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Varieties / Chiltepin (3)

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The Chiltepin is known as the ancestor of all Chilli. This fruit grows wild in the Mexican Sonoran Desert and the fruit are handpicked. This is what gives this Chili its special character and makes one of the most precious spices in the world.

Schärfegrad 9

Chiltepin-Chilis, wild picked, dried

Support a Mexican nature protection project! The wild growing Chiltepin is known as the ancestor of all chilis – a genuine rarity. Nice aroma, fiery hot!

€ 6,95 *

Schärfegrad 4

Chiltepin Beef Salami 260g

Also NEW: the wild handpicked prehistoric Chili made into a quality beef Salami! Real quality from Landle

€ 9,95 *

Schärfegrad 9

The wild-growing Chiltepin are the archetype of all chilies - a true rarity. Awesome SMOKEY aroma, cutting heat.

€ 6,95 *