You just love the small chilli berries, you have little patience or just have the beginner's chills? Then cherry peppers are just the thing for you. Developed from a long breeding, they are reminiscent of cherries, have a low germination time.

Cherry Pepper Seeds-for fiery cherry chilies!

What is important when growing these chilies? Where are cherry peppers successfully cultivated? These and other questions, we would like to explain to you in the following article, so that you, too, can become a true specialist in Chilli breeding.

Which varieties produce the seeds?

The cherry paprika belongs to the genus Capsicum annuum and is a product of a long breeding program. Different varieties have developed from this breed, for example the Aji Cereza and the so-called yellow cherry. The fruits of all these varieties only reach sizes between two and five centimeters, which earned them their name.

What should be considered when growing cherry peppers?

Unlike other chilies, you need much less patience to grow cherry peppers. The germination duration of these varieties is about ten days. For other chilies, this time can easily be three times longer. So, you do have to check the seeds regularly, so you do not miss the right moment. The time until the plant finally bears ripe fruit, with just under 90 days is also not very long. But first, you need to know that you should plant the sprouted seeds at a distance of at least 45 centimeters or even individually. This is important so that the plants do not interfere with each other, as they have a wide growth. Cherry peppers thrive very well both in the outdoor bed or in the greenhouse, as well as in a flower pot or on the balcony. With a height of less than one meter, they fit very well into the existing planting option. Due to the very sprawling growth habit of the plant, the peppers ensure a very productive harvest of fruity-hot chilies. Our tips for a successful cultivation of cherry peppers are summarized once again in a clear listing for you:

  • The seeds should be checked during germination regularly, since the germination time is short.
  • Then plant the seedlings at a distance of 45 centimeters or in individual pots, because the plant likes to spread out.
  • Cherry peppers can be grown in the greenhouse, flower bed or flowerpot.

Can the germination be shortened even further?

In fact, if the short sprouting of cherry peppers is still too long for you, there are some ways to shorten them. For example, it works great with a cup of tea. You do not really understand, right? It's quite simple, really, after you prepare a black tea, you take the tea bag and brew a second, weaker tea. Once this has cooled off, you can soak the seeds in this diluted tea for at least eight hours. The same principle also works with chamomile tea. If you have no tea in the household, you can also put the seeds in another liquid, namely lemon water. To make the mix, you just have to mix a little lemon juice with water. There is another way to reduce the germination time that is particularly effective, however, you need something that is not easily found in every household: guano. This natural fertilizer is obtained from the droppings of birds and bats. Since in the wild only birds are immune to the capsaicin of chilies, they are the ones that ensure their spread. You can take advantage of this fact. In order to use the natural germ support, you only have to dissolve a little guano fertilizer in water. As with the previous approaches. The techniques that can shorten the duration of germination are thus:

  • Placing in weak, cold black Tea
  • Placing in weak, cold Chamomile Tea
  • Also suitable for soaking is lemon water
  • Soaking in a mixture of water and guano

The seeds can also be stored!

If it does not work for you this year with the harvesting of your own cherry chilies, the seeds can also be stored and planted in the next season. But in order for the seeds not to lose their germination ability, you must pay attention to a few things. These include, for example, the fact that the seeds start to germinate in very special conditions. Of course, you have to try to avoid creating these conditions when storing. But which are those exactly? First of all, temperature is an important factor for a seed to start germinating or not. Therefore, you must take care during storage, in any case, do not store seeds into a too warm place. The next factor is the light, this is not to be underestimated. So that your seed is still viable for the next season, you should store it not only in a dark packaging, but also in a dark place. Ideally, the seeds are stored in a dark bag or a film can in the closet. If this cabinet is now far enough away from the nearest heater, you've done everything right! What is crucial for the correct storage of the seeds, is again summarized in the following bullet points.

  • The seeds must be packed in a dark envelope.
  • The container must also be stored in the dark.
  • The room temperature must not be too high.

What else is important?

If you are not really familiar with the name cherry peppers, you might know another name for it: the Spanish pepper. This is what the ground powder obtained from these chilies is called. In Mexico, one of the main growing countries of chilies, the cherry peppers are referred to as the Spanish word for rattle, because the dried fruits rattle as soon as they are shaken. The cherry paprika develops fruits with a thick pulp, which makes them not only perfect for drying in the oven or dehydrator, but also for smoking. As mentioned earlier, Mexico is one of the main exporters of cherry chilies, but not the only one. In addition to the Central American state, there is another exporter of these chilies, right in the middle of Europe, namely Hungary.

So, what is the fruity-hot conclusion?

Cherry paprika is the generic term for several varieties of Capsicum annuum. Compared to other chilies, the cultivation of cherry peppers is relatively easy and less time-consuming. If you want to reduce the germination time, there are possibilities. The cultivation of cherry chilies will not only succeed in the greenhouse or outdoors, but also in a flower pot. When the small fruits are grounded, the famous Spanish pepper powder is produced. The plant itself has a very wide growth, which is responsible for a rich harvest of lovely fresh cherry chilies. If the yield is too large, the chilies can be wonderfully dried or even smoked for preservation. Of course, you can also store the seeds of cherry peppers wonderfully, so that they can be sown in the next season of chilli growing. However, you must pay attention to the temperature and the lighting conditions when storing.


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