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    Spices / Pimenton de la Vera (8)

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    Pimenton de la Vera

    Schärfegrad 4

    Pimenton de la Vera, hot

    The famous smoked paprika powder from Spain in the hot version. Including 10 Recipe ideas and cooking videos

    € 4,50 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Pimenton de la Vera, bitter-sweet

    The famous smoked sweet paprika powder from Spain in the bitter-sweet version. 70g

    € 4,50 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Pimenton de la Vera, sweet

    The famous smoked sweet paprika powder from Spain mild version (dulce). 70 g

    € 4,50 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Pimenton de la Vera, mild stock pack 750 g

    The mild (dulce) version of the famous smoky paprika powder from Spain. Now also in the practical stock pack

    € 15,95 *

    Noble gift set "Pimenton de la Vera"

    As if Pimenton de la Vera wasn’t already noble enough, now you can find the spices in a high-quality packaging. The perfect gift!

    RRP € 16,50 € 12,90 *

    Schärfegrad 4

    Pimenton de la Vera, hot stock pack 750 g

    The hot version of the famous smoky paprika powder from Spain. Now also in the practical stock pack

    € 15,95 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Pimenton de la Vera Chili mill MILD

    Whole smoked ÑORA Paprika pods from Spain in the mild version (dulce) Known from ground Pimenton de la Vera. 25g

    € 5,95 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Pimenton de la Vera Chili mill bitter-sweet

    Whole smoked ÑORA Paprika pods from Spain in the mild version (dulce) Known from ground Pimenton de la Vera. 25g

    € 5,95 *

    Pimentón de la Vera - the noble spice from Spain!

    The following article describes a true Spanish specialty. Learn all about this special spice. Are there different varieties and what does it fit especially well to? These are just two of the questions that are answered in detail.

    Which spice is it?

    As so often, the name already indicates what the product is. So, if you're good at Spanish, you might already be able to guess what spice Pimentón de la Vera is all about. Of course, we would like to explain the name to everyone else. Pimentón translated into English means red paprika or simply paprika. The word part "de la Vera" stands for the place from which this spice originated. But there is one more peculiarity that makes this condiment special, namely: before the peppers are processed into powder, they are smoked over oak wood immediately after harvesting. During this smoking process, which lasts a total of one week, the individual pods are turned several times. This gives the noble, Spanish spice a really unique smoke flavor. Once the smoking process is completed, the pods are grounded. It is ensured that neither stalks nor other foreign bodies are crushed. In order to achieve the very fine final result, this process is repeated several times in succession. To ensure that the delicious, smoky flavor of Pimentón de la Vera is optimally preserved, the spice is bottled immediately after production in tin cans. The most important facts about Pimentón de la Vera we have summarized for you:

    • It is paprika.
    • The pods are smoked over oak wood.
    • The spice is bottled immediately after production in tin cans, so the unique flavor is preserved.

    The origin is crucial!

    The village of "La Vera", from which the spice originates, is located in the west of the country between the Portuguese border and the Spanish capital Madrid. Only the paprika from this region, called Extremadura, may call itself that. This is due to the protected denomination of origin, as practiced, for example, even with the German Black Forest ham. Even identical powder of smoked peppers must not call itself Pimentón de la Vera, if it does not come from the mentioned area.

    Are there different variants?

    Yes, they exist. Traditionally, only two different varieties of this spice exist, one mild and one spicy. The two versions have different names. "Dulce" stands for sweet and "picante" for spicy. Furthermore, the two variations create a third, medium-strong variety, by mixing them together. The name of this mixture is: "agridulce", to English noble sweet. The three different flavors of the Pimentón de la Vera are called:

    • Dulce (sweet)
    • Picante (spicy)
    • Agridulce (noble sweet)

    What fits Pimentón de la Vera?

    In the first place of course, meat is refined with this spice, but it also tastes great with fish. You can use the Spanish paprika powder whenever you want to achieve a great smoke flavor as a result. With this spice you can achieve that even without having to do any food smoking yourself! But of course, that's not the only possible use of this versatile spice. Sauces and soups, for example, get a particularly strong taste with this spice. Vegetable and rice dishes also taste very good when prepared with Pimentón de la Vera. In the regional cuisine, from which this spice comes, it is one of the main ingredients of the so-called chorizo, a particularly tasty salami. In addition to the taste task, the paprika meets yet another one - namely the color. The spice has a wonderfully bright, red color that makes many dishes darker. The Pimentón de la Vera is thus used in the kitchen as follows:

    • for seasoning meat and fish
    • as an ingredient for soups and sauces
    • for seasoning rice and vegetable dishes
    • to make dishes darker
    • so the dishes get a great, smoky flavor
    • for making a Spanish Raw sausage (chorizo)

    Where is this spice available?

    As so often, such specialties are also particularly hard to get. In a traditional supermarket or discounter, you will probably not find spices like the Pimentón de la Vera. The only stores that could carry such products in their range are the so-called delis. A good alternative, of course, is the World Wide Web. Much is available on the net at any time nowadays. Of course, we do not want to deprive you of the smoky paprika from Spain either and we offer you a small but fine selection of our Pepperworld Hot Shop Spice, in varying amounts. Among other things, we also have complete flake mills filled with the western Spanish spice. So, you can start immediately in the kitchen.

    Pimentón de la Vera is also suitable as a gift!

    Party favors, souvenirs and small gifts are a traditional custom. Often, however, the question arises, what should be offered. Foods, especially those that have a long shelf life, are great for this purpose. With the Spanish paprika spice these criteria are met. Another plus point of why the powder can be offered as a present is the rarity of the spice, which makes it a real delicacy. The occasion is incidental, it is only important that the gifted person is a fan of the smoky taste.

    What is the conclusion?

    This spice is a paprika from a specific region in Spain. The name is legally protected, only the powder from this area may call itself Pimentón de la Vera. There are originally two, but now three different variants. The really special thing about this pepper spice is the smoky flavor. It is obtained by smoking the pods over oak for seven days immediately after harvest. In terms of taste, the spice goes especially well with meat, but just as well with fish, vegetables and rice. In Spanish cuisine, the spice is traditionally used to make a smoky raw sausage. The powder not only gives the food flavor, but also a reddish to dark shade. Unfortunately, this specialty is not available everywhere or should we rather say, fortunately? Because, we can offer you an exclusive offer of this smoky spice. Of course, you can not only use the paprika for yourself, but you can of course offer it as a gift.