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    Jalapeno Seeds

    Choose your favorite Jalapeno and then grow it yourself. If you want to grow more than one type of Jalapeno, you can choose from our wide range of high quality Jalapeno seeds. Each variety is a hot choice!

    Early Jalapeno Chilli Seeds

    Early Jalapeno, especially well suited for regions with short summers.

    € 2,50 *

    Schärfegrad 8

    NuMex Jalapeno Orange Spice Chilli Seeds

    +++NEW+++ This orange and hotter Jalapeno type from the Chile Pepper Institute will surely turn heads when in your garden!

    € 2,50 *

    Purple Jalapeno Chilli Seeds

    This variation of the popular Jalapeno is very beautiful to look at, especially for friends of the color purple.

    € 2,50 *

    Jalapeño Multi-Color Chilli Seeds

    +++NEW+++ A Jalapeno strain, that ripens from violet to cream to orange and up to red.

    € 2,50 *

    NuMex Jalapeno Pumpkin Spice Chilli Seeds

    +++NEW+++ This Jalapeno Version has come to life by crossing of a Early Jalapeno and a permagreen.

    € 2,50 *

    Jalapeno #4 Chilli Seeds

    The Mexican classic for TexMex delicacies of all sorts.

    € 2,50 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Jalapeno Colima Chilli Seeds

    This Jalapeno strain has very long fruits that are mild when it comes to heat.

    € 2,50 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Jalapeno Felicity Chilli Seeds

    Everything that makes a Jalapeno a Jalapeno is present in this strain except for the heat.

    € 2,50 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Jalapeno Tormenta Chilli Seeds

    Productive Jalapeno strain that has a lot of 10cm long fruits that are perfectly suited for salsas.

    € 2,50 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Jalapeno Fooled You Chilli Seeds

    Heat free Jalapeno strain!

    € 2,50 *

    Jalapeño Gigantia Chilli Seeds

    +++ NEW +++ Hot Jalapeno variant which also bears really large fruit.

    € 2,50 *

    Jalapeño Farmers Market Potato Chilli Seeds

    +++NEW+++ A mild Jalapeno strain that is very wrinled and this is why in extreme cases it looks like a potato.

    € 2,50 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Jalapeno Tajin Chilli Seeds

    Early ripening Jalapeno strain which has long and thick fruits that are ideal for filling.

    € 2,50 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Jalapeno Senorita Chilli Seeds

    With a heat of 2 this is also something for the Senoritas! This high yield Jalapno strain has only a light heat and everithing that a woman can wish from a Jalapeno!

    € 2,50 *

    Schärfegrad 4

    Jalapeno Coyame Chilli Seeds

    A high yielding strain which bears lots of 10 cm long fruit.

    € 2,50 *

    Buy Jalapeno Seeds – the fiery Mexican BBQ taste flavor right out of your garden

    The Mexican celebrity

    The Jalapeno (in Spanish Jalapeño) is one of the best known and most often consumed Chilies – not just in Germany, but also worldwide! It comes originally from Mexico, and that’s where its name comes from. The Jalapeno is named after the Mexican city Xalapa in Veracruz, located east from the Mexican capital city. The small and fat pod is really popular, especially in Mexico and in Texas, where it’s sold in a wide variety at almost every corner.

    A lot of people are asking: how do you pronounce the name of this fiery pod? As the Jalapeno comes from Mexico, its name is Spanish. In Spanish you pronounce “J” as you would pronounce “H” in English, like for example “house” or “hair”. The letter „ñ” existing only in Spanish, is pronounced “ni”. All other letters are pronounced as you would in English. If we write Jalapeño as we would pronounce it in English, we would have “Halapenio”.

    Buy high quality Jalapeno seeds

    As always, we rely on very trustworthy sources, however we do not show the often-used green Logo symbol of particular organic quality, since either our suppliers or ourselves, due to our companies’ sizes and the associated possibilities, have not yet conquered the certification obstacles.

    As the Jalapenos are so popular, there are endless variations in which you can buy and enjoy them! When you plant them yourself, you have just as many great possibilities to process your Jalapenos. And what it’s even better: you can prepare your Jalapenos really fresh!

    Chipotles: the smoky-tasty version of Jalapeno.

    In southern USA and in Mexico it is really popular to smoke the Jalapenos. This is because the pods have a thick pulp and are therefore not suitable for air drying. That is why the Jalapenos were smoked over Mesquite wood in the time of the Aztecs, making them not only durable, but also very tasty. Today, the delicious pods are roasted in large metal drums.

    If you go through the local markets of the typical Jalapeno Regions, you will find that the air is filled with the wonderfully smoked flavor of the so called Chipotles. You can of course produce our own deliciously smoked Jalapenos (Chipotles)! Instructions to that you can find here.

    If you would rather treat yourself with fresh Jalapenos, there are a lot of delicious options to how you can do that! Thanks to their thick pulp, you can also deep-fry them. What’s your take on the delicious Jalapeno-Rolls or the yummy White Chicken Chili?

    Not only the ways of preparing Jalapenos are numerous, there is also a high variety of plants species

    Jalapenos are available in many different varieties.  The original Jalapeno is known by all of us – it is perceived by the most of us as quite hot, it’s green and it’s found in a high variety of dishes like Pizza, Chilli poppers or Chili con Carne. But what only the connoisseurs know is that there are also varieties that are very mild or even not spicy at all like the NuMex Primavera. Furthermore, there are jalapeno varieties which grow particularly large fruits that are not green, but orange or yellow. All these varieties have one thing in common: they are breeds. Many breeds come from the Chili Pepper Institute of New Mexico State University. That’s where delicious new natural jalapeno varieties are cultivated through natural selection.

    Do you need further Recipe Inspirations? You can find them on Pepperworld.com!

    Our crop growing accessories can be found here!


    The Pepperworld team wishes you lots of fun and a great harvest. We are looking forward to your results that you can share with us and our friends on our Facebook page.