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    Spices / Vinegar (10)


    Schärfegrad 3

    Vincotto al Peperoncino

    250 ml (€ 5,18 / 100 ml)

    Finest Vincotto - the original that has been refined with the heat of the Peperoncini.

    € 12,95 *

    Vincotto all'Arancia

    250 ml (€ 5,18 / 100 ml)

    Vincotto with oranges - gives fruits, salads and most of all fish a special fine taste.

    € 12,95 *

    Vincotto ai Fichi

    250 ml (€ 5,18 / 100 ml)

    Vincotto that is refined with the sweet flavor of the figs. A great companion for a lot of dishes.

    € 12,95 *

    Vincotto al Limone

    250 ml (€ 5,18 / 100 ml)

    The original that has been refined with a little bit of lemon. Sweetness, a fine vinegar note and a full citrus flavor - a dream!

    € 12,95 *

    Vincotto ai Lamponi

    250 ml (€ 5,18 / 100 ml)

    The secret hint Vincotto with the fine taste of raspberries. Fitting for hefty and sweet dishes.

    € 12,95 *

    Vincotto Originale

    250 ml (€ 5,18 / 100 ml)

    Vincotto: just like noble balsamico it is grape juice that has been matured in an oak barrel. Gives salads, sweet dishes, cheese, meat etc. a great flavor.

    € 12,95 *

    PREP Premium Apple-Spice Vinegar 0,5l

    500 ml (€ 1,99 / 100 ml)

    PREP Premium Apple-Spice Vinegar - a truly tasty vinegar!

    € 9,95 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Vincotto Cioccolato al Peperoncino

    250 ml (€ 5,18 / 100 ml)

    Vincotto with the fine flavor of chocolate - a dream for sweet dishes and cocktails.

    € 12,95 *

    PREP Premium Grenadine-Spice Vinegar 0.5l

    500 ml (€ 1,99 / 100 ml)

    PREP Premium Grenadine-Spice Vinegar - a truly tasty vinegar!

    € 9,95 *

    PREP Premium Raspberry-Spice Vinegar 0,5l

    500 ml (€ 2,59 / 100 ml)

    PREP Premium Raspberry-Spice Vinegar - a truly tasty vinegar!

    € 12,95 *

    Vinegar is much more than just an ingredient!

    The following article describes the diverse world of vinegar. How is it made and which varieties are there? For what purposes can you use the vinegar? These questions will be answered in detail in the next paragraphs.

    How does the production of vinegar work?

    Vinegar is obtained from alcoholic beverages; the alcohol content is between four and seven percent. For this reason, wine or beer is traditionally used for vinegar. The alcoholic liquid is now fed special bacteria. This bacterial culture is also called vinegar nut. The use of the so-called vinegar bacteria has been known since ancient times. But this manufacturing process takes a long time. Traditional vinegar production takes between six and twelve months. Meanwhile, thanks to industrial processes, the production of vinegar can be carried out within a single day.

    What is the name behind the name table vinegar?

    This vinegar has a peculiarity, because it is not, like most other vinegars, produced from wine or a similar alcoholic beverage, but from fermented grain or potatoes. Of course, the quality is not as good as that of a wine vinegar. But there is also a medium quality level, the wine brandy vinegar. This variety is a mixture of the other two varieties of vinegar. Another name for this vinegar is "wine-spicy vinegar".

    But there are many more vinegars!

    In addition to the already mentioned varieties of apple vinegar, wine vinegar and wine spirit vinegar, there are also flavored vinegars. To give these vinegars a special touch, flavoring ingredients such as herbs, spices and even vegetables are added. These herbal or spicy vinegars are usually based on wine vinegar. Cucumber, tomato, asparagus and dill are popular flavors. Another vinegar specialty is undoubtedly apple cider vinegar. For the production of this variety, no apples are needed, it is obtained from cider. In terms of taste, there are hardly any limits to the imagination; one variety, for example, even tastes of chocolate. Especially in the Mediterranean cuisine balsamic is very widespread. This vinegar, traditionally made from grape juice, gets its unique flavor by storing the liquid. While the alcohol turns into vinegar, it is stored in different wooden barrels. Balsamico is made from light and dark grapes. The many variations of vinegar can hardly be listed here. Which vinegar types are the most important, are in the following list:

    • Table vinegar
    • Wine vinegar
    • Wine-brandy vinegar
    • Herb Vinegar
    • Spicy vinegar
    • Vegetable Vinegar
    • Apple Cider Vinegar
    • Balsamic

    There are many uses in the kitchen for the vinegar!

    You can use the vinegar natural as a universal condiment in the kitchen, all dishes that need a "shot" of acid, you can round off wonderfully with vinegar. However, there are other applications of vinegar in the kitchen, so the acidic liquid has been known since ancient times as a natural preservative. Even today, pickled foods such as cucumbers are very popular. If you put your grilled meat in a vinegar marinade before you grill it, it will automatically become more tender and aromatic. But vinegar can do much more, like changing the color of certain foods. This effect becomes very clear with the classic "trout blue". In this dish, the fish are cooked in a broth, which consists among other things of white wine vinegar. But why does the trout actually turn blue? The vinegar reacts with the mucus layer, which is on the scale of the fish. The areas where you can use the vinegar are very diverse and are often overlooked, a mixed salad, for example, with only a good vinegar oil dressing is really delicious.

    What is the so-called vinegar essence?

    This liquid is highly concentrated vinegar. This is made, not in a conventional way, but synthetically in a laboratory. The result is a significantly higher acidity, than in the naturally produced vinegars. For this reason, the vinegar essence must always be diluted heavily if you want to use it as an ingredient. However, because of the lack of base, for example wine, the essence is not as fruity as other vinegar. Since the likelihood of confusion is very large and the taste is missing, vinegar essence is not used so often in the kitchen.

    Vinegar can even be used as medicine!

    Due to the antibacterial effect of vinegar, it has always been used as a medicine. Already in ancient times, vinegar was used to disinfect wounds. In the Middle Ages, the masks were soaked in the acidic liquid during the plague. Especially in naturopathy and as a home remedy, vinegar is still used today as a medicine. The liquid really has great medicinal benefits, so it not only has antibacterial effects but can even positively affect your cholesterol levels. Furthermore, vinegar ensures a balanced intestinal flora.

    You can also clean with vinegar!

    Due to the fact that the vinegar has a disinfecting effect, it is also ideal as a cleaning agent. Particularly sensitive areas in the household, such as the refrigerator or the toilet, can be cleaned with vinegar. The good thing is that the vinegar is a pure natural product. Although the fluid is aggressive towards the germs, it is nevertheless biological. Also, as a natural lime remover in a coffee maker, you can use the vinegar well. However, you should make sure that after cleaning with vinegar you must rinse with clear water to eliminate the dominant vinegar. This is especially important for a refrigerator, because otherwise all foods would take on the smell, and thus the taste, of the vinegar.

    What is the conclusion about vinegar?

    Vinegar is usually made from wine or beer, with the exception of the so-called table vinegar, which is produced from cereals or potatoes. The production of vinegar takes at least half a year in the traditional way. In contrast, industrially produced vinegar can be produced in just one day. The uses in the kitchen are, for example, the seasoning and the preservation of food. Vinegar comes in many different flavors. Vinegar Essence is a highly concentrated vinegar that must be diluted in any case if you want to use it. The vinegar can do even more, since ancient times, the antibacterial abilities of the acidic liquid are known. For this reason, vinegar is also used as a medicine and as a natural disinfectant.