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    Salsa Sauce

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      Salsas: The delicious snack-booster for evenings with friends!

      "Salsa" is the spanish word for "sauce". But with us it has another meaning: When we talk about salsa, we either think of the Latin American dance or of the delicious sauce for dipping. The salsa consists of a tomato base, which is usually seasoned with chilies. There are also many different spices - depending on your preference. Salsas taste best on tortilla chips. Hmmmmm!

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    Salsa Chipotle, La Costena

    220 g (€ 0,98 / 100 g)

    Do you know the Chipotle in Adobo? With this highlight from La Costena you get the whole salsa format at your home. Really delicious!

    € 2,15 *

    Snack Attack Tortilla Chips, 800g

    800 g (€ 0,99 / 100 g)

    Handmade quality made in Germany according to Mexican tradition. ALL NATURAL 800g snacks! Lightly salted corn chips, ideal for salsa dipping and much more. Already addicted? 10% off when buying in bulk

    € 7,95 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Salsa Dip mild, 410 ml

    220 g (€ 1,34 / 100 g)

    Originally from Mexico: Whole Chipotle pods (smoked ripe Jalapeno chilies) in a thick spicy pepped up tomato sauce. Heat level (1-10): 5

    € 2,95 *

    Mexican Hit Starterkit

    1 Set (€ 22,00 / 1 Set)

    The Snack Attack Mexican Hit Starter Kit has everything you need for the typical Mexican flavor. With hand-laid tortilla chips and colorful variety of pickled chilis, the food becomes a colorful celebration.

    RRP € 26,55 € 22,00 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Dynamite Salsa with fuse

    90 g (€ 5,50 / 100 g)

    Peppy Salsa and Bruschetta specialty from Calabria(southern Italy) with Mediterranean ingredients. Explosively packaged. 90g Heat (1-10): 5

    € 4,95 *

    Snack-Set What Else

    1 Set (€ 9,95 / 1 Set)

    Snack Attack - What Else? What more do you need than a pack of really good chips, a delicious salsa and spicy snack balls for a really comfortable time? Exactly!

    RRP € 12,85 € 9,95 *

    Schärfegrad 6

    Salsa Dip hot, 410 ml

    220 g (€ 1,34 / 100 g)

    Originally from Mexico: Whole Chipotle pods (smoked ripe Jalapeno chilies) in a thick spicy pepped up tomato sauce. Heat level (1-10): 5

    € 2,95 *

    Couch Fire

    1 Set (€ 16,95 / 1 Set)

    Couch Fire is hot and offers everything that makes the snack heart beat faster. Dropped chips, fruity salsa, snack balls, spicy-sweet bears and neat jalapeno slices for spicy nachos. Set your couch on fire and enjoy the evening!

    RRP € 20,65 € 16,95 *

    Salsa Select

    1 Set (€ 19,95 / 1 Set)

    Snack Attack Salsa Select gives you the chance to sip from mild to wild through full-bodied salsa delicacies with deliciously natural corn chips. How far can you go?

    RRP € 24,75 € 19,95 *

    Schärfegrad 4

    Salsa Dip regular, 410 ml

    220 g (€ 1,34 / 100 g)

    Originally from Mexico: Whole Chipotle pods (smoked ripe Jalapeno chilies) in a thick spicy pepped up tomato sauce. Heat level (1-10): 5

    € 2,95 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Green Tomatillo, La Costena, 794g

    794 g (€ 0,62 / 100 g)

    Looks like gigantic, light green colored Physalis and taste extremely good. Tomatillos are the basis of the Latin-American kitchen.

    € 4,95 *

    Snack-Set Nachos Libre

    1 Set (€ 25,95 / 1 Set)

    Snack Attack - Nachos Libre for all fans of cheese-topped and jalapeno-flavored tortilla chips. With FeuerStreuer for spicy seasoning and salsa as an extra dip. Whether as a party snack or fast finger food - simply delicious.

    RRP € 31,65 € 25,95 *

    Schärfegrad 3

    Salsa Roja

    340 g (€ 1,46 / 100 g)

    Salsa Roja is perfect for spicing up your food with the typical Mexican aroma!

    € 4,95 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    CaJohns Olive & Roasted Garlic Salsa

    453 g (€ 1,74 / 100 g)

    Fruity fresh gourmet Salsa! Americas Most Awarded Salsa…

    € 7,90 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Green Tomatillos, La Costena, 2800g

    2800 g (€ 0,39 / 100 g)

    Looks like gigantic, light green colored Physalis and taste extremely good. Tomatillos are the basis of the Latin-American kitchen. *Big version*

    € 10,95 *

    Schärfegrad 2

    Salsa Verde

    368 g (€ 1,62 / 100 g)

    Salsa Verde brings a Mexican tradition onto the table. The Tomatillo sauce for Chicken Fajitas, Chili Verde and a lot of other dishes.

    € 5,95 *

    Schärfegrad 3

    Salsa Brava

    340 g (€ 1,46 / 100 g)

    Salsa Brava is perfect for a quick Guacamole, brings the kick to the Chili or refines the vegetable omelet.

    € 4,95 *

    Schärfegrad 3

    Salsa Enchilada

    340 g (€ 1,46 / 100 g)

    Salsa Enchilada is perfect for your self-made Enchiladas! It has a perfect aroma and also comes with a delicious Enchilada recipe on the bottle.

    € 4,95 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Mole Adobo, La Costena 310 ml

    310 ml (€ 1,44 / 100 ml)

    Mole, the all round sauce in a lot of variations and that is fitting not only for the Mexico fans! Fits perfectly to poultry, pork, rice and vegetables!

    € 4,45 *

    Schärfegrad 10

    Cajohns The Reaper Super Hot Salsa

    454 ml (€ 1,75 / 100 ml)

    The right hot Salsa for real Chiliheads. Habanero, Carolina Reaper and jalapenos are responsible for the right heat kick.

    € 7,95 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    Mole Verde, La Costena 310 ml

    310 ml (€ 1,44 / 100 ml)

    Mole, the all round sauce in a lot of variations and that is fitting not only for the Mexico fans! Fits perfectly to poultry, pork, rice and vegetables!

    € 4,45 *

    Schärfegrad 2

    CaJohns Picante Sauce Gourmet Salsa mild

    453 g (€ 1,75 / 100 g)

    Fruity tomato salsa without corn and beans and with light heat.

    € 7,95 *

    Schärfegrad 5

    CaJohns Picante Sauce Gourmet Salsa medium

    453 g (€ 1,74 / 100 g)

    Wonderful tomato salsa with consistent heat due to the Jalapeno Chili.

    € 7,90 *

    Schärfegrad 2

    CaJohns Black Bean & Corn Salsa Medium

    453 g (€ 1,74 / 100g)

    Can a salsa be refreshing? Yes, it can! Fruity and with tomato flavor, absolutely delicious. The heat level makes it great for the entire family.

    € 7,90 *
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    What you should know about salsa sauces (salsas)

    In the following report we would like to introduce you to the salsa sauce. Which ingredients are in the sauce and what does it actually fit? In addition, we introduce you to different variants of the famous salsa.

    The meaning of the word salsa

    The word salsa is Spanish and in English it means nothing else than sauce. Therefore, the term "salsa sauce" is strictly speaking a grammatical duplication. However, as it has been included in the vocabulary in our latitudes, it is also used in the following article. In addition, confusion with a Latin American dance, which also bears this name, are immediately excluded.

    Which ingredients are actually in a salsa?

    The most famous salsa is probably the tomato salsa. As the name suggests, the basic ingredient of this sauce is tomato. For your to actually obtain a salsa, however, you still lack many other ingredients. Crucial to the heat for which salsa is known worldwide is chilli. Also, peppers and onions make a real salsa. The original Mexican salsa definitely includes fresh coriander. But to complete the taste, you still need very important ingredients for the salsa sauce. These are the juice of a lime, sugar and salt. As an alternative to lime juice, you can just as well use the juice of a lemon. The ingredients for an original salsa are:

    • tomato
    • pepper (red)
    • chilli
    • coriander
    • lime juice / lemon juice
    • sugar
    • salt

    Making a salsa sauce is really easy!

    First you have to dice the onion. Of course, the peppers and the chilli peppers must also be cut into small pieces. Now you can put the minced ingredients together in a pot and briefly "sweat". Then you have to add all the other ingredients of the salsa in the pot and taste the salsa. At low temperature, the spicy sauce can now simmer for 90 minutes. Important: You have to stir frequently so you do not burn your salsa! Just before the salsa is ready, you should have a final taste. After that you just need to let it cool down before your own salsa is ready for consumption.

    Are there any other derivations?

    Yes, they exist. In Italian cuisine, for example, a salsa verde is very popular. This is fundamentally different from the Spanish and Mexican version. You can tell that by the color alone. Unlike the tomato salsa, the salsa verde has a green color. This is of course due to the ingredients used for the sauce. It consists of gherkins, capers, green peppers and herbs. Of course, for the Italian salsa Verde garlic should not be missed.

    But there are also exotic variations of the salsa. In these varieties, fruits such as honeydew melon, pear and papaya are often included. These varieties of salsas taste sweet and sour.

    Of the tomato salsa, there is also an Italian version, which is a bit milder than the Mexican. In addition to the chilli, this salsa is flavored with Mediterranean herbs such as basil and rosemary.

    The most famous salsa is at a glance

    • The Tomato salsa
    • Salsa Verde
    • Sweet and sour salsa
    • Mild, Italian Salsa

    What's the perfect fit for a salsa sauce?

    The salsa is famous as a dip for tortillas. But you can also use it on many other occasions. The salsa sauce, for example, is a wonderful sauce for your next barbecue party. The spicy sauce really completes the taste of the grilled meat. But also, for rice dishes the salsa fits perfectly. Also delicious with a salsa are pasta and potato dishes. A tomato salsa gives your food a spicy kick. Not to be missed is the salsa, of course, from the so-called Tex-Mex cuisine. The name is composed of the two words "Texas" and "Mexico" and describes the regional cuisine of the area. The best-known dishes from this region are the wraps and the burritos. The green salsa verde goes well with potatoes and boiled meat. Since the fruity versions of salsa have a sweet and sour taste, they are great with poultry. Of course, the mild, Italian version of salsa goes well with many Italian dishes. For example, you can use it to spice up a tomato sauce. With this you can then brush a pizza or you eat them classically with pasta. You can also use this salsa in a Bolognese, for example. The dishes to which the individual salsas fit are summarized below:

    • as dip on tortilla chips
    • as a spicy sauce for grilled meat
    • for Tex-Mex dishes
    • with rice dishes
    • for pasta dishes
    • with potato dishes
    • to cooked meat (Salsa Verde)
    • to poultry (sweet and sour salsa)
    • in Italian cuisine (mild Italian salsa)

    The conclusion of the salsa sauce is:

    Salsa is the Spanish word for sauce. Therefore, the name salsa sauce is not entirely correct. The term has established itself in English-speaking countries. This is not least due to the fact that there is a dance of the same name. The most famous variant of the sauce is without doubt the tomato salsa. In addition to the tomatoes, it consists of ingredients such as peppers, chilli and onions. This is not the only salsa that exists. The Salsa Verde, for example, is not red but green in color because of the other ingredients. The salsa is also available with sweet and sour taste. This sauce includes exotics like melon and papaya. The exotic variation tastes delicious with poultry. The tomato salsa goes well with grilled meat. But also, as a dip for chips, it is delicious. This salsa sauce gives many other dishes a particularly savory taste. The green salsa verde, on the other hand, can be used as a sauce for potatoes, for example. There is also a tomato salsa in Italian cuisine, but this is much milder than its Mexican counterpart. Seasoned, this mild sauce is in addition to many Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary and basil. The preparation of the original, Mexican salsa is really very simple. The ingredients are first cut and then put together in a pot and simmered for 90 minutes. Just make sure that you do not burn your salsa while it is cooking on the stove. Just let it cool off and there you have it - a finished delicious salsa sauce.