Delicately melting chocolate with a high cocoa butter content, refined with chillies. It is suitable not only for snacking, but also as a refinement for many other dishes. If you don't feel like making it yourself, try these chocolates!

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Chilli chocolate - the sweet and hot temptation!

Melting chocolate with the fiery taste of chili is a truly wonderful and fascinating combination and popular with many who make their own chili chocolate. Find out in the following article all worth knowing about this really tasty specialty!

Why do chocolate and chilli go well together?

You may have heard or realized that chocolate has a special effect on your emotional world. The sweet temptation is said to make one happy. But why is that? On the one hand, chocolate contains natural stimulants, such as caffeine and theobromine, and on the other hand, a substance that our body converts into the happiness hormone serotonin, namely tryptophan. The serotonin is responsible for many positive effects in our body, it is considered, for example, as promoting motivation and as a natural antidepressant. In turn, a deficiency of this substance can cause a high irritability, anxiety and even depression. Of course, this realization is not really new, but why do these properties go so well with chilli? The capsaicin in the berries of the chilli plant, also provides positive side effects. As we know, the heat we feel is not a taste in the true sense of the word, but a burn. The receptors for heat in the mouth are stimulated. This sensation of pain causes the release of the happiness hormone endorphin in the brain. Our body tries to prevent the pain with natural, endogenous drugs. The happiness triggered by the capsaicin is also known as the "Pepper High Effect". Both chocolate and chilli have a positive effect on our well-being, and together they are almost unbeatable. Another reason why the two ingredients harmonize so well with each other is the effect that the active ingredient in chilies stimulates blood circulation. Of course, this applies in particular to the mucous membranes in the mouth area. The taste receptors are of course affected by this episode, so the sweet taste of the chocolate is naturally enhanced.

Which types of chocolate are refined with fiery chilli?

Especially good is chocolate with a cocoa content of at least 60 percent. Varieties with such a high content are called bittersweet. This high cocoa content results in a slightly bitter taste, which harmonizes almost perfectly with the heat of the chilies and is also a very reliable quality feature for high-quality chocolate. So, this quality is really to taste. The idea of combining these two tastes, which at first glance do not really match, goes back to the Aztecs and Maya. The South American indigenous people have been drinking a cocoa-like drink for thousands of years, which they really heat up with the spicy berries. This is confirmed by measurements of archaeological finds in present-day Central and South America. Occasionally, however, it is also a common milk chocolate, which is refined with chilli offered so.

Where does this chocolate come from?

The truly noble and high-quality basic ingredients of these chocolates come from countries considered to be the main exporter of cocoa butter. This refers to states such as Ecuador or the Dominican Republic. However, raw materials are often further processed in other countries, which in turn are known for their long tradition in chocolate production, such as Switzerland or even Italy.

And which types of chilli come to chocolate?

Mainly used for this exquisite specialty is the Habanero or the Bhut Jolokia. In the case of chocolate from Italy, on the other hand, the Peperoncino variety is often combined with the sweet taste. In chilli chocolate, the following chilies are often to be found:

  • Habanero
  • Bhut Jolokia
  • Peperoncino

Finest delicacies for the enjoyment:

Chocolate in combination with hot chilies are available in many variations and forms, the table chocolate is just one version. There are these fiery temptations, for example, as a praline. Another delicacy is glazed fruits. For these specialties, dried fruits, such as figs or dates, are first filled with hot chocolate and then covered with a sweet chocolate coating. But that's not all, even as a liquor (so liquid), this combination of the two flavors is available.

Also, an insider tip as an ingredient!

Not only as a seductive candy for snacking, the chilli chocolate is very convincing, but also as an addition to certain dishes. Instead of a piece of traditional dark chocolate, you can just add a small chunk of chilli chocolate to your next chilli con carne. The result will surely convince you. However, you can use the fiery version of the sweet temptation in as many ways in the kitchen as any other chocolate. How about, for example, with cream as an ingredient? With such a dessert, you are sure to round off every meal perfectly.

This chocolate is always a great present!

If you want to give someone a pleasure, but great on individuality, then a special gift is in demand. With an extremely fine chocolate, refined with the fiery taste of chilli, you may make the right choice. This gift is not only special, but also very noble. If the gifted person is a proverbial sweet tooth, this gift will, in all likelihood, be a perfect choice. Such little touches can also be found here, in the Pepperworld Hot Shop.

The fat relieves the fire in the mouth!

Due to the chocolate, the heat of the chilli is significantly reduced. This is mainly due to the fatty cocoa butter, which binds with the fiery capsaicin. How does that work exactly? The drug, which is ultimately responsible for the sensation of pain, attaches itself to the pain receptors in the mouth. The fat dissolves these compounds so that fewer painful impulses are transmitted to the brain.

What is the hot conclusion?

The combination of sweet chocolate and fiery chilies is definitely not a new invention. Even the Aztecs and Maya know the connection and drink a kind of cocoa with chilies. The mixture is almost perfect, but without a high cocoa butter content, the heat can be almost unbearable. For this reason, at best a chocolate with a high cocoa butter content (at least 60 percent) is used. The combination of the two foods has a good effect on our well-being. Both of these ingredients have important ingredients that can really make us happy, so they work so well together. The sweet and tempting temptation is always an excellent gift. If you want to surprise your loved ones with a little attention, just stop by in our shop and choose the right Chocolate as a present. By the way: You can also bake with the chilli chocolate. We recommend delicious chocolate-chilli-cookies: Recipe chocolate-chilli-cookies