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    Seeds / Tomato Seeds (35)

    Tomato Seeds

    Doesn’t matter if you want to cultivate Cherry-, Roma-, Meat- or wild tomato. With us you can find you favorite tomato and the Tomato Seeds in premium quality.

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    Brandywine Sherry Tomato Seed (Cocktail Tomato)

    This older US variety brings raspberry fruits to the garden!

    € 2,50 *

    Kremser Pearl tomato seeds (salad tomato)

    Traditional, Austrian hobby type tomato

    € 2,50 *

    Olena Ukrainian tomato seeds (meaty tomato)

    Rosane meat tomato from Ukraine with little acidity

    € 2,50 *

    Yellow Submarine Tomato Seed (Cocktail Tomato)

    Yellow cocktail tomato that yields extremely well and produces many hundreds of fruits

    € 2,50 *

    Pink tomato seeds (meaty tomato)

    Very large, round to flat round meaty tomato with excellent taste

    € 2,50 *

    Roma tomato seeds (Sauce tomato)

    Known from the canned tomatoes which are whole and peeled

    € 2,50 *

    Rebella tomato seeds (salad tomato)

    Free-range tomato with firm fruits with green flamed shoulders

    € 2,50 *

    Rio Grande tomato seeds (Sauce tomato)

    Oval-shaped pole growing tomatoes with a lot of dry matter and therefore very suitable for drying

    € 2,50 *

    Jani tomato seeds (salad tomato)

    Very early bush tomatoes that fit perfectly in the salad

    € 2,50 *

    Liguria tomato seeds (meaty tomato)

    Ox-heart tomatoes, particularly attractive due to their furrowed pouch shape

    € 2,50 *

    Marglobe tomato seeds (salad tomato)

    Medium-late, pole growing tomato with excellent taste

    € 2,50 *

    Sugar Grape Tomato Seed (Cocktail Tomato)

    Extremely sweet red fruits that grow on long grapes

    € 2,50 *

    Red currant tomato seeds (wild tomato)

    Very nice, red fruits with a fantastic aroma!

    € 2,50 *

    San Marzano tomato seeds (Sauce tomato)

    San Marzano, the very popular Rome tomato. Ideal for fresh consumption.

    € 2,50 *

    Yellow currant tomato seeds (wild tomato)

    Yellow little wild tomato, in sauces as well as in soups at home!

    € 2,50 *

    German Gold Tomato Seed (meaty Tomato)

    A huge, yellow, flat round meaty tomato - the German Gold is a giant!

    € 2,50 *

    Ox heart orange seeds (meaty tomato)

    The orange ox-heart, a precocious meaty tomato with bright flesh and very few seeds!

    € 2,50 *

    Marmande tomato seeds (meat tomato)

    An early harvest, bright red meaty tomato!

    € 2,50 *

    Matina Tomato seeds (Salad tomatoes)

    The earliest outdoor tomato with firm fruits!

    € 2,50 *

    Golden queen seeds (salad tomato)

    Yellow salad tomato with very little acidity!

    € 2,50 *

    Oxheart Tomato Seed (Beef Tomato)

    The Ox heart is also called Cuor di bue, an extremely tasty meaty tomato with an excellent taste!

    € 2,50 *

    Black Plum tomato seeds (salad tomato)

    Dark red small salad tomato, also in sauces and soups at home!

    € 2,50 *

    Date vine tomato seeds (bush tomato)

    Very nice, yellow-orange fruits with a fantastic aroma!

    € 2,50 *

    Charlie Green Tomato Seed (Beef Tomato)

    Charlie Green, the green meaty tomato - juicy and tasty!

    € 2,50 *
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    Buy tomato seeds – special quality with great service

    We offer all hot and delicacy lovers also tomatoes in premium quality. The tomato is an elementary part of a lot of Mediterranean dishes and that is well known to the chilihead from a lot of different subjects like BBQ Sauce and it is also a must have for a lot of dinners. This is why the most of you also cultivate tomatoes besides the hot pods. We offer here an excellent diversity of 20 tomato varieties that also have a great variation when it comes to the taste, usage and form. You can find here tomato varieties that can be aged as well as varieties that are eaten fresh. Our tomatoes can aid you in making the ketchup, salsa or pasta sauce that you love.

    This is how you can simply find your favorite tomato variety!

    For every single variety you can find a description to the following attributes of the tomatoes that we offer:

    • Fruit form – do you like the heart shaped tomatoes or do you prefer the tomatoes that are round?
    • Color of the tomatoes – from cream to green, yellow and red we have a lot of colors on offer!
    • Raping period – is the tomato variety one from which you can harvest the fruits also a little bit earlier or is it one that you can enjoy the fruits only in the late summer?
    • Growth form – stick, bush or wild tomatoes? What do you want to have?
    • Uses – do you want to enjoy the tomato fresh, dry it or do you want to prepare delicious sauces?
    • Type – cherry tomatoes, Roma tomatoes, flesh tomatoes, or wild tomatoes – what do you want to have?
    • Plant it in a greenhouse – when is the ideal point to plant the tomatoes in a protected environment?

    14 hints in order to bring your tomatoes to have a high yield!

    Do not save when choosing the earth and also take into consideration the quality if the seeds. With us you are of course in the right spot J

    1. Do you want to free the earth that you have from the hardware store from fungi and bacteria? You can use the microwave for this. Simply put the earth that has been moisturized in advance for at least 5 minutes in the microwave and let it cool down afterwards.
    2. An alternative is to use the Jiffy pallets for the seeding of the tomatoes. You can also use a germination station with a small greenhouse and a warming matt and you are ready to go. Ideal seeding is between January and March.
    3. When transplanting the tomatoes please pay every time close attention that from the long stem, only a small part stays above the earth in order to aid the plant to build new roots in the different parts of the stem.
    4. Tomato plants grow while germinating long stems. This happens if there is not enough light or if the temperature during the germination phase is too high. In this case you need take off the lid when the plant begins to germinate. Also at this point you can turn off the heat and find a place where there is more light to place the tray.
    5. In every case wait until the end of May before bringing the plants outside.
    6. Tomato plants like a mix of 50% compost and 50% earth – this offers the plants the right base of nutrients.
    7. If you see leaves that have flees, the biggest enemy of the tomatoes, remove these also from the younger pants. This way young and healthy leaves can grow after.
    8. Against late blight use a clay pot that has a diameter of at least 10 cm. Put this next to the plant in the greenhouse or outside. When watering in the clay pots fungi cannot come from the earth to the leaves of the tomatoes. Leave also a space of 80 cm between the different plants so that the tomatoes can dry out easily and the different infections cannot spread as easily from a tomato to another.
    9. Plant the tomatoes outside if you do not have a greenhouse in a large pot than rather directly into the soil. When making this the risk of late blight is strongly diminished if the plants are put in a place that is protected against the sun and rain.
    10. When the plants are planted in a pot or outdoors they need the right support!
    11. Please watch out and fertilize your tomato plant every 2 weeks and starting as soon as the first blossoms start to appear.
    12. Pollinate the plants by hand, by gently shaking the plant. Since the tomatoes have hermaphrodite flowers they can pollinate themselves.
    13. In a tissue you can store the tomatoes individually wrapped for a couple of weeks after you have harvested these. They are best kept in a cold and dry cellar.
    14. If you need inspiration on how you can use the harvest from your tomatoes then you are exactly right here. You can find a lot of inspiration and great ideas in our shop.

    Our cultivation aid, that is very good also for tomato seeds can be found here!

    The Pepperworld team wishes you a great harvest and a lot of fun. We would be glad if you could share your results with us on the Pepperworld Facebook page, so that other friends can see this as well.

    You can also find on Hot Pain a sub forum that treats the topic tomatoes, in which you can communicate with other people on the topic tomatoes.