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    Pimenton de la Vera, hot

    Item number: LE002

    The famous smoked paprika powder from Spain in the hot version. Including 10 Recipe ideas and cooking videos


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    • Description

      Spanish Pimenton de la Vera - hot version!

      This paprika powder is a very special delicacy that is exclusively produced in the Estremadura province of western Spain.

      Just like Roquefort cheese has to originate from Roquefort and the real champagne from the Champagne region, Pimenton de la Vera is covered by regional trademark protection. Similar to chipotle, the red ripe peppers are smoked over an oak burning fire and, following tradition, finely ground between millstones. The powder is used in Spain to season sausages and meat products (Chorizo). In general, it also enhances the taste of fish and vegetarian dishes. No need for meat: Pimenton adds a delicate sweet, cool, smoky flavor to all kinds of veggies. 10 tasty dishes made with Pimenton de la Vera: for your inspiration, you can find here 10 recipe ideas that work very well with the Pimenton de la Vera.

      Chili con Carne with nachos is the top recipe from the Pepperworld Pepperlounge Contests hier Shrimp Pimenton -hier Chili con Queso - the tasty cheese dip hier Squid with smoked Paprika Fried Egg with Pimenton de la Vera Paella Pimenton Tomato sauce al Pimenton la Chinata Yogurt sauce with smoked paprika Fish Stew with Pimenton de la Vera Spanish paprika potatoes.

      La Chinata offers a lot of recipes and cooking videos here. As an example, here a recipe with a classical usage of Pimenton de la Vera- have fun cooking this meat dish in Adobo!

      Our tip: by all means try it! Attractive metal can with authenticity seal.

      Pimenton de la Vera recipe Chermoula codfish with couscous salad.

      This dish is recommended by La Chinata and brings a typically north African dish on your table. The Ingredients can be found in the picture below. Very tasty! Instructions: Preparation time = 15 min// Cooking time = 15 min// 4 portions. I order to make the typically Arab Chermoula sauce you need to put cumin, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and salt in a mortar and grind until you have an even paste. Add the chopped parsley and mix. Bring a small pot of 240 ml water to boil. Pour the warm water over the couscous and cover for 10 minutes. Mix the couscous with a fork and add olive oil, lemon juice, La Chinata Pimenton de la Vera -hot, salt, pepper- mix well. Add the orange peel, parsley and Rucola and mix. Leave the couscous aside. Heat 2 tbsps. olive oil in a heavy pan. Pat the codfish dry and fry it in the pan 3 minutes on each side. Serve immediately with the couscous salad and Chermoula sauce. La Chinata - the Pimenton de la Vera brand. The name la Chinata is tightly linked to the birth place of the La Chinata founder, Floren Oliva. Lately, the La Chinata smoked paprika powder is international renown and can be found in gourmet shops in more than 50 countries. Also, culinary superheroes like Jamie Oliver rely on the La Chinata quality of the Pimenton de la Vera. Important: if you want to be sure that you are getting 100% original Pimenton de la Vera (DOC) pay attention to the original packaging (tin can) with authenticity seal. From us you will get original packaging with authenticity seal directly from the producer in Estremadura, Spain

    Varieties Sonstige
    Heat level 1-10 4
    Ingredients Pimenton de la vera
    Allergens keine
    Country Spanien
    Country of origin Spanien
    Best before Ungeöffnet mindestens 100 Tage haltbar
    Distributor PepperPark GmbH

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    Pimenton de la Vera, hot

    Item number: LE002

    Pimenton de la Vera, hot € 4,50 incl. tax, plus shipping