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    Chili Shop | Buy inline Hot Sauces, Spices and many more


    Buy more online than just Paprika: The different Chilli Types

    You don’t think that Chinense, Annuum and Baccatum are not social networks, but you know that these are Chilli Varieties? IN this case you are in the right place. And even if you didn’t know this, then you can find here all the information referring to the different Chili types and varieties that can be found under the botanical species Capsicum. Doesn’t matter if Aji, Habanero or Rocoto – in our vast offer of Chilli seeds that are in our Chilli seeds shop you will find what you are looking for. With over 150 different Chilli seeds we have the biggest Chilli seed collection in Germany. These are practically sorted by name, heat or variety, everybody can easily find what he is looking for. You don’t have the necessary time or pleasure to plant yourself the Chilli plants, then our small Chilli plant are exactly right for you. Also here you can choose from a vast variety of Chili types.


    We want to offer you more: The Chill shop with the special extra

    Besides this “classic” Online Shop we also have the biggest German knowledge platform around Chillis: Pepperworld®. Are you interested in more background information like for ex. Scoville, different Chilli types like Bhut Jolokia or Habanero, the origin of the different Chilli powders or how you can make your own Chill sauces? Here you can find the necessary information. On more than 500 pages we present everything that we have learned about the Chilli in the passing years. Convince yourself that we are more than just a Chilli Shop – we love Capsicum!


    Our approach: from Chilli seeds shop to Chilli plants and fresh Chillis to the Chilli recipe

    For us inspiration and Chilli go hand in hand – our products are as divers as they are delicious. This is why we give you with our vast recipe collection as many uses for the Chilli as possible. With a collection of over 250 different recipes, everyone who likes hot food can find something that is suited for him. The Chilli pod plays a central role, but there are also BBQ recipes and much more. Here all the ingredients are listed in a practical way together with preparation time and often kcal information. Try this delicious Chili con Carne recipe, which has been the winner of our recipe contest: Sebastian’s student Chili with Bhut Jolokia!