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Poblano / Ancho

Schärfegrad 5

West of Texas® Smoky BBQ Rub & Spice

Fiery…smoky…savory! West of Texas finally also as a spread! Perfect as a rub, for rubbing in the meat (and fish) for grilling and smoking can also be used as a versatile grill seasoning. Gives your steak the right amount of kick! Save up to 20% when buyin

€ 6,95 *

Schärfegrad 5

West of Texas® BBQ Sauce+Rub Combo

West of Texas BBQ Sauce and Rub complement each other perfectly – in an economical combo set. Save 15%! The right stuff for grills and smoked foods.

RRP € 15,90 € 13,50 *

Schärfegrad 6

West of Texas® Smoky BBQ Sauce

The BBQ Sauce that really has it all: fine thick consistency, smoky-sweet, comfortably hot (Habanero!) and a nice aroma. Save 20% when buying in bulk!

€ 8,95 *

Schärfegrad 3

Ancho Chili, ground

Indispensable Chili powder for traditional Mexican sauces (Moles); the sweet, fruity aroma reminds one of prunes or good tobacco.

€ 7,25 *

Schärfegrad 5

West of Texas® BBQ Rub & Spice Double pack

Save 10% with the double pack! West of Texas: Perfect as a rub - for rubbing marinade on meat, fish, grilled and smoked dishes, but can be used as a multi sided grill spice.

RRP € 13,90 € 12,50 *

West of Texas BBQ Survival Kit

West of Texas BBQ Survival Kit - with it you will have no problems on your next BBQ! Many recipe ideas and world class products ensure you are covered when you have real cowboys at your table!

RRP € 26,80 € 19,95 *

Schärfegrad 6

West of Texas® Smoky BBQ Sauce Double pack

The best BBQ Sauce in the world, now in double pack- 10% off

RRP € 17,90 € 16,10 *

Schärfegrad 1

Fresh Chili Ancho Poblano, 300g

Fresh Poblano - a mild Mexican classic

€ 5,95 *

Schärfegrad 4

Apple Smoked Spiced Rum Ancho BBQ Sauce

Very exclusive Mustard from House Monschauer that contains 30% honey and 2% poppy seeds

€ 7,95 *

Schärfegrad 8

Cajohns La Segadora

The Carolina Reaper is responsible for the heat in this sauce. The aroma comes from the 5 Chili Types that make up this sauce and that make it to a great companion for the Tacos, Burritos and Co

€ 8,45 *

Schärfegrad 2

Ancho San Luis Chilli plant

This plant has a medium height and the fruit grows big and are hearth shaped which remind one a little bit of Bell Peppers. The plant grows to a height of about 70-90 cm.

€ 4,95 *