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    SEED DEALS %%%

    Let's go Gardening! Exclusively for you in the PepperWorld Hot Shop - Individually put together seed sets from mild to hot spicy, mixed degrees of heat or also less known beautiful chilli plant varieties, paired with the classics.

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    Organic seed variety - 6 different varieties of meat tomatoes including the beloved cow heart tomato

    Organic seed variety with selected meat tomatoes. Every variety contains 10 seeds.

    RRP € 15,00 € 12,95 *

    Organic seed variety - 6 exclusive tomato seeds for your own greenhouse

    Organic seed variety - A special set of 6 tomato seeds for a colorful tomato harvest. Every variety contains 10 seeds.

    RRP € 15,00 € 12,95 *

    Organic seed variety cherry tomatoes - 5 extremely delicious tomato varieties for delicious salads

    Organic seeds variety with selected cocktail tomatoes. Every variety contains 10 seeds.

    RRP € 12,50 € 10,95 *

    Organic seed variety - San Marzano sauce tomatoes seed set

    Organic seed variety - San Marzano sauce tomatoes seed set - 4 different varieties that give every sauce the perfect touch. Every variety contains 10 seeds.

    RRP € 10,00 € 8,95 *

    Organic NuMex Seed Collection

    NEW and exclusive in the Pepperworld® - Organic chilli seed set NuMex. You will receive 4 different varieties in organic quality.

    € 15,95 *

    Organic Asia Seed Collection

    NEW and exclusive in the Pepperworld® - Organic chilli seeds Asia set. You will receive 3 different Asian varieties in organic quality.

    RRP € 15,00 € 12,95 *

    Schärfegrad 10

    Seed Assortment 'Trinidad Scorpion'

    Trinidad Scorpion in 6 different versions! For the lovers of the extra hot Capsicum Chinense a top bundle!

    RRP € 30,00 € 22,50 *

    Schärfegrad 10

    Seed Assortment 'Baccatum Boost'

    10x Capsicum Baccatum in a one of a kind bundle! From Lemon Drop up to Jamy and to Red Tip - Great varieties from South America!

    RRP € 25,00 € 22,50 *

    Schärfegrad 10

    Seed Assortment '7 Pot'

    7 Pot - A classic under the super hots - here 4 exclusive varieties that are different for your wild chilli garden!

    RRP € 20,00 € 16,00 *

    Schärfegrad 10

    Seed Assortment 'Super Hot Exclusive'

    'jay's Peach Ghost, Brazilian Ghost Pepper and others make this bundle a very beloved one - 7 varieties for a super hot pleasure!'

    RRP € 35,00 € 25,00 *

    Organic Mexico Seed Collection

    NEW and exclusive in the Pepperworld® - organic chilli seed set Mexico. You will receive 4 different varieties from Cascabelle up to Puya in organic quality.

    RRP € 20,00 € 15,95 *

    Schärfegrad 7

    Seed Pack BIO - 7 delicacies - First Try Then Buy

    Organic seed tasting package with all 7 First-Try-Then-Buy varieties for an unbeatable offer price with over 25% discount.

    RRP € 14,00 € 10,00 *

    Seed Assortment 'Hot & Wild'

    Seed assortment for all of you, who are devoted to hot chili specialties.

    RRP € 20,00 € 17,00 *

    Seed Assortment 'Tasty & Mild'

    Seed assortment for all of those, who enjoy tasty and rather mild chilies.

    RRP € 22,50 € 20,00 *

    Seed Assortment 'Colorful & Exceptional'

    Our chili seed assortment for fiery and colorful highlights during the gardening season. Aromatic and a feast for the eyes.

    RRP € 17,50 € 15,50 *

    Seed Assortment 'Mexican Fire'

    6 special chilli varieties from the motherland of the chili culture! Mexican fire from Jalapeno up to Chiltepin!

    RRP € 15,00 € 13,50 *

    Schärfegrad 1

    Green Chile Exclusive - Seed Special 2017

    4 green chile varieties that come for the very first time in a package. For all the friends of the green chile from New Mexico

    RRP € 10,00 € 8,50 *

    PEPPERWORLD Organic Tomato Advent Calendar

    NEW 2018: Extremely popular and extremely exclusive tomato varieties now for a short time as an advent calendar in ORGANIC quality. No one in your settlement has such a nice collection of "red" fruits!

    € 49,95 *

    Organic Classic Seed Collection

    New and exclusive in the Pepperworld® - Organic chilli seed set classic. You will receive 5 different varieties in organic quality.

    RRP € 25,00 € 18,95 *

    Seed Assortment 'TexMex - Southwestern'

    Our chili seed pack for the typical TexMex cuisine. Aromatic, classical ... just like in the South West!

    RRP € 12,50 € 11,00 *

    Organic seed variety - 6 different varieties make every dish to a eyecatcher

    Organic seed variety with selected exotic tomatoes. Every variety contains 10 seeds.

    RRP € 15,00 € 12,95 *

    Organic Annuum Seed Collection

    New and exclusive in the Pepperworld® - Organic chilli seed set of the variety that is most wide spread worldwide: Capsicum Annuum. You will receive 4 different varieties from Cayenne Yellow up to Peter Pepper Orange in organic quality.

    RRP € 20,00 € 15,95 *

    Seed Assortment 'Aromatic Roast Chilies'

    Seed selection for all those that want to make their chilies even more aromatic after the harvest

    RRP € 10,00 € 9,00 *

    Seed Assortment 'Jalapeno Fiesta'

    Our very special selection of aromatic Jalapenos! Early ripening varieties, big varieties, colorful varieties - As always top quality with satisfaction guarantee! Save now 10%!

    RRP € 15,00 € 13,50 *
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    Seed Deal Sets Limited Collections!

    We have allowed ourselves the freedom to put together exclusive savings sets from our seed assortment. Find out in the following article, among other things, which advantages such a set offers and whether they are also suitable for you.

    Which different seed savers sets are available?

    Our selection of saving sets is diverse. Some of the compilations are very specific and others are made from a mixture of different chilies. Also, in the taste department, there are individual combinations - some are really hot chilies, but some also combine some mild variants. Some of the mixes in our range are, quite deliberately, split by origin, such as the TexMex kitchen. However, we have put together more sets with a lot of passion for you, for example, a package that refers to the most important holidays of the American continent. In this set alone, you will already find 13 wonderful chilli varieties, which differ significantly in their individual taste and in their color. In addition to the seed saving kits listed here, we also offer you more. To give you an extensive overview of our offer, you should take a closer look at our PepperWorld Hot Shop.

    Where can the individual sets be grown?

    Of course, this depends largely on the seeds of the savings kit. For this reason, you should make sure beforehand that you can also ensure the required conditions to your chilli plants. Depending on the variety, the breed is either for outdoors, in the pot, on the balcony or of course in the greenhouse. However, there are also chilies that do not require a particular growing place and can be cultivated in all of these locations. Of course, we have thought of the space that the plants will take in their adult state. The selected varieties of the species Capsicum Annuum and Capsicum Chinese, on average, grow no larger than about one meter.

    Who are the seed saver sets suitable for?

    There is really something for everyone who wants to try chilli cultivation with our seed saver kits. In our assortment we do not only offer seed mixtures for professionals, but also for beginners. That means, no matter what level of knowledge you have, you are guaranteed to find the right mixture set for your needs. In addition, such a seed saving set is suitable for you if you regularly grow your own chilies and want to save some cash. With our exclusive compilations, you can sometimes save almost half of the regular price.

    Do the seeds need to be treated before sowing?

    A treatment of the seeds in advance is of course not mandatory but can certainly offer benefits. For example, some products are excellent for significantly increasing the germination capacity of the seeds. This is often very helpful as the seeds of chilies usually take a very long time to develop into a seedling. But which methods succeed in improving germination? You can soak the seeds in black tea, for example. However, you must absolutely make sure only to do so in a second brew and after the tea has cooled down. If you put the seeds from our saver's sets in this cold, weak tea for at least eight hours, the germination period will be shortened by several days. The same principle works with other teas, such as chamomile tea. If you do not have any tea in the household at hand, you can also put the chilli seeds in a mixture of lemon juice and water. There is a third, very effective way to germinate the seeds, the natural fertilizer guano. Because the chilli seeds are distributed in the wild only by birds, guano is wonderful, since it is a material derived from bird and bat droppings. To treat the seeds with this substance, you must also soak the guano (available as a powder) in water. The remedies that really make seed treatment worthwhile are:

    • Black Tea
    • Chamomile Tea
    • Lemon Juice
    • Guano

    The seeds can also be stored!

    Like all other seeds, of course, the seeds from our seed-saving kits can be stored excellent. However, to be as successful again in the cultivation of your chilies in the coming season, you must take into account some important factors during storage. These include, for example, that the seeds significantly lose germination capacity when exposed to too much light, so you must store them in a dark container and in addition in a dark place. Especially good You store the seeds in a small film can and then for example in a drawer. The temperature also plays a crucial role when it comes to the optimal germination capacity of chilli seeds. So, you have to make sure that the seed is not exposed to high temperatures. Of course, if the cabinet with the drawer in which the seeds are located is near a heater, the germination capacity of the stored seeds will result in being rather poor. Sticking to these simple tips, storing your seeds will not create any problems, and with our germination tips, the likelihood of seeds germinating well in the upcoming chilli season is very high.

    We cannot discount the conclusion!

    The limited seed savings-sets are not only specific, but also as a combination of several, different and tasty chilies. Of course, these sets also differ in taste, we lead them from mild to wild! Of course, depending on which variety is included as a seed in the set, also the respective growing conditions are instructed. Due to the relatively low plant heights, the seeds from our savings sets can really be cultivated almost everywhere. You do not even have to be a pro in order to get started with our seed savings sets, we also have the right seed saver sets for beginners. Since a lot of chilli seeds germinate rather slowly, you can also help with something, for example with black tea or lemon juice. Particularly suitable for shortening the germination period of the seeds is the natural fertilizer: guano. Of course, you can also store the seeds from our seed saver sets if you want them to be planted in the upcoming chilli season, but you must be aware of important criteria, such as darkness and temperature.