    The best of West of Texas has to offer! Available with a 22% discount

    RRP € 50,80 € 39,50 *

    Kampot Pepper Pack - World of Pepper

    0 g (€ 0,21 / g)

    The Kampot pepper pack unites the most relevant pepper varieties from Cambodia. We have made these varieties exclusively for you.

    RRP € 24,85 € 21,15 *

    Pepper Komplete Pack - World of Pepper

    0 g (€ 0,54 / g)

    All the World of Pepper varieties in one pack. Now you will not miss any pepper in the kitchen!

    RRP € 76,50 € 53,55 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Gift Set 'Chilli Trip Asia'

    Gift idea! Six fiery chilicacies from all around the world in a saver package. Perfect for culinary globe trotters!

    RRP € 22,65 € 15,00 *

    Schärfegrad 10

    Vicious Vampire - Double Trouble Pack

    1 Set (€ 12,65 / 1 Set)

    Double Trouble – Liquid and dry extremely hot substances.

    RRP € 16,90 € 12,65 *

    Chipotle Mega Pack

    1 Set (€ 28,35 / 1 Set)

    Everything around Chipotle! Now and new in the mega pack. Only for a limited time and exclusively for you!

    RRP € 37,85 € 28,35 *

    Classic Pepper Pack - World of Pepper

    0 g (€ 0,14 / g)

    The exclusive pepper classic pack should be part of the basic kitchen equipment. The different varieties also vary a lot when it comes to the taste.

    RRP € 18,85 € 16,00 *

    Vicious Vampire - Heat Extreme Set

    1 Set (€ 18,95 / 1 Set)

    Your extra dose of vampire bite for all situations, now in the top set with handmade noodle crackers for the extreme snack. Special set price for you!

    RRP € 23,85 € 18,95 *

    Los fantasticos seis - Fuego del Sol (6 Pack)

    1 Set (€ 39,70 / 1 Set)

    +++ NEW +++ The fantastic six now bring the extreme taste experience as a gift idea for your friends. Taste the Spanish fire 6 times! Brings new taste to your snacks and enhances your tapas

    € 39,70 *

    PEPPERWORLD Organic Tomato Advent Calendar

    NEW 2018: Extremely popular and extremely exclusive tomato varieties now for a short time as an advent calendar in ORGANIC quality. No one in your settlement has such a nice collection of "red" fruits!

    € 49,95 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Gift Set "Luxury Transformation"

    A smoky chili dream comes true. Four fantastic chipotle products in an economy pack.

    RRP € 39,80 € 32,00 *

    Schärfegrad 3

    Gift Set 'Spicy'

    Gift idea! Five splendid aromatic spice shakers from mild to medium-hot in an economy pack. A must-have in any spice cabinet.

    RRP € 27,90 € 20,90 *

    Mediterranean Delights - Fuego del Sol (3pc Pack)

    +++ NEW +++ The Chimichurri bestseller now also available as a spice preparation! Essential for the daily little Fuego in the kitchen! Heat-Level (1-10): 2

    RRP € 25,85 € 22,45 *

    Fuego del Sol Gift Set

    Gift tip! Mediterranean delicacy enhanced with chili. Indispensable for all Mediterranean dishes

    RRP € 32,35 € 24,95 *

    Gift Set 'Formidable'

    300 ml (€ 9,03 / 100 ml)

    Gourmet pleasure that you can give as a gift. The perfect Chilli set for the ones who like the hot taste.

    € 27,10 *

    Camp Chef 25th Anniversary Cast Iron Set

    0 piece (€ 99,00 / piece)

    Unique 12'' Classic Dutch Oven and Skillet Set from Camp Chef on its 25th anniversary! Great gift!

    € 99,00 *

    Schärfegrad 4

    Gift Set 'Winter Griller"'

    1 Stck. (€ 189,00 / 1 Stck.)

    Ideal as a gift! Plank, spices and sauce. The perfect resources for the fans of grilling.

    RRP € 227,69 € 189,00 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Killer Bee Honey Mustard Duo

    448 g (€ 4,68 / 100 g)

    Enjoy two tasty Killer Bee Honey Mustards from Arizona for the birthday economical pack

    RRP € 23,90 € 20,95 *
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    Gifts for all!

    Have you been looking for a suitable, stylish gift for a real barbecue fan, or gourmet friend? Then you are exactly in the right place here at the Pepperworldhotshop! As a leading online retailer for the finest oils, spices and chilli plants, we have provided a large selection of suitable gifts exclusively for you.

    Advent, Advent …

    The absolute highlight of this year is our limited edition Pepperworld Chilli Seed Advent Calendar! A must have for every chillihead! It contains 24 exclusive chilli seeds that are not available to normal consumers in our latitudes. Lovingly packaged in small, Christmas bags with matching seeds tags you discover with our advent calendar day after day another surprising variety of chilli from around the world, which you cannot buy easily in our latitudes. So, the pre-Christmas time is twice as fun. Matching plant fertilizer, cultivation accessories and pots you can of course also purchase with us.

    For Gourmets

    demanding pleasure people can be exhausting. We know that as well as you. So that you can really give away something special this year, we have put together a selection of exquisite products from the USA, Italy and Germany. For example, our "Ring of Fire" gourmet sauces gift set in an attractive gift box arrived fresh from the USA. Anyone who already knows the Ring of Fire sauces will not want to try any others. Here you score with three bestseller sauces, a surprise sauce and countless recipe ideas. For connoisseurs of the outstanding sauces manufacture, dreams come true with our Ring of Fire gift set. Exclusively from Italy we offer you the noble and fiery Crema di Habanero RED with the degree of severity 10/10. The puree consists to 77% of red habanero chilies that could unfold under the sun of Italy their full heat and their special aroma extensively. Enjoy puree on grilled, bruschetta or spaghetti. By mixing with mayo and low-fat yoghurt you can conjure up a fiery-fine dip. In addition, it peppers soups, dressings, ketchup and sauces. Better than any sambal and wonderfully fiery, the Crema di Habanero RED is just the thing for lovers of pungent taste. You will not go wrong with our Seven Spice Wonders from Germany. Here you will receive seven of the popular FeuerStreuer in one set. With different degrees of severity, it turns out again and again as a jack of all trades in every kitchen. On your marks, finished, enjoyment! Delight your friends with Habanero Extreme, Smoky, Curry Explosive, Jamaican Jerk, Cajun Dust, Memphis Rub and Southwestern. The individual varieties are perfect for delicious marinades and fine TexMex dishes. Experimenting allowed!

    For the readers

    We don't only have the hottest chilies, but also suitable books for you! Once again, our founder Harald Zoschke was very diligent, and has collected all his knowledge of the most important types of chilli, basics about chilli roasting and smoking, many fiery chilli tips and his 111 tastiest recipes on 208 pages and 440 photos. Discover, among other things, 29 main dishes, based on vegetarian or meat-based ingredients, sophisticated spreads and dips, and recipes for sweet treats. The new "Hot food lover recipes" together with the books "The Chilli Pepper Book 2.0" and "Chilli Barbecue" form a perfect symbiosis of the Chilli literature. The little ones may look forward to "Carl Cayenne and his vegetable friends" this year. The lovingly illustrated children's book by Nico Jäkel tells an exciting story about the delicate chilli plants from Gertrud's vegetable garden. Suddenly heat and aphids threaten the pretty garden idyll. Can Carl help? Children are given playful and extremely funny first, valuable knowledge about small chilies.

    Also beautiful for in between!

    If you are still unsure whether the chosen gift is really the right one, just give away one of our PepperWorld vouchers. These are currently available to us in the value of 10 €, 20 € or 25 €. The voucher printed on high-quality, frosted 300g-paper includes a coupon code that is to be entered in the shopping cart and it can be easily used. Now hand over a fine spice or an exquisite gourmet sauce, your gift impresses even more.

    By the way!

    We also have a gift for you! Together with your order in the Pepperworld Hot Shop we give you this year's copy of our limited edition Hot Pain Chilli Calendar 2017. The handy chilli calendar comes with cover page and 12-month pages in A4 format and makes kitchen, living room and many other places in the life of the Chiliheads even more exciting. Here's how it works: Just add the calendar in the shopping cart and then enter the code HP_2017. Each additional copy you get for a special price of 5 €. Perfect for all Chilli fans!