Coconut oil releases a great smell as soon as you open the glass. It is ideal for frying, cooking and baking. Especially pancakes fried in coconut oil get a delicious, but not too strong coconut aroma - you will love it!

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Coconut oil is not only usable in the kitchen!

This grease is a real all-rounder, and it is now not only in the kitchen. In the subtropical growing areas, the benefits have been known for thousands of years. In the following text, find out why coconut oil is becoming increasingly popular in our latitudes as well.

Coconut oil has no oily consistency!

If you think of coconut oil as a liquid, you will most likely be surprised to discover that the so-called oil has a firm consistency. The name is somewhat misleading because of its solid state, so the more appropriate term "coconut fat" is often used. The coconut oil becomes liquid only at body temperature (about 37 ° Celsius).

How is the coconut oil extracted from the nut?

Of course, the procedure starts with the harvest of the coconuts. These grow high on the coconut palms. In order to get the fruits of the palm tree, not only humans, but also trained monkeys on the plantations, are active during the harvest. Once the coconuts are harvested, they are cut in half and dried in an oven. After the liquid has evaporated, the pulp is very easily separated from the hard shell. This dried pulp of the coconut palm, also known as copra, is now squeezed out using an oil mill. This process is very gentle and contributes in a very natural way to a good quality of coconut oil. If you want to be sure that the coconut oil is rich in valuable ingredients, then make sure that it is native coconut oil. These fats are not treated further after being extracted, for example perfumed.

Roasting, stewing and also baking:

The coconut oil has been used in the traditional cuisines of Southeast Asia, such as Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia for several thousand years for the preparation of many dishes. Originally from this region of the world, coconut oil, which is now valued worldwide, originated and is exported from there. The applications in the kitchen are very diverse for the coconut fat. The coconut oil, for example, goes well with most dishes from the wok, steamed vegetables, for example, gets the coconut oil a delicious, Asian taste. But even in the pan, you can work wonderfully with coconut oil. The so-called smoke point of the coconut oil, is around 200 ° Celsius and is therefore very high. For this reason, significantly less acrylamide forms during roasting than is the case with other oils. Especially fits the slightly sweet coconut fat, but to desserts. Also, as a butter substitute in a cake dough, the coconut oil is perfect. Your cake will taste fresh summery after adding coconut. The possibilities are really enormous, the oil is always vegan and also, as already mentioned, a good alternative to dairy products like butter. This property makes coconut oil especially interesting for allergy sufferers. For what you can use the coconut oil in the kitchen, is also in the following list again:

  • for dishes from the wok
  • to fry vegetables
  • for frying (the smoke point is 200 ° Celsius)
  • for desserts
  • in a cake dough
  • as a substitute for dairy products existing allergy

Coconut oil cares for your skin, your hair and your teeth!

As a care product, the coconut oil has also been tested for a very long time. It provides the body with a lot of important moisture and also has a cleansing effect. You can use the coconut fat, like a face mask, or massage it into your hair as a cure. In both cases, but after about half an hour, you should remove the coconut oil with hand warm water again thoroughly. The results will be a cleaner skin and healthier hair. Coconut oil can even be used for dental care, according to some studies. Because coconut oil has such a positive influence on many external areas of the human body, it is also often used in cosmetics as an ingredient. Of course, the coconut oil also smells nice and fresh.

Effective protection against dangerous ticks!

Not too long ago, as a group of applied zoology / ecology scientists at the FU Berlin have discovered, coconut oil is also an effective way of fighting ticks. This is mainly due to an ingredient, the lauric acid. The researchers point out in their publication that a minimal solution of only 10 percent lauric acid is sufficient to successfully keep out the dangerous arachnids. Native coconut oils are usually about 50 percent of the lauric acid and are therefore wonderful protection against the ticks. The ticks avoid the smell and usually seek another host. In humans, this tick protection lasts up to 6 hours. Because of its effectiveness, coconut oil is already well-known among pet owners as a good remedy against ticks.

Where can you buy the coconut oil?

You can buy oil not only in the health food store, but of course online, for example, in our shop.

Enjoy in moderation!

As always, when it comes to nutrition, the rule is: the more balanced, the better it is for your health. Of course, this also applies to the use of coconut oil. The fat contains many saturated fats, up to 90 percent. These fats are, according to doctors, mainly responsible for serious health consequences, such as a heart attack. For a balanced diet but especially the unsaturated fatty acids are important, so you should not completely do without other fats. If you eat a varied diet, your body will also be supplied automatically, with all the necessary nutrients.

The conclusion about coconut oil is:

Who does not know the coconut oil, will probably be surprised by the firm consistency, the coconut oil is liquid only at body temperature. In Southeast Asia, the use of coconut oil has a long tradition. These areas also include the main exporters of coconut oil. The extraction of coconut oil is gentle. You can not only use the coconut fat in the kitchen, but also as a care product for many areas of the body, you can use it. Many industrially manufactured cosmetics rely on coconut oil as a nourishing ingredient. Current research suggests that coconut oil is an effective protection against ticks. It should be noted that the coconut oil has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids. For this reason, other fats should be consumed. You can buy the coconut oil not only in the health food store, but also online in our shop.