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Chiltepin-Chilis, wild picked, dried

Item number: LS130

Support a Mexican nature protection project! The wild growing Chiltepin is known as the ancestor of all chilis – a genuine rarity. Nice aroma, fiery hot!


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  • Description

    The ancestor Chili - Chiltepin - wild harvested!

    We support the 'Chiltepins de la Sierra' nature conservation program in Mexico with this quality of Chiltepin.

    The wild-growing Chiltepin are considered the primal form of all chilis; They have been collected by humans for 9000 years. Gourmet eaters, who like the fiery food, appreciate Chiltepins as a very special delicacy, because they are distinguished by a special aroma and clear, cutting heat. As the Chiltepin bushes grow widely dispersed in the Mexican Sonoran Desert and the small berries have to be plucked by hand in a stinging heat, they are next to saffron among the most precious spices in the world. Salsas, soups as well as stew and bean dishes receive from the mini-chilis fire and aroma; As flakes they make every pizza to an experience. In the Pepperworld report (see link!), You will also find authentic Chiltepin recipes.

    These Chiltepins come to your home in large 30g bags!

  • Recipes
Varieties Chiltepin
Heat level 1-10 9
Ingredients Chiltepin
Allergens keine
Country Mexiko
Country of origin Mexiko
Best before Ungeöffnet mindestens 100 Tage haltbar
Distributor PepperPark GmbH

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Chiltepin-Chilis, wild picked, dried

Item number: LS130

Chiltepin-Chilis, wild picked, dried € 6,95 incl. tax, plus shipping