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Piccolini Chili-Ristra from Calabria

Item number: LI250

Hot Calabrian Peperoncini, hand tied to an attractive Ristra rope. Both a hot kitchen decoration and a spice! Heat level (1-10):7


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  • Description
    The extremely loved small Ristra- la piccolini! In the USA and Mexico, the chili strands are called Ristra, in France Corde and in southern Italy Fila or Peperoncini a Trecchia. Wherever chilis are grown you can find the traditional way of drying them in such strands. Thus, you can use them for cooking all year round - aside from this the Ristra is not only a kitchen decoration but also a decoration for the living room or the rest of the house. You can find instructions on how to make Ristras on the Pepperworld website:here at Pepperworld.com. But who has the time and the correct peppers to do this?! Such a beautiful Ristra can be hanging on your wall already! You now have the opportunity to order from us a complete Ristra- hand made in Calabria with fiery chilis from this region. The strings are then oven dried for us. Not only for your own home but also for an original and 'really hot' gift! Length: 35-40 cm. Net weight 60g Heat (1-10): 7. Produced in Italy *Recommended by the Academia Italiana del Peperoncino*
Varieties Peperoncini
Heat level 1-10 7
Fixings Peperoncini
Allergens keine
Country Italien
Country of origin Italien
Durability Ungeöffnet mindestens 100 Tage haltbar
Distributor PepperPark GmbH

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Piccolini Chili-Ristra from Calabria

Item number: LI250

Piccolini Chili-Ristra from Calabria € 7,95 incl. tax, plus shipping