Not as famous in our region as other Chilli varieties, but not less interesting. The yellow lemon Drop Chilli makes its name honor because it looks like a yellow drop & the taste reminds besides the heat of citrus fruits.

Lemon Drop – more than just a drop!

The following article is about a variety that did not had its fair share of popularity for a long time and this is the Lemon Drop. You will find out in the following article not only why this variety has this name, but also from where it comes from and what taste it has!


How did this Chilli come to have this name?

It is common that the chilies are named after the way that they look. This is also the case for the Lemon Drop because it has a form that resembles a yellow drop. These drop shaped pods can reach a length of up to 10 cm. As soon as they are ripe they change color to a bright glowing yellow. Because the flavor of this chilli reminds one very strongly of citrus fruits, the name has been picked very intuitively. A different name for the same pod is “Hot Lemon”. We think that both the names describe the pretty pod quite well. The traits that are responsible for the nice name are:

  • Drop shaped chilies
  • Flavor that is similar to a citrus fruit
  • Yellow color


To what variety does the Lemon Drop pertain?

The Lemon Drop is a Capsicum baccatum. Typical for this kind of plants is the overall dimension of the bush that is above average. Also, the Lemon Drop makes no exception, making it up to a height of over 2 m, and is therefore bigger as the majority of grown up people. These proportions can be found in the entire plant. Just one single leaf can grow to up to 30 cm long. The height of the plant leads to a high production of fruit. With well over 100 chilies per season the Lemon Drop is amongst the most productive varieties. Before this plant gets its pod, it has spotted blossom. Because the Lemon Drop, as all the other capsicum baccatum varieties, has a very high growth, the roots need also a lot of space. This is why also the pot must have a corresponding size. With the right care and a careful pick of the place where we position the plant it is possible to overwinter the plant so that it provides also in the upcoming season a lot of fruit. What the special traits of the capsicum baccatum and also the Lemon Drop have, are the following:

  • Big plant with a high growth
  • High yield of fruit
  • Plants can overwinter and can bare fruits also in the upcoming season
  • Where does the fiery drop come from?

The original breeding ground for the Lemon Drop is in today’s Bolivia and Peru. Only since the plant has been grown in the nineties of the last century by hobby cultivators, it has been made popular also in the rest of the world. Since then it has conquered the hearts of Chiliheads with its fruity and fiery taste. It has conquered our hearts as well. In a short time span the Lemon Drop has grown very much in popularity and we want to expand further on that as much as possible. The Chilli is in Europe at this moment still a valued treasure and a secret!


How does the Lemon Drop taste?

As mentioned before, the flavor reminds one of citrus fruit which is also from where the name comes from. The fruity taste is in perfect harmony with the intense heat of the variety. On our heat scale, the yellow fiery fruit reach a heat level of 7 and this makes them be part of the top hottest chilies. We can only recommend the unusual and great flavor of this chilli variety. In order to evidence the taste of this chilli we have to conclude the following:

  • Fruity taste that reminds one of lemons
  • The heat is in the upper middle are of our heat scale (Heat: 7)


How to use the fiery drops?

Because the skin of the pods is very thin, these can be dried very well. The dried chilies can be then ground to a fiery yellow powder. Because they have a fruity flavor these chilies can be used also in the kitchen in form of fresh chilies. The taste is very well suited for producing fruity hot salsas. In order to prepare a real delicacy, you can put besides the pods also exotic fruit like mango together with paprika, spices and sugar. In a natural way the citrus flavor of this pods resonates very well to fish. What do you have to say about a salmon that has a salsa made with Lemon Drop? The chili can be used also raw in a salad in order to make this more fruity and hot as well. Where you can use the Lemon drop is concluded below:

  • The pods can be dried and ground (The result is a yellow powder)
  • The Lemon drop can be used in order to prepare a salsa
  • The yellow, hot drop can be consumed raw as well


What else is interesting?

The Hot Lemon does not make smooth, but wrinkly pods. A single chilli has compared to other varieties relatively few seeds.

Our conclusion is:

The Lemon Drop chilli ha an appropriate name, due to the form of the fruit, that reminds one of a yellow drop that can be as long as 10 cm. Of course, the flavor of the citrus has also lead to its name. The fruity flavor is in perfect harmony with the heat of this chilli. The family that it is part of is the Capsicum baccatum. The advantages of this variety are the large growth and the high yield. The Lemon Drop originates from Bolivia and Peru, in the other parts of the world it has been known only for a couple of decades, but is very beloved. The uses of the chilli are very varied. Because the skin of the chilli is very thin it can be dried and ground optimally. The resulting powder is suited for spicing up due to its fruity taste. Of course, a fruity salsa with Lemon Drop chilli together with Mango tastes delicious.


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