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Varieties / Rocoto (3)

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Probably harvested for over 8000 years in South America, the Rocoto is the generic name for the main category Capsicum pubescence. These are more hairy then the other Capsicum varieties.

Schärfegrad 5

Sweet Rocoto Fruchtaufstrich

Pepperworld's Sweet Rocoto Fruit spread contains up to 63% fresh Rocoto Chilis- the perfect mix of sweet and long-lasting heat

€ 5,95 *

Schärfegrad 6

Fresh Chili Rocoto, 350g

Now we have as well the fresh Rocoto! The somewhat different Chili in a Peruvian way! Here in the giant version

€ 7,95 *

Schärfegrad 6

Chiltepin-Chilis, dried

Rocoto, the Peruvian top chili, now also dried in super premium quality - FREEZE DRIED, from our own German cultivation! Cool color, extreme aromas and protective drying process!

€ 7,95 *