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    Smoke dried ÑORA Paprika pods, mild

    Item number: LE008

    Spanish whole smoked ÑORA Paprika pods in the mild version (dulce) Renown from ground Pimenton de la Vera. 25g


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    • Description
      Entire smoke dried ÑORA paprika pods. These smoke dried ÑORA paprika pods are a very special delicacy that is produced exclusively in the western Spanish region of Estremadura. Just like Roquefort cheese has to originate from Roquefort and the real champagne from the Champagne region, Pimenton de la Vera is covered by regional trademark protection. The ripe fruit are handpicked and harvested in October and November. From the fields, the paprika pods are directly delivered to the smoking houses of the farmers. There they are traditionally dried with oak smoke. After 15 days, the pods are correctly smoke dried and have their typical aroma. The powder is used in Spain to season sausages and meat products (Chorizo). Generally, it also enhances the taste of fish and vegetarian dishes. No need for meat: Pimenton adds a delicate sweet, cool, smoky flavor to all kinds of veggies. Our tip: By all means try it! 25g