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Scotch Bonnet

The scotch bonnet is originally from the Caribbean and has his name due to the resemblance with the scotch hat. When ripe the fruits turn yellow or even light orange

Schärfegrad 8

Pepperworld Cuvee No. 1 Hot Sauce

Finely tuned together chili breeds in a fiery-aromatic 'Limited Edition' Hot Sauce.

€ 9,50 *

Schärfegrad 10

CaJohns El Chupacabra Hot Sauce

Five super-hot Caribbean Chilis are united in a hot sauce. Simply wonderful!

€ 10,95 *

Schärfegrad 10

CaJohns Scorch Redux Hot Sauce

Some of the hottest Chilis are united in this sauce. Burn, baby, burn!

€ 9,80 *

Schärfegrad 6

Crazy Bastard Sauce Scotch Bonnet & Carribean Spices (Blue Label)

Scotch Bonnet Chilis blend with Caribbean spices to a taste experience just like under the palm trees!

€ 5,95 *

Schärfegrad 7

Hottie's Caribbean Style Pepper Sauce

Nice, thick sauce made by the Caribbean recipe. With tropical-fiery Scotch Bonnet Chilies, finely tuned with mustard, onions, garlic and spices.

€ 6,95 *

Schärfegrad 7

Melinda's Scotch Bonnet Sauce

Try the Caribbean fiery gourmet hot sauce with scotch bonnets - the fiery, Caribbean cousin of the habaneros.

€ 4,95 *

Schärfegrad 10

Ass Reaper with Skull and Cape Hot Sauce

NEW - Cult sauce that is not only present in the fetish scene and makes for a good bad taste present! In the USA this Hot Sauce can be found again and again in the rankings!

€ 11,95 *

Schärfegrad 5

Cajohns Tiki Bar Hotter Hot Sauce

Tiki Bar with its fruity notes goes a step higher. This heated up version is the right thing for those who like it hot. A round with some serious fire.

€ 7,95 *

Schärfegrad 10

Yellow Scotch Bonnet Foodarama Chilli plants

Perfect for the Jamaican kitchen - fruity flavor and not too hot, this is why this Chilli is very well suited for sauces as well! The plant grows to about 80-100 cm

€ 4,95 *

Schärfegrad 6

Lethal Gator Hammock Hot Sauce

The spiced-up version of the Florida Gator Sauce, with Habaneros, Scotch Bonnets, Jalapenos and spices. For when chicken wings, pizza and grilled food have to pack a punch. Heat (1-10): 6

€ 8,50 *

Schärfegrad 7

Pika Pika Wild Berry - Scotch Bonnet Sauce

The burning heat of the Scotch Bonnet united with the fruity taste of dark berries.

€ 10,00 *

Schärfegrad 5

Texas Hold'em Mango Scotch Bonnet Hot Sauce

Tasty, fruity hot sauce - cool combination of mango and scotch bonnet chilies. Heat (1-10): 5

€ 8,95 *