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    West of Texas® BBQ Sauce+Rub Combo

    Item number: LS124

    West of Texas BBQ Sauce and Rub complement each other perfectly – in an economical combo set. Save 15%! The right stuff for grills and smoked foods.


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    • Description

      Save 15% vs buying individual products. The BBQ Sauce…

      West of Texas Smoky BBQ Sauce is a typically American 'Longhorn Style' Barbecue Sauce. Such as they prefer in Texas and not only there. Produced exclusively for Pepperworld following a secret recipe. Subtly sweet, spicy, smoky and with a good portion of garlic - all mixed in perfectly. The Chipotle chilis and hickory ensure a smoky note and Habaneros bring the right amount of spicy. The sauce was designed to work well with barbecue ribs and chicken. It can also make a good base for Cowboy Beans: just cook canned beans in the BBQ sauce- divine! Tip: perfect for a proper barbecue and a hit also as steak sauce! 454 g Bottle.

      If you check out the chili ingredients you can see that the West of Texas Smoky BBQ & Rub Spice is spicier than the usual rubs: The WoT sauce contains Ancho, Chipotle, Cayenne and Habanero. We have held back on the sugar because too much of it can cause the meat to burn. It only contains a small amount of salt that helps lift the aromas of the sauce, too much of it would take out the water of the meat when dry marinating. West of Texas Smoky BBQ Spice & Rub fits perfectly beef and pork as well as poultry and fish. Also, perfect for seasoning at the table. The WoT sauce is finished off with garlic, black pepper, onions and thyme. Sauces and spreads fit together optimally. 100g in a robust aluminum lined can (also with viewing panel) for outdoor usage. 

    Varieties Chipotle
    Heat level 1-10 5
    Country USA
    Country of origin USA

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    West of Texas® BBQ Sauce+Rub Combo

    Item number: LS124

    West of Texas® BBQ Sauce+Rub Combo

    RRP € 15,90

    € 13,50 incl. tax, plus shipping